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Well, as most people have realised, what I thought would be a very nice addition would be a Nemesis system(essentially ripped off from Shadow of Mordor) for Elite. It would really make up for the low density of players in the universe if you had a nemesis who kept trying to hunt you down and kill you.

Imagine you met an NPC, lets call him 'Chris Roberts', Chris for short, and he was flying around in his mostly harmless sidewinder, but having gained a bounty he is the perfect target for you (a noob to this game) to kill. Somehow though he escapes you, super cruising out at the last minute, escaping by the skin of his teeth. Now thats where it would end currently, never seen again. But wouldn't it be nice if he heard about some of your exploits on the local Galnet and came back, a little more dangerous, maybe in a viper or maybe in his beaten up little sidewinder but with a couple of railguns and out for your blood. He might even be a little angry over his earlier humiliation and have an even larger bounty and if it happens a few times maybe he'll be a little meaner and more elite each time.

Then imagine meeting your friends nemesis, a certain CMDR Braben the meanest guy in an an Anaconda, maybe they can team up in a little wing and hunt the two of you down. Now that could be interesting, wouldn't it?

Honestly, despite my extremely poor story telling skills, and 'lack of glasses' induced typos, I do think it would be a good fit for this game universe, even if it won't be in time for release. It would create some more interesting NPCs to populate out the universe, it could create some interesting multiplayer interactions and would be really good for creating some emergent storytelling in a way that really fits in with the games P-GEN systems. On a side-note, i've never played Shadow of Mordor, this is based on what idea read about the game, so it maybe lacking something that makes it interesting in the game but I do like the premise of it.

It could tie in very nicely with a lot of systems in Elite, whether it be you get a mission to hunt down someone else Nemesis and you fail, and he becomes your nemesis, or you gain a reputation which scares away some of your Nemesis and attract a few more from the opposing factions. For example you may become a very heavy supporter of the Federation and irritate some Imperial slavers, so you'll gain some enemies running around trying to kill you with some elaborate plot for freeing their slave transport.

So what do you think? Am I missing anything? Or is there a similar proposal which i've missed?
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