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I did this video showing China in PortAventura. You can see Dragon Khan, Shambhala, Cobra imperial, Tea Cups, Gran Teatro Imperial, Sichuan restaurant and Marco Polo restaurant.

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Far West area is finished. The workers have installed "Gran Canyon Rapids", the restaurant called "Jeremia's Food", "Wild Buffalos" and the bridge wich links Far West with Mediterranea.
For the construction of "Gran Canyon Rapids" I used much time buid it because this ride is one of the most importants rides of the PortAventura. I recreated the difference of height in the ways and the characteristic rails that are embedded in the path near the entrance to "Grand Canyon Rapids"

"Gran Canyon Rapids"

"Gran Canyon Rapids" station

"Gran Canyon Rapids" entrance

Jeremia's Food

Far West bridge

Wild Buffalos

Entrance to Far West from Mediterránea

Another day, I'm going to publish more details
I love this so much, your putting so much detail into this park. Will you ever make this available on the steam workshop?
Mexico is completed. You can watch the video

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This looks absolutely incredible so far!... though I must ask... Is this an exact 1:1 recreation, or an adaptation etc?

-Charlie [heart]
Are you going to build also Sesamo Aventura?
No, I'm going to build the original Polynesia

This looks absolutely incredible so far!... though I must ask... Is this an exact 1:1 recreation, or an adaptation etc?

-Charlie [heart]
This is an exact 1:1 recreation

Let's go with an amazing update. Meditarranea is almost finished.

When you arrive to the park, yo will find a blue bridge.

If you cross the bridge, you have to walk on a hill path divided in two until you reach a fountain.

One you arrive at the fountain, you can take a photo with the current logo or with the old logo.

If you don't have ticket, you can buy it

... and if you have tickets, you can enter the park.

You will arrive at a not very wide road in slight slope with already themed buildings in the Mediterranean area.

If you keep walking, you will reach a tower, you can choose to enter the park on the right...

... or on the left.

Once you pass the turnstiles, you will find a square with trees, some billboards and flower pots.

You can buy some sweets in Caramel.

You can take a photo with Woody can buy the express ticket...

...or you can access the lake by passing under a building.

Once you see the lake, you will find the Main Theater on your left

or FotoIllusion

or various themed buildings

Las vistas desde el lago son alucinantes

For the night show, this is a good place to watch it, sitting and with a bit of height.

You can buy a souvenir from the park in the store ...

... eat in Racó de Mar ...

.... or have a coffee at Il Caffe di Roma ...

... or some wines in Vinosfera ...

... or some beers.

Finally I leave you some general images of recreation.

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Mediterranea is completed in the recreation of PortAventura in Planet Coaster

alfatm, your recreation of Port Aventura is absolutely amazing and stunning. I visited the real park back in the years when it was still a Universal park and I must say the accuracy of your build compared to the real thing is really fantastic and amazingly matching!!! [happy]
A lot of greets, Corkscrewloop
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