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This is so great. I visit Port Aventura for a long time, this recreation give me the chance to explore all the new atractions. Its nearly a perfect replica of this Park, awesome work!
Tomorrow PortAventura turns 25. This park located near Barcelona in Spain is currently closed due to the coronavirus, but will soon reopen its doors. Still, the recreation that I did of this magnificent park is available 365 days a year.
5 worlds: Mediterranean, Far West, Polynesia, Mexico, China.


Far West



An update of the recreation of PortAventura in Planet Coaster is now available. You can download it here:

- The theming of the Furius Baco station is improved by widening the departure area and adding objects.

- The Port de la Drassana attraction has been added, where visitors can take a boat ride around the park.

- The Carousel attraction is modified.

- Much of the trees are changed.

- Objects are added to the feathered serpent to give it more realism.

- Details are added to the vials.

- The facade of La Cantina is modified.

- The entrance gate from China to Mexico is modified.

- Details are added to Hurakán Cóndor.

- Shambhala rise angle is modified and lift chain return is added.

- 3 Shambhala camelbacks are modified to look more like reality.

- The supports of the lift of Dragon Khan and Shambhala are modified.

- Dragon Khan trains are changed, now they are like reality.

- All the buildings in the Plaza de China and the gardens are modified. The roofs and columns of some buildings are changed color to look more like reality.

- The fences of the Dragon Khan tails are modified.

- All the streetlights in China are modified.

- Bamboo is added to the entrance area from Polynesia to China.

- Much of the trees are changed.

- Lava is added in the Tutuki Splash volcano.

- The color of the workers' clothing is changed with a dark blue t-shirt and black pants as the official clothing of the PortAventura operators.
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