Protest against Wreaken

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Declassifying SysMap data for public use and consideration:

BD-12 1172 has a system allegiance of Independent that exists in data only within the system map. This data is excluded from the GalMap information database and repeat: the pilot must have SysMap data to detect this. Neither database shows there to be a population count, station, outpost, or planetary base.

Visual Data:
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Scarlet watched as her Corvette descended into the bowels of the station and an Anaconda with a fresh coat of paint came up to greet her. The Sanguineum Obolus was still a fairly new vessel with only the most critical systems having been modified thus far. Once aboard she slid a dataslate into the console and waited. "Isabel, are you there?" "Yes M'am, running diagnostics now." "Good, once you're done, plot the course we discussed previously.""Aknowledged."

She hated misdirecting them, but she knew Wreaken would attempt to intercept the transmission, and she needed the distraction. While the bulk of the exploration teams plodded around the focal point she had given them, it would draw Wreaken's attention, and maybe they'd get lucky and find something of their own. Hopefully it would be enough to keep Wreaken's eyes off her path while she and her covert team proceeded with the second part of the plan. "I hope we can get close enough."
In response to your original call for assistance in searching the Col 70 Sector border (message 58 in this thread), I set out today in my Viper Mk IV, Rust Monster, to investigate signal sources of all kinds in the region and to look for occupied escape pods. The very low incidence of signal sources is the only feature of note, so far, and I have not found any occupied escape pods.
It is my intent to return any occupied escape pods and data survey caches I find, along with my exploration data, to the Canonn at Varati. Is this acceptable to you, or would you prefer that people's findings be delivered to an alternative location?
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That should be an acceptable location to deliver any findings. I'm a member of Canonn myself and have access to many of the facilities in Varati. As a whole, The Canonn has chosen to remain unaffiliated with this campaign, however I'm sure any survivors would be welcomed with open arms should you find any.

Bolstered by the firepower of FNS Lion and a number of unidentified independent commanders the Jurati Partnership are routing the forces of Wreaken Construction, as I broadcast this report I see an Wreaken Anaconda destroyed by a withering broadside from the mighty battlecruiser. The lesson for Wreaken is clear, their reputation in Jurati is in pieces, their power and influence destroyed, surely no secret can be worth this loss to their prestige and cold hard facts of what this will do to their bottom line? If the board of Wreaken are reading this, heed the message, come clean about your activities in the Col 70 sector, everywhere you are in retreat, save yourselves from disaster.
Elite Dangerous 03.20.2017 -
3/20/3303, 2300 Hours, Spirograph Sector, 3.35 ly from the permit wall.

Scarlet had shut down the ships communications array to avoid any incoming transmissions giving away her position. She had been very busy on the galactic scene as of late and many people required her attention. This mission however required stealth. Her ships computer, Isabel, spoke over the internal speakers."I don't like being in this ship. It doesn't feel safe, especially all the way out here." "We'll be home soon enough. I just need to finish modifying the sensor feeds and then I'll need you to program this thing. I'm a xenobiologist, not a mechanic, so it's going to take me a little longer than usual as I'm not familiar with these newer models yet." Sounds of a camera focusing echoed throughout the otherwise quiet cargo bay. "Y'kno it would probably be easier if you had an implant." "Isabel we've gone over this, you know I don't like those things. People can't copy my thoughts and memories if they're not on a chip." "I know but, it would let us interface together." Isabel's tone had a hint of shyness in it, if Scarlet didn't know better she would think her own ship was trying to flirt with her. Scarlet pulled a large cable from the wall and plugged it into the reconnaissance probe she had been working on. "Isabel, focus please, begin programming the probe." "Yes M'am. Initializing editing software........injecting alternate code processes.......compiling......edit complete."

