Post Your Support for Elite Odyssey to have VR Support.

As a measure of how many CMDRs woudl like to see VR Support in Elite Odyssey please post a +1, Yes or other positive affirmation here.
An easy way to gauge the community sentiment.
Yes, we don't know yea or nea, but at least we can start to gather some metrics and numbers.
I for one would love to see VR Support.
Just imagine the salt if we finally get the New Era but VR is dropped. The forums would go up in flames, the game press would point and laugh, it would be bad. Surely FD isn't going to shoot themselves in the foot like that.

In any case, the only reason I've been playing so long is because of VR and I would leave immediately if VR is dropped.

Edit: Guess I was wrong. It kills me that ED was such a pioneer for great VR support and now this. Oh well, it's been a nice five years of waiting for the game to get fleshed out, I didn't realize it would come at the cost of the VR game I play.

Oh well, enjoy your flat legs folks, I hope it was worth killing VR.
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If NMS can do VR with space legs, you guys can do VR with space legs. I'm hoping that the lack of support on steam is just a mistake or you need to wait or something because I really don't want to play elite on a monitor I've spent so long playing it in VR it'll feel wrong. There are many ways to help with discomfort for those who don't have good VR legs and those of us that do appreciate full motion options such as freely walking around like in NMS.
Looks like a new engine being developed so hopefully this 'new tech' makes better use of modern graphics cards and recent VR developments. No reason why an updated core could not utilise VRSS (or dare i say it vr sli)'s hoping.
Personally not too bothered about the FPS aspects until i see it in action.
I only play elite in VR (my system was built for it).
Yes, and I would like to see them go all the way with motion controls, full roomscale and all that. Then again, I would accept a minimal implementation as well - Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice was a fantastic experience even if it was just a VR cam slapped on regular third person gameplay.
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