Protest against Wreaken

Wreaking Wreaken

It was an extensive Wreaken Constructions facility in the industrial arms of one of the bigger stations in the system. Shift 3 just had their second break, the slightly longer one for having a snack, a smoke (in designated areas) and a breather. Following a call for an exchange of ideas and opinions some of the workers assembled in one of the bigger mess halls just outside the company yards. Some initiative called the 'Workers Relief And Care Program' had rented it from the local caterer and when all had sat down, Relief Consultant Danner Trumble addressed the blue collar workers that had come:

"My fellow workers, miners, smelters, constructioneers, colleagues and dear friends.

One month and more have passed, since one of our dear colleagues has come to death in a most tragic accident in some remote and surprisingly inaccessible stretch of space. One month of silence, one month of 'Carry on! Nothing to see!' One month of executives ducking and looking away, even in the face of their own grave faults. One month of not publicly saying sorry, one month of going business as usual.

They hope to sit it out, of course, while one dear fellow in your midst was killed. Plain and simple: Killed.

An accident they say? Ha! Accidents imply lack of intent. But here I say to you the intent was clear. Why else do you have to work in desolate work conditions with cheap equipment, next to no spare parts and the ever looming threat that they'll find someone else to do your job if you disagree or just get sick?

Lack of intent? I beg you, my colleagues! The intent is clear: Profit. Profit on the backs of what they just consider working cattle. If they – those execs in their fancy suits – held any value in you or the tireless sweat you pour into their industrial maws, they would long have given you that which is the most basic need of any human being: Acknowledgement, recognition and security.

But they fail in all and call upon their lawyers, government pals and spin doctors to make other believe otherwise: That it's all your fault! That everything would be fine if only you behaved. That you conformed and performed and please, please, please abstain from thinking too much.

This is your narcotic, free of charge, and it comes directly from your employer. The one who promises you safety but drops you like a foul Lorus fruit when you start to worry too much.

But by all means, you have the damn right to worry. You are not that helpless and without rights, however antiquated that may sound. The Federation set up rules and principles for both the individual and companies alike in order to the rule out the exploitation of the human being. They may not like it, but you, my friends belong to that wonderful species and we from the Workers Relief And Care Program are here to tell you that the galaxy watches. They partake in your troubles and they are worried all across industrial space that something similar may happen to them.

Today I am here to inform you on a few things. When your shift is over there are facilities where you can meet me and some equally worrying friends and we can discuss things further. There will also be a limited supply of anti-radiation treatments and we have taken the liberty of providing a small buffet with some local food. Nothing major, but we insist you know there are some who care.

Obviously, your employer leaves the care about you to others. However, we will make then remember.

They conduct their 'manufacturing' behind an iron curtain that is a permit-locked sector and apparently do nothing about industrial safety. Because nobody cares, because nobody looks that way and because they know you want to keep your jobs."

"They say 'Manufacturing is a dangerous business'! Oh yeah? Then those suits in their airco'd offices with a view would damn well remember their responsibilities and provide you with a safe workplace. Or am I wrong? More than a month has passed since that tragic and fatal accident and not even did they have the dignity to reveal the victim's identity or provide a statement about how they plan to avoid further deaths in their industrial facilities.

Must be very reassuring for you, my friends, to be left so much in the dark until a radiation spike lights up your co-worker next to you. I ask you: How do you feel?

I will say this to you: You are not the victims here! It's dignity that's put to rest first. Next comes the responsibility to avoid personal harm for those who labour in their sweat and blood to give company shareholders a nice bonus. Consider this: Dignity and security are sacrificed each and every day before your shift has even started. And they full well know.

Will you tolerate this? Death for profits?

I say to you, let first come dignity. Let there be measures of protection before you go to work once more. Never has a company bowed solely to the grumblings and murmur of some who say 'This must change somehow'. Always has it worked when the wheel of industry grinds to a halt. Always has it worked when the smelters stop to smelt and the iron stops to flow. Only then, when the stock markets demand an answer, come they to reason and start to barter.

