Potential new player to Planet Coaster

Hi guys, my first post here now that you've joined us on the main FD boards. (Welcome BTW!)

I've been thinking of getting Planet Coaster for a while.

But, I've never played this type of game before, save a stint on Xbox with JWE.

I have a few questions.

1) How can I expect the game to run on my system? i5 4690, GTX 1060 6GB, 16GB RAM.

2) Is the game online only? If so, is there some kind of player interaction?

3) Can the game be played with an Xbox controller? While I agree that mouse and keyboard is king for this genre, my desk setup for Elite means my mouse is in a very "interesting" position, and not really suited for gaming.

TIA o7
1. Yes. You should be fine. Do remember the more objects/peeps in a park, the more performance will drop.
2. No. PC has no Multiplayer functions.
3. I believe only camera movement can be controlled with an xbox controller.


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Your specs are similar to mine ( I have a 1070 though). It plays for the most part very well. Some lag on larger parks with thousands of guests, but it has to get quite big for that. There's ways of managing it though as Luuknoord alludes to.

You need to be online I think the first time you play to load the game, then it can be played offline. Whilst there is no multiplayer, you can use the workshop to take turns to share a park and build collaboratively.
OMG - what on earth are you waiting for!!!!!!
- this game is incredible - and all DLC's add even more je nais se quoi - words just fail me now - sigh . . .
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