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Primary graphics not selectable


All of the time (100% reproducible)

Area of Game Affected

Lenovo Y40-80 laptop, upgraded ram from standard 8Gb to 16Gb (the only changes), Windows 10 home x64

AMD R9 275 2Gb graphics
Intel HD5500 1Gb graphics

Sadly, only the Intel card is detected by the game, so I am unable to select or use the better, more powerful AMD R9.

I do not have this issue with Elite Dangerous - Horizons.

Steps to Reproduce
Options > Graphics > Adapter



Frontier QA Team
Staff member
This is a known issue that we are currently looking into. Although your on-board GPU is displayed in the options menu, the game will actually be using your discreet GPU instead. :)
Really? That's sad... For the past two months I've not played this game as I thought my R9 was not being used... I wanted to enjoy this game in all it's glory! - Will test this.