Patch Notes Update Powerplay Beta 3 incoming (28/05/15)

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the incredible feedback so far. Really appreciate every little bit. We're really glad you're enjoying the Powerplay beta so far.

The beta servers will be down from 3PM BST to allow us to update to beta 3 - please allow approximately one hour for us to implement the changes.

Full changes below:

- Crash fix for drones having destroyed parent ships
- Fix some ship loadouts causing crashes
- Don't fire beams if a ship is not ready to prevent a crash
- Fix crash caused by improper wakes
- Fix render crash in Powerplay map
- Prevent crash and corrupt save with equipping multiple refineries
- Avoid a crash when saving without a ship state
- Fix low level crash in outfitting
- Increased the Courier's ability to dissipate heat so that it runs a bit cooler and thus can scoop around more stars safely than before
- Use the major faction (in addition to the existing test on the minor faction) when determining if a player is friendly enough with a faction to take a mission
- Audio: Stop ship voice events coming through when the player is in the outfitting screen
- When Options are Cleared and Game Restarts in Fullscreen Mode the Mouse is locked in the Centre of the Screen fixed
- System popup disappears too quickly when hovering on system in galaxy map fixed - small delay added to close event
- Added string substitutions for the abandon and alternate factions in salvage missions
- Minor fixes to mining mission template
- Changed hand-in contracts to Cargo Required so they check you have the cargo
- Reduce spawn rate of elite/founder missions
- Make delivery missions remove correct amount of cargo
- Reward pass on Elite/Founder Missions
- Massacre Conflict target #'s now scale
- State effects added to Piracy Missions
- Make mission times all use the same value
- Remove random elements from scaling stage of some mission reward generators
- Shooting a ship that is aligned to the same Power OR Major Faction as you results in a Power Rank penalty
- Fixed manoeuvrability stats for ships that needed them
- Fixed incorrect radiator stats for Empire Courier
- Add power play details - System Map
- Fix incorrect calculation of contested systems
- Powers on the galaxy map are only rendering on one lens when using the Oculus Rift
- Fix a bug where the incorrect item was being selected from the repairs list
- Fix "against" powerplay actions not updating cached progress values
- Make sure that repair costs are calculated correctly
- Player allied with opposing Power didn't get bounty when firing on a player allied with system's power
- Don't give every mission spawner a better than desired chance of spawning
- Audio: Suppress cargo scoop deployed and retracted ship voice events during drone programming and firing
- Audio: fixed power play bubble audio events not being posted
- Add "Added to bounty" at the end of the "fine gained" message if the player already has a bounty (or dormant bounty)
- "Fixed Weapon" icon for the Advanced Plasma Accelerator is not aligned correctly fixed
- Audio: Fixed some issues with Landing Area animations
- Galaxy Map does not remember selected filter fixed
- Diamondback not resting on landing pad but hovering above it fixed
- Adjusted hitcheck on courier so it can scoop cargo
- On returning to the Preparation menu for Power player after using the View on Map function you are NOT returned to the system you were previously viewing fixed
- Rebalanced damage values to make the Cytoscrambler more useful
- Doubled the combat bond amounts for standard combat zones. Now 4000cr instead of 2000cr
- Fixed an issue where all scroll panes in the Power Details UI would seemingly ignore the first 3-4 DPAD up/down button inputs
- Edited Courier's gear animation to fit design when deployed
- Increased the heat values to something appropriate given the decreased fire rate of the Pulse Disrupter
- Fix a stack of missing mission text
- Fix a stack of GUI text issues

Server-side changelog:

- Decreased rate of reputation decay
Seeing as you're mentioning Power-specific weapons in the changelog, does this mean they can be acquired somewhere without the 4-week wait?
- Use the major faction (in addition to the existing test on the minor faction) when determining if a player is friendly enough with a faction to take a mission

Is this what it looks like? I only need to keep up my allied status with my Empire, and every Imperial station will offer me the full range of missions for allied reputation?

if (answer == true)
Thanks for fixing the powerplay map crash. That one bit me several times.

- Player allied with opposing Power didn't get bounty when firing on a player allied with system's power
Does this include inside powerplay conflict/expansion zones? I thought they were excluded.
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I had worse image quality in the DK2 in 1.3.

I tried direct mode (which didn't work at all). When I went back to extended mode I think it was better, but I didn't have much time to look because the servers were going down. It might be worth a try though.
Cool, how about keeping multiple prospector drones locked on asteroids and saving the data?
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How exactly does the Reputation Decay work? and when will the Decay stop? at Allied? Friendly? Neutral? and if it goes down to Unfriendly and Hostile that`s not fair.
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