You, my friends and colleagues, are the coal workers of old. You are the breathing lung of industry, the beating heart of a galctic engine. You have earned some rest, while others must deal with your health so that you can breathe and beat once more. Wreaken is under obligation of delivery. You are not. We have arranged for extensive health counseling and lessons on industrial safety. If I am not mistaken, by the statutes of the Federation Health Services you are granted the right of free charity medical assistance in times of personal danger. We have chartered two Rescue One Anaconda-class hospital cruisers and a small staff of radition specialists willing to give you a 24-hour treatment. We have some shuttles waiting so once your shift is over, and should you be interested in this free 24-hours medical care please apply inside landing bay 13 to Doctor Willerson Ffolks. He will set you up. Meanwhile, our legal advice specialists have outlined some statements based on Federation principles they will forward to Wreaken to make clear you are not to be held accountable for medical services you attend to in your spare time.

Let them know that not until they come to reason the heart and lung of manufacturing will take a well deserved break.

I will be open for questions so long as your break allows you, but I also urge you to return to work until your shift is over. We will see you then.

Thank you!"

When shift 3 was over, landing bay 13 was filling up quite rapidly.

This is a RP opportunity for some narrative play. It does not so far represent ingame actions but instead may be an opener for them.

You can find this epsode and others in my Blog.
Scarlet leaned back in her captians chair, the cockpit still had that new ship smell. Having been promoted to Rear Admiral just last week, she had finally managed to acquire the ship she always dreamed of, a Corvette. It would need a name, though she had not yet thought of something suitable.


Something had impacted the outer hull. *Thump-Thump* and again. Annoyed, she got up and lowered the docking ramp, heading outside to see what was going on. Her fellow protestors had formed a line in front of her ship, and on the other side of the docking bay was a rowdy looking bunch, chucking trash and debris in her general direction. "A lawless backwater indeed." she muttered to herself. She had been docked at Quator station for only a day and already people were getting upset.
"Get out of our station!" a man shouted, "You're not welcome here!" proclaimed another. From her side of the line one of the protestors retorted, "Your corporation is corrupt! We have just as much of a right as-" a slimy hunk of decaying food pelted the protestor in the head. Shouting continued from both sides.

Scarlet pressed forward and moved through the line, she held a hand in the air and the protestors fell silent, watching her. The other side continued shouting and hurling less than pleasant items in her direction, a few hit their mark, staining her coat. She retained a posture of militaristic professionalism, hands clasped behind her back. She took a deep breath and raised her voice, speaking in an authoritative tone "Cease this farce and bring forth your representative so that we may parley."

Shortly thereafter a brawny and frustrated looking man stepped forward, he was nearly an entire foot taller than her. The clamoring in the docks however did not stop. She looked up at him with piercing blue eyes, "Why are you assaulting my ship and my people? We've done what we can to avoid violence thus far but if you keep pushing I wont be able to control an angry mob."

The mans voice was gruff and scratchy sounding, as if he'd been working in a mine for his whole life. "That's a load of bull. You come here to our station, you block traffic, and now I hear you've been helping our competitors. Peaceful protest my , you're the one tryin to start a goddamn fight. And all over what? Some idiotic space jellyfish you found or somethin? Who flippin cares! We're starving in here, the supply ships can't get in because of you."

"I assure you I am not trying to start a fight. Were that the case, we would not be having this conversation. And the "space jellyfish" as you called it may very well be one of the most important things the galaxy has ever known. Getting into Col 70 is more important than the inconvenience of a few stations, humanity as a whole may be at-" The man decked her, sending her sprawling to the floor and dislocating her jaw.
"You think you can just walk all over us like that huh?! You think some little gizmo is more important than human lives? You make me sick!"

Scarlet's jaw ached with immense pain, she was furious, but through force of will maintained her composure. There was a sickening crack as she snapped the bones back into place. She stood up and returned to her military stance, "If we can not get into that sector it could very well be catastrophic for the galaxy at large. We don't know what this new race is capable of and we don't know their intentions, we need to learn everything we possibly can. Perhaps you should turn your ire to your employer, after all, if things are as bad here as you say they are, why haven't they contacted me to make an agreement? A simple call is all it would take, and yet they've not made any efforts to respond. As it stands it's looking like they're willing to let you die rather than talk."

