Patch Notes Update Powerplay Update 1.3.04 Incoming

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Adam Woods

Executive Producer
Hi everyone,

Powerplay update 1.3.04 is incoming at around 11:30am (BST).

Client change log:
- Fixed hard lock caused by galaxy map search
- Fixed memory leak in drone component after an authority transfer
- Fixed AI crash between two ships
- Fixed Mac crash in stellar forge
- Fixed drone crash caused by asteroid ID uncertainty
- Fixed low skilled ships appearing in RES points and conflict zones
- Various stellar forge server optimisations
- Fixed off by 1 error when displaying which systems will be prepared
- Mac: Updated GL Sampler and Texture checks to be more explicit
- Added overhead field to power overview page
- Fixed some network spew when connecting to server
- Various text fixes

Server change log:
- Fixed no fines or bounties being imposed for crimes committed in Pranav Antal’s control systems
- Fixed rating benefits for increased bounty and bond values
- Various exploration data reliability improvements
- Fixed trading modifiers for Edmund Mahon
- Fixed powerplay effects on smuggling crimes
- Fixed decals and integrity repair costs for Imperial Courier

Mission fixes:
- Mining missions now request Platinum not Palladium.
- Variant massacre missions changed to use the same system generation as the main template.
- Alternate Assassination missions no longer have timelimits of 0h 0m.
- Various text fixes
- 'Standard' and Rank Massacre missions will no longer give war/military targets.
- Rank missions should no longer give other faction rank as reward.
- Altruism missions now check for total cargo space, not current free space. This allows players to take missions when carrying cargo in their bay as long as the mission requirement doesn't exceed their total cargo capacity.


Server hot fixes applied for:

- Fix unable to sell commodities at markets
- Fix ship integrity repair costs
- Fix Elite Founders outfitting purchase prices

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