Powerplay Power Play Modules Which ones

Prismatics because they work wonders on Traders and undersized on Explorers.
Cytoscramblers because they are fantastic piracy weapons.
Packhounds because who can resist a good old Macross Missile Massacre...
1 - Pacifiers, 'cause I love shotgun, also size 3!
2 - Enforcers, 'cause DakkaDakka (but why not gimballed scream in agony) - best size 1.
3 - Prismatics, 'cause there is no way around them

honorable mention: the mining lance... it's nice gadget for miners. yes, it is. longer range is nice.

Other effective Pew Pew: APA's, Hammers, Pack Hounds

and hush: don't mention piracy equipment. There is no such thing like cyto-scramblers. Also there are no GromMissiles. Never heared of them. My eye ain't twitching. No.
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Packhounds, pacifiers and prismatics for sure, they're all more or less straight upgrades from the non power play versions and are useful outside of niche cases.
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