The man seemed to think about this for a moment, but he was fed up with the discussion. "Get out of our starport." He turned and left the area, the shouting and clamoring between the two sides resumed to its earlier intensity. Scarlet returned to her ship, taking a few painkillers and knocking back a few shots of alcohol. "Lady Scarlet are you alright?" an airy sounding feminine voice chimed over the ships comms. "Hush Isabel, not now." Silence followed, and she relaxed in her chair. I'm getting tired of this, but we have to keep pushing. Wreaken's gotta crack eventually.

Approximately six hours later the docking bay was silent. People had turned in for the nite from both sides. Scarlet hadn't gone to bed yet, she was growing tired however, her eyes turning red. Always busy, she was currently pouring over some documentation, a large red stamp across the page read CLASSIFIED. Scarlet was rapidly clicking her fingernails together in frustration. A robotic chirp sounded and a womans voice came over the comms, "Hey Scarlet, open up, I brought you some coffee."

She headed down and opened up the docking ramp, "Oh, hey Jade. Nice to see you again." Jade was one of the dockworkers, not everyone had been hostile towards her cause, some had been quite supportive. Scarlet was happy to have found a friend here in this chaotic system. She picked up the cup of coffee, "Thanks." *Fwip* Her coat turned from a pristine white to glistening red. Scarlet glanced down to see her friend's body on the floor, horror overtook her mind but she did not scream. "Turn around slowly and put your hands in the air." Five men in unidentified black suits approached her from behind. Pirates? No....professionals.

Slowly she complied, but not before pressing the needle she kept in her breast pocket into her skin and releasing the contents into her bloodstream. Scarlet slowly raised her hands in the air as one of the men approached her with a pair of handcuffs. As the cold metal touched her skin, her pupils dialated, time slowed, and rage boiled over. In one deft motion she knocked the man off balance, wrenched the pistol from his other hand and pulled a pin on a canister attached to his side. As soon as he hit the floor, her heel slammed into his neck with a loud crunch. "One." Before the men could react she had already leveled the pistol on them. *Fwip* *Fwip* two more bodies dropped. "Two" "Three". *HISSSSSSSS*. Smoke billowed out from the canister she had pulled the pin from a moment ago. Bullets rained in her direction, one of them struck her in the shoulder, causing her to drop the pistol.

Rushing forward she pulled a knife from her boot with her other hand. Her eyes watered and it was hard to see but she slammed into someone. Immediately she drove the blade into the side of the body. *Clink*, armor. She was rewarded with a knee to her gut and was tossed aside, a rifle trained on her backside and fired. This time the bullets missed as she had anticipated the attack. She spun and drove the blade into the mans neck. "Four" She looked around and couldn't find the last soldier. Stepping out of the smoke she could see him retreating, a hand on his ear, calling for backup. She grabbed the knife by the blade and with a flick of her wrist it sailed in his direction, hitting a soft spot in the armor. "Five" The body fell. Silence claimed the docking bay once more.

Scarlet immediately retreated to her ship. Looking at the body of her friend as she passed by, "I'm sorry". The combat drugs that were in her system didn't permit her to shed tears. She powered up her ship and left without a word. Her ships computer spoke up, "You are wounded, you should-" Scarlet turned off the comms and plotted a course for the next system. Quator had made their message clear, she was not welcome in that station.
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*Incoming Transmission*
It has been over two weeks since the beginning of this movement and Wreaken Construction has yet to release the permits to Col 70 or even issue a public statement. The initial protests were my way of asking nicely, people from all over the galaxy came together in a show of solidarity, in spite of their respective affiliations. Bringing Mastopolos into control of their home systems was my way of showing that I am serious, their increased productivity has caused people to change sellers which I imagine has impacted your profits dearly. And yet, in spite of all this, you still choose to remain silent. You force my hand.

