Looking upon the results of the situation of a suggestion literally just that became something else, thus requesting immediate close of the thread for comments to be shut down as well as the thread.

Though for those to continue to view this and intend to comment will be left in the void as this will be moved to another part of the forum. This will continue though and even after this much progress shall continue among the ship and more things added to it and for it. Including more types of ships, different species controlling them, weapons for them all, even a story for it that shall be moved.

Continuing upon the comments will again be result as left in the void as the pictures from this will be taken down to protect the stage of the ship progress and anything in the later future.

Fail to understand any of it in the next movement of the forum will not get a respond, I will find a way to make sure you can't respond anymore on it, and if needed do report. The movement of the forum will not be said here.
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Giant Titan ship powerful as heck able to take down thargoids with it's new powerful mass weapons. Bigger then space stations to and bigger then the "capital ships". That's the short version of it but I added a few things in it to explain not to argue a few things about it since it's space and anything can happen.
Being implemented now this will kill the game. Even through many updates of future it is still questionable to intrude such a project.

The first line problems:
- ownership (such a ship can't be in one hands but a part of smth bigger, but how to manage it's owning);
- guaranty (how to protect the ownership and provide a mechanism of sanctions on possible thiefs if any);
- obtaining (such a project must be the result of players group joint effort and this must not be just carrying of materials into the shipyard);
- etc.
all three of what ya said has been explained in the main and for example in eve online one person gave everything the clan had to another and can't do anything about it. Ruins the game for most anyhow in that clan so it doesn't matter if it ruins it or not because it is a space game of anything goes. Example they made thargoids a lot stronger against the missile prototypes and guess what? ruins it anyhow so even if ya say it ruins it I say not having a lot or able to make your own bases, outposts, stations, kinds of ships ruins the game for not having all of that. This game it's space, they made it where you can do so much but so little but still fun just not fully there due to a lot more can be in then a average space game would need. I can be mean and say this game ain't better then yada yada because it has lot more things in it then this one. I put it here because it is a suggestion and feature to be discussed which will most likely be added soon due to a lot more could be added then what it has now. We players however do have the power to do such a thing just need to work together to do it not say " won't be fun if its in it" or any other you would complain about. This game would never be killed if ya say it would because we will always enjoy it even if we say we hate it we'd come back and try to do better or get what we want done. We can take down capital ships easy but do they go boom like some of us want it to? no, we can say it kills the mood or game but doesn't matter. Oh what about when some things the space stations do to us players yet is stupid but do we quit or say it ruins the game? not really, we just say "oy, can this be fixed or explained more and yada yada?". Get serious with this. It's space and in space we have the power all of us do have the power to do something even if it's a big project to little simple project we can do it. I told you not to argue about it much since as I said. Anything can happen or go and if you try to stop it you will be pushed back or out of the way for it to continue. Understand that?
can you deal with it? no? oh guess not. Sorry your gonna have to deal with it.

wow, didn't read the original wall of text and this kind of flippant response certainly doesn't encourage me to read it.

I might suggest that a better approach, when you want feedback from people, would be to be more accommodating towards their requests (especially when they're reasonable like the request to break up your post into more easily consumed sections). I don't think you'll get much helpful feedback with responses like this.
I don't have to do a request by anyone if I don't want to. Plus if ya can't read it don't at all or either try to since A: this is not a professional thing and thus I don't have to try to be one. B: if I did want feedback I'd obviously ask for it. C: If I didn't ask nor said anything about feedback mainly explaining about it and the reason which most would do at the end since it does say "Conclusion" that might tell you a very good reason about the text, pictures, idea, most about it saying it is NOT perfect.

So as said before. Deal with it or don't bother at all. If ya can't just try to read it like you would in a book with many small text and even some tight together or like it is in some sections part of it especially the important end part that explains it of why it is NOT perfect it is best to just ignore it. With people like you trying to say all of this stuff that might be a big issue to the person in the first place for many years you should expect a bad comment. Don't try to read the other comments of it being short either since I did give a very simple explanation of it then all your doing is making a small issue bigger. Like to some already I did before hand. I was nice and did explain it better in a extreme simple way or very short version of it.

Now I will explain this to further comments that will be below. Before ya read any comments be sure to read the conclusion of the text above. It does explain the issues and text and does tell you it's not perfect nor it is the best thing ever to read. It is the best I feel like doing and if ya don't like it then just leave this page and ignore it if ya want just don't complain about it or ask every single time about it being short when I did explain it on near second first comment and DO NOT argue to me about the way I deal with things. You ask to much when it is obviously not professional your gonna get a bad comment, you try to do what this guy above did about saying "You should've done better with this and that blah blah" gonna get a bad comment.

Now I am self-aware of the things I say and comments of what everyone says just so ya know in case you try to do what this guy did with the quote of what I said. I said it once and I'll say it again either try or just ignore this. If ya tried and did a nice comment then said improve this or that then I might consider it more better just not grammer part since that's just something ya kinda need to deal with anyhow. typing perfectly is not my strong suit, 3D work is. I either want "yes, work more on stuff in 3D as fan made for ED" or "No, do not continue on 3D, animation, anything in that matter for this". I will then stop with comments and say "Sorry, this has been discontinued and will no longer be worked on" for every comment made after that. If yes then I will continue to work on this and even make text more fancy looking since this is the first thing serious for 3D stuff I've posted here that is fan made. I will continue if people like the 3D not the text which is the main thing that some people have a issue with is text. Some times it's not always about text everyone.

FINAL NOTE: don't read this then your on your own for any other commenters and will just get "sad day". Say yes or no to the 3D fan made stuff not the text okay? That's all.
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Wow that was horrible to read.
can you deal with it? no? oh guess not. Sorry your gonna have to deal with it.
I wish i could downvote for that. Also you should seriously read up on the differences between They´re, Their and There.

Short answer: No.

Long Answer: What the hell dude? It sounds like you want an Eve Online Titan in Elite. It sounds overpowered as hell and does not really fit into the ED Universe at all.

USGF/SDI was allready a thing. We recently rediscovered INRA bases, which was a Federation/Empire cooperation to defeat the Thargoids. Rumors say that INRA is still around. Now we have Aegis, another project where the Superpowers work together to defeat the Goids.

These weapons is a special energy made and designed for both taking down shields and having a powerful punch on hull armor. The energy is combined with the nuclear fusion from the sun and a little of dark matter energy into a projectile of a ball that the electricity in the guns will begin try to form and fire when the pulse in the back of the gun will do when the ball of energy is ready
You mean a Plasma Accelerator? a PA is literally a ball of energy that deals absolute damage.

should be able to dock large ships and possibly connect a few "capital ships" to it
What the hell are you even imagining? How large should this thing be? Both Farragut and Majestic Class are around 2km long. Letting "a few" connect to this thing sounds just ridiculous.

Oh and from a recent Galnet post:
Although the shutdown field neutraliser developed by Aegis is capable of protecting small ships, we have encountered difficulties adapting the technology to larger spacecraft. Furthermore, the fact that Thargoids tend to target larger vessels with multiple shutdown beams simultaneously makes the task of protecting them more difficult.
So building an even bigger ship when even the Capital Ships dont work would be the worst thing to do. Bigger != Better

Also: If you are rude to others, expect that they are rude to you too. Calling everyone who disagrees with you or asks for formatting a "Toxic Person", "Troll" or "Attention Seeker"...seriously, the forum might not be the right place for you...
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