Post Odyssey dreams?

Heya Commanders, our lovely Librarian had a nice idea for next week's episode of Lave Radio (live from 20:30 GMT on Tuesday 2nd March)

After Odyssey is released what are the top three features you want Frontier to Focus on? (so let's not include the inevitable bug fixes etc!!!)

Here are some starters for 10...

  • Update VR for walking around
  • Power Play
  • Updates to Crime and Punishment

  • Walking around our ships
  • New SRVs (I especially want a ground vehicle that's like a speeder bike from Star Wars)
  • Make High Security Systems safe, and Anarchies terrifying
Proper salvageable stuff. So, for instance, I find a crashed ship on a deserted planet somewhere, I can strip the modules out. Some may not be as good as the ones I have, some may be better. Inject a bit of random luck in, this might work best for new CMDRs, giving them a path to land on planets more, have a snoop about.

SRVs all the way. Give me one with changeable modules, caterpillar tracks. All that.
Planet hover based collectors... For every one...
You raid the planet locations on foot...
Ship flies over fires the hover drones collectors ship gets loaded... via the drones...
ship lands drops the access ramp/ ladder/steps and the Human players multi crew board the ship...
Off to next victim/planet location... repeat..
My two main ones are already mentioned -
  • VR for walking around (but I’ll be happy without tracked motion controls, so like SubnauticaVR)
  • “Speeder bike” surface vehicle (how else can we play Mandalorian-comes-to-town?)
  • Re-visit the chained mission system - have them link together logically and make them play like a Skyrim side-quest, for example
1. FIx powerplay. It's your endgame, goddammit. Make it less terrible.
2. Full ship interiors, like you promised. Fade-to-black 'oh look I'm back in my magic ship avatar' is not exactly what you told us you had in mind during the Kickstarter, is it?
3. Make High Sec systems truly safe. Deciat shouldn't be one of the least safe places in the game.
1. Replace the bug reporting system so that I don't need to play the gamifaction game to get some attention on a bug.
2. Make the Launcher support multiple commanders so I can more easily select which one to load without multiple installs/copies (across Steam and EPIC now too somehow).
3. Oh yeah, in the game, right - I'd love to see the stations rendered in supercruise as I approach them (like other ships are today).
If not ship interiors, DEFINITELY Fleet carrier interiors. The ability to walk around our fleet carriers, interacting with our crew and chilling with our friends at the lounge before heading out together would be awesome. Make it happen Fdev, please!

Base building - even planet/entire system ownership: Elite Dangerous is one of those rare games where "real estate" isnt a problem, in a galaxy filled with 400 billion stars... I'm sure everyone could own a system lol
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