I hereby issue an Edict of Escalation. All pilots are hereby instructed to shift their focus into the Ega system. Wreaken Construction has proven to be an unfit leader for it. They have ignored the plights of the galaxy at large, as well as the needs of their own employees. As such I would like everyone to help the Independent Ega Independents claim control of this system. They are a democratic organization who seem to have the best interests of their system at heart. I believe they will make a fine replacement.

As for Wreaken, you still have a chance to end all of this and keep your system. If you decide you finally want to work with the galaxy instead of against it, I will be waiting for the remainder of the week to recieve your statement at Clauss Point on Ega 4 B aboard my ship The Daughter of Typhoeus. This is commander Scarlet Ashcroft, signing off.
My intelligence team has informed me today that Wreaken Construction has further holdings int he Jurati system, and that they are about to engage in open warfare with the controlling faction there. I would like for our pilots to continue their activities in Ega for the time being. I would also like to note that I am still maintaining my stance of non-violence. However, do not mistake my reluctance to engage in battle as weakness. I fully intend to systematically take control of all Wreaken controlled systems one by one, should they continue to maintain their stance of silence and fail to release the permits to Col 70. Were they to raise their weapons against us however, my stance may change, but for now we fight them on the corporate battlefield, and not in the black. The fact that they continue to remain silent, is a testament to the value of Col 70, but they can not keep this up forever. Keep up the good work commanders.
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I wish this action every success, at least one man has already died in Col 70 with not even an attempt of an explanation from Wreaken. If the great powers will not make a stand for the people then it is for the free pilots to take up the torch.
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Two more of Wreaken's holdings have been located in Dyavata and Wille. Their influence in these systems is minimal and for the time being they will be ignored. Pilots are instructed to continue with activities in Ega until further notice.
Wreaken's forces appear to be amassing ships in Ega. It is currently presumed that they intend to reinforce their war effort in Jurati, though some believe they are preparing to push us out of Ega. As such, reconnaissance teams have been dispatched to monitor the conflict in Jurati. We will be documenting ship types, weapon loadouts, and battle tactics. Should Wreaken decide to move against us, we will be prepared.
Scarlet laid flat across the examination table, the bright lights above straining her eyes as a myriad of sensors zig-zagged across her body. *Ding!* Scarlet sat up as the ships computer spoke with a feminine robotic voice "Medical diagnostics complete. Liver damage, severe. Kidney damage, moderate. Lungs, minimal. Heart, minimal." There was a pause "Neurological damage?" "Moderate damage to the amygdala." "Estimated life expectancy at current levels?" "Calculating..........approximately three to four months without treatment. You really should stop using those chemical enhancements, they're too risky.""Risks are necessary, I'm going up against people who have been in the game for far longer than I have, they've got a head start and a better grasp of the rules. I need an edge to bring me up to their level. Schedule organ replacements for the liver and kidneys back at the lab, the new enzymes I've been working on should be ready for implementation now. Oh and schedule a cellular regeneration therapy session too." "Those enzymes haven't been approved by the medical board yet, we can't-" "I'm using them on myself, not some volunteer, I don't need approval." "Appointments scheduled."

Putting her coat back on Scarlet exited the medical bay and headed to the comms station on her ship. Pouring herself a glass of Leestian Evil Juice she sighed and flipped the recording switch.
"Attention Wreaken Construction."
"It is the end of the week and here I am at Clauss Point as I said I would be, yet still you have not sent me a representative. Instead you have chosen to waste resources on your failed war in Jurati. What must I do for you to listen? Must I take away all your resources like a parent takes away the favorite toy of an unruly child? I have given you more than enough opportunities to come forward, the next will be the last. I have business to attend to elsewhere, I will return once you've picked yourself up from your impending lockdown. I expect to see a representative here by the time I get back."
Angrily, she slammed the send button with a fist. Why the hell aren't they talking. They're losing an immense ammount of capital from this and are about to lose a lot more...something doesn't add up.

