Proactive Entertainers/Mascots :D

Hello all,

I love the entertainers and mascots in the game. I can't quite decide who is my favourite at the moment. Whoever worked on the animations for them, bravo.

For your next batch, I was thinking that seeing as you have Chief Beef in the game already, perhaps you could have a mascot for a balloon stand? And maybe they could go to your balloon stalls and collect a whole bunch of balloons in different colours and wander around your park giving/selling them to peeps. Now I can foresee a problem if he/she were to distribute them to every guest in need of a balloon - he/she'll never leave the stall and will have to keep restocking - so perhaps, if you did like this idea, they could have a timer before selling/giving the next balloon. Would love to see a happy character bouncing along dragging a load of balloons. So there's that idea.

I would also like to see some of the entertainers/mascots fight each other, ha. Hear me out - we have already seen animations for them for when their morale is low - maybe a penalty for not addressing that issue is that their mood effects their colleagues and if they are around each other for too long they fall out and push each other over. I would find that very amusing [haha]

I'm sure I'll have some more ideas as I play more PC. Thanks for working so hard - it's been lots of fun.
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