Project Anaconda (Space Legs). Update!

So it's still a work in progress but Project Anaconda is getting there. So far I have four working elevators (teleports). Working doors with sounds for all elevators. exterior doors from the bridge, also working with sounds. A working hanger bay with Imperial Fighter that raises and lowers with several keypads and sounds. It's loaded in VRChat now but still private. I need more ranks to get it in the public areas. I also think I can release this as a .exe pretty easily but I have not get around to reading about what I need to do to make that happen. Works in VR and in desktop modes. I spent like a week learning to bake Unity lighting and adjusting settings to get it right without adding a bunch of fake lights that are not really there in the game. Pics with progress!

Doesn't sound like a lot of interest but I'm having fun making it :p






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