A ringing sound chimed over the ships comms followed by a voice, "Uhh hello? Ms. Ashcroft? I'm here to collect those documents." "Ah! Yes, come in." She lowered the docking ramp and rummaged through a container, grabbing a data stick with the word 'forces' written on it. "Here." She tossed the data stick to her associate. "That's all the data we collected from their war in Jurati. I don't expect them to attack us but please get that to the necessary parties just in case. Oh and do keep in mind, this information may change. It depends on how much they're willing to sacrifice in a gamble. Stay on your toes commander, the next few weeks are going to be difficult." "Thank you, was there anything else?" "No, you are dismissed."
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The protest grows and diversifies, with some advocating direct action, others peaceful protest. And still silence from Wreaken Construction. Do they feel so secure that they can ignore the protest? Or are they worried about what might be revealed if they make a statement?
I'm not too good with introductions so I'll get right to it. I'm interested in assisting you in your protest in what ways I can. I'm not much of a fighter, I am an explorer. I have been out near the col 70 sector a lot, indeed it's one of my favorite areas of space due to the beautiful nebulae in the area. From my journeys near the permit locked sectors, there's no unusual variation in the star systems in the region, and no unusually high metallic deposits on any planets nearby. And looking at the distribution and classes of stars in the area, I have no reason to believe the col 70 sector is any different. Obviously I can't go check the planets or get a detailed scan of stars in the sector, but it seems to me that there's nothing unusual about the areas in terms of celestial objects. I can't determine a clear motive for Wreaken to build anything in that area. I believe there's something going on out there that we're not meant to see, although I have an idea as to what it could be. I believe whatever it is could be related to the alien activity in the area between the Pleiades and the Witch Head Nebula. I have no proof to back that up, but given the reaction to other alien structures by the superpowers, it would not surprise me if it is something alien. I'm just as curious about this area of space as you are, and I believe these areas of space should be available to travel through. I will be at Metz Enterprise in Ega for the next few hours if you wish to discuss the protest. I'm hoping this works as much as you are. Their silence towards the public even with their loss of profit seems very telling, somebody is paying them a lot of money to keep their mouths shut. A major corporation would have caved by now had there not been a profit motivation. I look forward to reading your response, if I receive one. I'll be in bed by the time you receive this, but I should be on later in the day, sometime after 16:00 utc
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There is almost certainly something of alien origin in the Col 70 sector. Specifically the FY-N C21-3 system, as this is where the unknown probe's 'zero point' seems to be when it compares distances in relation to merope. Unfortunately I can't meet with you in person at your specified time as I have a lot of work I need to do today. In the meantime, if you would like to contribute to this campaign, I am currently having my explorers search for further Wreaken holdings. Currently they hold territory in Ega, Jurati, Wille, Dyavata, and they have had movements in Zearla, Quator, and Hodack. Any new information on Wreaken's territories would benefit the campaign immensely.
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I'll jump to a few systems near Ega and see how many systems they're in. I suspect they will have expanded in to a few systems near each of them. And about that specific time, I overslept anyway so don't worry about a specific time. I haven't gotten myself on a rigid schedule for a while, exploration doesn't require it. Anyway, I will be in the area of Ega for the time being. Just from checking the systems, in most of them wreaken is in the system, but has no territory. They have no stations or outposts, even on the surfaces of planets. As for what is in the col 70 sector, I haven't kept up with what has gone on in that sector of space, or I wasn't until some alien ships were being sighted, but that's another discussion entirely. I believe those alien ships have something to do with whatever is out in the area. If they are indeed thargoid ships, which I believe they are based on my own encounter with one, then whatever is out there would be important to know about, and potentially prepare to defend against. I fear that they're ready for anything we throw at them, if they have a concept of revenge.
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*Incoming Transmission*

Hello Galaxy, my name is Dr. Scarlet Ashcroft and today I speak to you on behalf of scientific progress itself. For those of you who keep up to date on the occurances within our galaxy , you will know that the corporation known as Wreaken is currently operating in the Col 70 Sector for unknown purposes. They have somehow acquired a permit to this location, in spite of the fact that many other coporations have requested this permit before them. To date they have not released this permit to the public.

