Post Disaster Evacuation Service - PDES

Good afternoon commanders,

Recently I discovered that I rather enjoyed evacuation missions and thought it could be interesting to try to work with other commanders in evacuating damaged stations. After a bit of digging around I discovered that there didn't seem to be a squadron or group focuessed on the evacuation of damaged stations. Sure, we've got Operation IDA to repair damaged stations once the initial fires are out and plenty of Anti-Xeno squadrons that exist to fight off one of the prime causes of stations being damaged, but none for dealing with a station in its earliest stages of a disaster.

As such I set up the Post Disaster Evacuation Service, which aims to help evacuate stations when a disaster happens. Currently there are not many pilots in there, so I felt that I should try to let others know that it exists in the event that others want to try to join in with the evacuation process.

To aid with communication I've set up a Discord server and a Squadron page on which will be set up and can serve as additional means of communication when we're not actively in our pilot's seat. They will be branded and prettified as I get time to create some imagery for them and when time permits I'll get them looking a little bit less bare-bones than they currently are.

If you've got any questions or would like to make any suggestions I'll be reachable here, on Discord, in Game or pretty much anywhere else you think you can get hold of me.

Stay safe out there commanders and let's help make sure the civilians get there too.

I appear to have included a broken Discord invite, this has now been corrected and added to the links at the top of the post.
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It's been great to see so many people joining the Discord Server that was set up to coordinate evacuations. One of the good things to come from it so far has been the drive to build an EDMC plugin which will count the number of civilians that have been evacuated from burning stations.

We've done some preliminary testing and are quite happy to say that onyone who wants to use it to track the number of civilians they track per session, in total, or both can now do so using the plugin that is available from here.

There is still work to do on it, but hopefully with time and feedback we'll be able to make this a pretty good little plugin for those that want to track the good that they are doing for the unfortunate souls stuck in a burning station.


Loaded it up earlier and seems to work fine Cmdr Nimmo.

Wonder if the Authorities would consider giving out the Search and Rescue paint scheme or a decal if enough starport citizens are rescued?


Excellent, I'm glad to see that the plugin is helping you to track your progress in these evacuation procedures.
I took a few days off of evacuation to engineer one of my other ships. Got back in for a few rounds of evacuation this afternoon and got the following results:

We've also set up a tracking form to allow commanders in the wing to enter their evacuation results. Here are the figures for us as of 17:45 on 27/05/2019:
Civilians rescuedBlack BoxesWreckage ComponentsEscape PodsPersonal EffectsDamaged Escape Pods
16/05/2019 - 23/05/20191150517789450227275
23/05/2019 - 30/05/201923618396189941535586
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