Newcomer / Intro Problem with Contacts

Sometimes when I meet a contact he drops his frame shift wake so close to the star I can't get to it.

How can I stop that from happening?
Drop into the system. fly directly away from the star and the informant/contact should broadcast in less then 2-3 mins at most. This is where i will start looking in my nav panel for that characters name, target him and aim my ship. most of the time the contact will have dropped out of supercruise by now so i can target the lowwake. The time waiting, and looking for my target puts me a good distance from the host star.
If the lowwake is in the star's corona you can make it, but it will be hot incounter. Just slow to a crawl and ease into the corona, the low wake should let you drop out a few ls away.
If it is too close and poses a serious risk, you can jump to another system then back and it will force the contact to respawn. My experience in this is the contact will take longer then a few mins to reestablish contact with me the second time around which means im much further from the star as i was creeping along in supercruise waiting.
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