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Loved the mediterranea video! Your recreation is so accurate and very well planned. As always keep up the good work, look forward to seeing the next stage of this project! [big grin]
Mediterránea is completed due to the workers have built the train station. In these days, Polynesia is beginning to appear on the map.

Looks really cool dude... i have noticed something, have you deliberately left lots of space around the park for expansions such as Ferrari Land / Costa Caribe (If we get a water park DLC) ?
In this update I recreated the Tutuki Splash and the entrance to Polynesia from Mediteterranea

Entrance to Polynesia from Mediterranea


Tutuki Splash entrance

Tutuki Splash station

Tutuki Splash

Looking very good...I am always amazed at the realism from this game. Keep up the great work. I personally do not seem to have the patience to do recreations yet...maybe one day.
guau alfatm que pasada seguimos en contacto desde steam menudo currazo esperandolo con ganas este mes.podrias decir cuanto pesara mas o menos el parque es por el poblema de los fps.
This is the last update of the recreation of PortAventura in Planet Coaster!
General view of Polynesia


Kon tiki wave

Bora Bora

Tami Tami

Remember that this Thursday you can download this recreation on Steam Workshop!
PortAventura has 2150 subscribers on Steam!! Also, PortAventura is in the most popular items of the week!

Thank you!
Amazing :)

Wow, this amazing. I went to Port Aventura 2 times so a recognize everything . When I have my own account on steam (my boyfriend already has one, so I have to figure it out, how to get an own account ) I will subscribe myself on your steam :)

Keep up the good work :)
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