Potential 2020 Lore 'Tour'


I'm thinking of doing something of an Elite Dangerous 'Lore Tour' in the new year. A sort of guided tour of all the original '84-'93 cool places in the game, with selected new ones too. On Twitch and in-game maybe with the odd side-quest, background, a hint of nostalgia, history, any insider info I can remember.

Aimed at new players and seasoned veterans with an interest in the backdrop to the game. I'll be the tour guide. ;) Probably in-game and on twitch/youtube if folks fancy joining in.

Just trying to gauge interest in the first instance. If there is some, I'll work up an itinerary and do some organising. Let me know your thoughts.

Right on, Commanders.


Yes, yes, yes! :p

But there are two fundamental questions for me: translation (at least a summary of the story) and working game mechanics.
The game mechanics are fdev's concern, the average amount of text I can translate myself , but would appreciate it if you could summarize the stories in one place (no spoilers, just for understanding if we miss something).

Tracking Kahina's story was very difficult if you didn't know some key things or missed clues in a wide stream of fan posts.

By the way, thanks for the short stories about the characters, they allowed to penetrate into the world of Elite very good.
Awesome. I'll start having a deeper think about organising. Catering for in-game and cross platform is going to take a bit of head-scratching, but I'll put it all in the melting pot!

+1 for the Leestian Evil Juice.


Sounds great Drew!

You are right about the head-scratching, thinking about how it would all work has my brain in overdrive.

You could utilise streaming services like twitch so people could watch, and it would also help to allow for cross platform inclusion. Maybe a discord channel as well, or something like that to allow for cross platform comms. Perhaps even a squadron could be set up especially for the event? Not sure if it is something you would prefer to do in open or private group?

I don’t know, I’m sure you have thought about these kinds of things already. Regardless, feel free to brain storm here with us about the logistics if it helps ¯\(ツ)
Absolutely great idea!

Although it is going to require some good planning. Not only for the locations and narrative, (which considering the author, will be great), but some other things to consider and plan for. Such as some sort of contingency plan to deal with the bad guys when they show up and open fire on unsuspecting Cmdrs.
First thing that comes to mind, is to make certain everyone knows to already have a system selected in the Galaxy Map, (regardless if currently at a way-point), how to properly handle being interdicted, ( always submit - never try to fight it -), how to properly high wake out, (4pips to sheilds, 2pips to engines, do not fly in straight line, turn into attackers, etc). How combat logging is considered the ultimate taboo, etc. Here is a video clip showing it can be easily done in a Type9:
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4eXCZViLMY&feature=youtu.be
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