What some of you may not know is that information gathered from the unknown probes also leads to this area of space and failure to issue these permits is currently hindering scientific research. With the latest discovery of live alien life forms in our galaxy, it is paramount these permits be issued to the public so that we may learn more about what we might be dealing with. It is because of this that I am initiating a nonviolent protest against Wreaken.

I hereby call upon any available and willing pilots to fill all docking pads in both stations and planetary outposts within all systems where Wreaken holds influence. This protest will begin on February 26th and will last until the permits are released to the public. I myself will be stationing in Zearla, as it is a key location for Wreaken's supply lines. Humanity has a right to scientific progress and I will not permit any corporation to hinder our understanding of the galaxy.

In addition, all funds raised during this protest will be donated to Special Effect, an earth based charity centered around designing new interfaces to help disabled pilots. Together we can make the galaxy a better place. Fly safe CMDRs.
Dude, there are multiple non-violent ways to get the devs' Wreaken Holdings' attention without wasting time (so much time!) blocking pads, the only outcome of which in open is going to be to annoy people wanting to dock.

  1. Run missons for all other factions than Wreaken in systems where they are present. Force them into retreat.
  2. Hand in exploration data in systems where Wreaken is present. Do not hand in any data to a station where they are in control.
  3. Trade into and out of stations not controlled by Wreaken. Force them into retreat.

If you don't mind a bit of shooting, you can shoot wanted Wreaken Holdings ships preferentially in nav beacons or RESes. Kill their influence; force them into retreat.

If you don't mind innocent blood on your hands, pull their ships out of supercruise and murder them, especially in systems they run, This kills their influence. Force them into retreat.

That will get their attention, I promise.
Wreaken are being held to account by peaceful means. Their influence is on the floor, if this does not bring them to the table God alone knows what they are keeping hidden/
Dude, there are multiple non-violent ways to get the devs' Wreaken Holdings' attention without wasting time (so much time!) blocking pads, the only outcome of which in open is going to be to annoy people wanting to dock.

  1. Run missons for all other factions than Wreaken in systems where they are present. Force them into retreat.
  2. Hand in exploration data in systems where Wreaken is present. Do not hand in any data to a station where they are in control.
  3. Trade into and out of stations not controlled by Wreaken. Force them into retreat.

If you don't mind a bit of shooting, you can shoot wanted Wreaken Holdings ships preferentially in nav beacons or RESes. Kill their influence; force them into retreat.

If you don't mind innocent blood on your hands, pull their ships out of supercruise and murder them, especially in systems they run, This kills their influence. Force them into retreat.

That will get their attention, I promise.
If you'd read the thread you'd know we already have the Dev's attention. The initial protests with people holding docking pads was a part of DJTuthsayer's project 168 and it lasted the entire day. The fact that it might have 'annoyed players' is a good thing. Do you think people are supposed to be *happy* about being blockaded? No. [Plus due to instancing it's actually highly unlikely to happen anyway.] Also, this movement has long since evolved from mere blockades and has become an entire extended BGS campaign that I have planned out for the next month [Possibly longer depending on key factors]. Oh and this is a roleplaying thread, please try to keep things in character. Ty.
Today the Workers Relief And Care Program have published a newsfeed in the local media networks.

Esteemed business colleagues,

first of all, a note of accomplishment. The last year saw a rapid increase in all kinds of industrial manufacture and the securing of vital resources for a wide range of potential applications. The first months of this year already indicate that this trend will continue in the nearer future, provided all necessary and agreed upon measures will be taken to insure our growth. Not only is this attributed to the general wellbeing of our common enterprising spirit and the fruitful grounds to be found inside the Galactic Federation, the Empire of Achenar and the Alliance of Independent Worlds alike – grounds that we helped shape, no doubt – but it is also attributed to our mutual understanding that our business be cultivated carefully and without too much exposure to the wayward and often unpredictable public.

