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Heyo all,

I’ve been playing planet coaster since December 2018 as I first saw the game a year before, I spent most of 2018 saving for a PC that would work the game perfectly and I have fallen in love with it.

I have worked on the Project Pier for over 2 months not continuously but it’s taken time to make look as much as could, like a real pier, in respect of Brighton Pier and Blackpool Pier here in the Uk. I’ve only seen one created by themeparkworldwide on YouTube and I thought why not start one and see where it goes. I regard it as finished in my eyes but like all parks and rides there’s always something to add from a different perspective.

Anyway I hope you like and enjoy, any feed back would be appreciated and A like on steam and the tube wouldn’t go a miss.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy.

Happy coastering to all!!!!

Steam download:
A few pics of the Pier in its element, the reflection off the water look incredible and at sunset it looks amazing 😉


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