Premium Ammunition Bug's no liket it's doing anyone any harm .

Are you serious mate?

We are on a brink of segregation with half the forum begging for PVE OPEN.

Before this - their main argument was rubbish, but now, not only can they say that Open is full of griefers (which I defended through the teeth as a form of play that deserves a place under the sun in it's own right), but now they can straight up accuse Open of being full of exploit monkeys

To which even I won't be able to find a god damn argument against and will have to stab my eyes to the ground.

Absolutely unacceptable, as a PVP player defending Open mode I am simply gobsmacked.
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It needs to be sorted out, sure, but it's been a readily available mechanic for everyone with synthesis capabilities. No way am I going to point the finger at people for using it; it's been available since probably the beginning.

This is fdev's mess to clean, which I'm sure they will ASAP
So you're telling me they embarked on a month-long beta with the purpose of rebalancing all the weaponry when there was a still a 30% buffing bug that Team PK knew all about just floating in the wind?


That is classic FD.
I'd rather everyone knew, than only some knew, secretly taking advantage of it

This. The material requirements for a premium reload are too much, EXCEPT if the benefits are applied permanently (It becomes in a very cheap and op feature). So yeah, this is ridiculous if not corrected, and a very dishonorable abusing It against other players.
That's a beaut of bug and probably been exploited for months.

Way to go Fdev, lol

To be fair, I can see how something like this could have been overlooked if you weren't looking for it exactly, the conditions are rather specific.

However, where I do have a problem, is the PK clans who knew about it yet their sole reaction was:

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Does make one wonder how someone could code this into the game and not test to see that it works as intended...

Oh, wait, they do that all the time, that's the way it's done in games.

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