In spirit of this mutual understanding we would like to voice our concern regarding the current conduct of some of your operations which attracted a certain interest on behalf of the general public. Rest assured, we do not doubt your motives, nor do we question your methods. But we are concerned deeply with the recent events having led to certain disruptions in your manufacturing and delivery capabilities. We understand a certain non-governmental relief organization managed to rob you of a percentage of your workforce in at least one system, which in itself is an unacceptable attack on your business sovereignty. The fact that the entire Zearla star system was recently put under a state of Outbreak lead us to believe that this NGO received far more traction and support than is desirable. Workers and their families begin to leave the system in concerted convoys, presumably under offer of hiring by some minor local competitors. We hope you agree that this cannot remain so. We sincerely hope their efforts will be condemned by the Federal authorities and of course we trust the causes for this disruption will prove wrong and that you insure the appropriate routines for the best possible welfare of your workforce.

That being said, there is a point we would like to raise. However unjustified that NGO’s operations may seem, it shaped an awareness for a problem that is factually nonexistent but that has caught the attention of certain other groups. One of them, we are told, are the Federation Health Services. Inside sources tell that the FHS are actually willing to conduct an investigation of the matters on a certain scale that would expose not only you but may well slop over to your esteemed business partners. We cannot allow this of course. It would jeopardize our businesses in addition to the damage you have already sustained, and it would put our mutual benefits at stake.

We would therefore respectfully remind you of what was agreed upon and that this matter must be dealt with swiftly. However unpleasant this might be for you but this must remain strictly your problem. We therefore urge you to consider making certain trivial information available to the interstellar media and give them some fodder. Or to make amendments and pacify your workforce so that said NGO loses its grip on them. Whatever appropriate means you chose, rest assured you act on behalf on all of us and be confident in our fullest trust that you can handle the situation in the most unobtrusive way.

I hope I could make our case clear.

B. Smith, Interstellar Marketing & Relations

Relief Consultant Danner Trumble had only this to say: "This communiqué was leaked to one of our offices. It clearly shows that a bunch of businessmen and shareholders become afraid the unacceptable methods of putting their workers at risk will damage their operations next. This is exactly what happens when you stomp on the rights of the people, pretend to care for them but leave them to themselves when they really need your help. This is an unacceptable business practice and we can only hope that the Federation Health Service takes this issue seriously and decides to mount a full scale investigation into the matter."

Meanwhile, media circles begin to speculate if this leaked document is genuine or not. There are those who speculate it is an elaborate forgery to further attack the reputation of Wreaken Construction in particular and industrial manufacturing and the influence of shareholders in general. The bottom line is: Even if it is a forgery it sheds light on the behind-the-scenes battles waged by a consortium of seemingly omnipotent powers against the rights of civilian workers who are - at least formally - under the protection of the Federal Statues.

You decide...
*Incoming Transmission*

Attention Pilots.
According to a recent Galnet release, there has been another incident regarding the Col 70 sector. A distress beacon was activated in this area, and reportedly a cobra class vessel was destroyed. If the pilot was able to eject in time, their escape pod may be headed back towards inhabited space. Because of this information all exploration pilots are hereby ordered to cease looking for additional Wreaken holdings, and head to the outskirts of the Col 70 sector. Your objective is two fold.

1.) Attempt to locate and retrieve anything related to this ship and its pilot.
2.) Look for possible holes in the permit grid.

Please forward any pertinent information to your respective team leaders.
*Downloading Intel*

*Additional Brief Transmission*
Pilots please start your search near the area around the Col 70 Sector AA-O b36-0 System. This data appears to be somewhat old but there may be something nearby and it's a good a place as any to begin.

[[OOC]:Because I have a lot of people messaging me to tell me that tons of pilots have been through Col 70 in the past and that this system is of little importance, I'd like to say that I am aware of this. I am using this general area of space as a starting point for the search, and to help explorers meet eachother in open play. This is my way of creating a fun and engaging story for everyone to take part in. So if you meet any pilots out there and have a fun time, please share your experience in this thread! :D]
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