Problème de connexion Ps4

Bonjour à tous, voilà mon problème. Mon compte psn où etait relié mon compte Frontier a été temporairement banni, j'ai donc pris un second compte psn pour jouer a elite dangerous. Malheureusement après avoir lancé le jeu j'ai voulu lié mon compte psn qui etait temporairement banni et ca ne marchait pas. J'ai donc dissocié mon compte psn de mon compte frontier comme indiqué sur le site officiel et depuis lorsque je lance le jeu j'ai affiché "connexion en cours" qui tourne en boucle sans arrêt. Ma connexion internet est pourtant très bonne et j'ai même racheter le jeu sur le 2eme compte psn. Je ne trouve aucun topic qui puissent m'aider j'espère donc la réponse de l'un d'entre vous. Merci d'avance.
Google translate version says this..
Hello everyone, this is my problem. My PSN account where my Frontier account was linked was temporarily banned, so I took a second PSN account to play elite dangerous. Unfortunately, after launching the game I wanted to link my PSN account which was temporarily banned, and it didn't work. So I dissociated my PSN account from my frontier account as indicated on the official site and since when I launch the game I have displayed "connection in progress" which runs continuously. My internet connection is however very good, and I even bought the game on the 2nd PSN account. I can't find any topic that can help me so I hope for the answer from one of you. Thanks in advance.

Fdev are very rarely here you have to use

You have now screwed up completely trying to get past the ban instead of just waiting it out, as you unlinked, which wipes every thing from the fdev account related to elite and depending on age of deletion the data can be gone for good... Each PSN ID needs its own stand alone Fdev account…

You can move PSN IDs to a new FDEV account you can not move FDEV accounts to new PSN IDs once you unlink the data is gone..
PSN ID 1 = FDEV account 1
PSN ID 2 = FDEV account 2
You can unlink any fdev account and add brand new FDEV account 3 but account 1 or 2 can not be used with any other PSN ID after unlinking...
Way to live up to the stereotype of the French language user... lol...
Edit Trying to by pass a Ban and announcing it on a game devs forum can be a cause to increase the SIE ban to a hardware ban...
So Fdev may have to report you any way..
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