The entire process took just under 30 seconds. Isabel liked to play a series of electronic beeps and boops over the speakers whenever she was working, she said it 'makes things more atmospheric'. Once she was done, Scarlet hauled the finished probe over to the launch area and returned to the pilots seat. "Alright, lets hope we can pick up some kind of transmission on this thing." Opening the cargo bay doors, the probe was jettisoned out into space, and took orbit around the only rocky body in the system. "It will probably take a few days, maybe weeks before it picks anything up. Can we go home now?" "Yes, we're done here. For now at least. Go ahead and plot a course back to Ega, I need to check in with the fleets."
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(ooc edit: I should clarify that my character Jackson is not the same as the character mentioned in a few other posts, this is my commander's name in game.)
Jack had landed his ship on a tiny world with 0.04 G of gravity. "Eh, enough to hold me down" he thought to himself. He made his way to his ship's kitchen and searched through his refrigerator for something to eat. As he did, his crew member, Milah walked in. "The Horsehead looks nice eh?" she said. Jack didn't respond. Milah sighed and said "Are you sure this protest is a good idea? We could get in serious trouble if we're identified, and even if this protest succeeds, we don't know what's waiting for us in there." "We're explorers Milah, the unknown isn't anything to fear." he replied. "I suppose it's not any more dangerous than anywhere we've gone before." she said. Jack grabbed a bag of beef jerky and two granola bars, then closed the door. He looked at Milah and said "Walk with me to the bridge." As they walked towards the bridge, Milah said "What do you think about Scarlet eh? Think she's going to succeed with this?" He looked at her and said "I think she's got the determination to do it. I'm concerned about what she said though, experimenting on herself with chemicals. She'll end up dead if she screws it up." Milah then said "What makes you care, you getting attached to her or something?" As she chuckled at her own joke, Jack looked at her and said "You're not funny." She smiled and said "Just having a little fun with you, stop being such a hard ." She sighed and looked forward. "I'm sorry." After they both got to the bridge, he looked at her and said "Hey, about that joke, don't sweat it. I suppose I have been a bit cold lately. I'm just concerned about her. Can't I have a little sympathy for somebody?" Milah looked and said "Well, whatever the case, we'll help her." Jack smiled and said "I just hope these permits get removed soon, I'm curious to see what's in there." He got in his seat as Milah got in the chair to the right, and then activated the ship's thrusters. "The scan of this planet said there were geysers, what do you say we go find some?" he said. Milah nodded and said "Full power to engines sir, let's go find some."
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I found pieces of a wrecked ship, although I'm having trouble identifying it. I believe it's only part of a larger ship, and the remaining pieces got scattered from some kind of explosion. There were 6 escape pods in the wreckage. I'm sending the images now


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March 10th, 3303

Caroll Survey, Sorbago system.

"DeLacey Hotel Alpha Yankee, you're cleared to land on pad zero two."

I swung the Ember of Hope into a spin around the station, looking for the landing pad before approaching it. The red Cobra MKIV swung wildly back and forth before the docking clamps finally managed to get a hold of it and correcting its very awkward landing position.

I let out a sigh as I let go of the controls. "Still need to work on this real flying people talk about." I spoke out loud to myself as the landing platform moved my ship inside the hangar.

After changing out of my flight suit into a navy coat and stockings, I disembarked into the hangar. A small group of three armed men in uniform stood waiting as I came down the ramp.

"Ambassador Yagami. We've been expecting you." The one in the middle said as he pointed to the logo on his uniform. "We're with the Mastopolos Mining Incorporated and we're here to lead you to the meeting."

"Very well." I answered.

I followed the men to the central tower of the outpost. The outpost was small, but it seemed to be pretty busy. Almost everyone around beared the logo of the Mastopolos Mining Inc. It seems a big operation is underway.

I was let into a meeting room where more employees of the mining corporation were waiting. I felt a little bit of embarrassment as I felt their gazes as I entered the room. One of the men gave the guards a nod and they left the room, closing the door behind them.

"Good day everyone." I said.

"Ambassador Yagami." The same man said. "My name is Jack Nelson, head of operations at this facility. We're here to assess the offer you can provide us."

All the men on the table shuffled around a bit as I prepared for a short presentation, turning on the holographic projection system. I took a deep breath to calm myself before I turned to face my audience.

"Again, good day everyone and thank you for your time. My name is Hayate Yagami, ambassador of New Horizons Corporation. Today, I want to propose a business deal that I personally think will be lucrative for both of our organizations. As you may already know, New Horizons is currently terraforming a planet in the Arverda system. For this we require vast amounts of equipment and materials. We're currently lacking in both production and extraction capacities to perform the terraforming at the speed we currently desire. Therefore, I'd like to sign a contract with the Mastopolos Mining Inc to supply us with a portion of the required raw materials. We will pay a fair price for it."

I paused a bit while looking around at the audience.

"Seems I still got their attention at this point." I thought to myself.

"We believe that this deal will greatly accelerate your business in Sorbago, possibly even surpassing your local rival. I came here today with a draft contract. I hope to leave here with a signed one. Business does not wait gentlemen."

*somewhere in the Delkar system*

“Commander, we’ve got high priority comms coming in. There’s been news of a destroyed ship in the Col 70 sector.” Leana said.

“Pass it through.”

Reading the few details that were provided, he knew this was one of those requests. Xeres hated cutting mining expeditions short, but comms like don’t land every day. “It was estimated to be an old Cobra, could it be?” He thought to himself.

“Yeah, pack it up. We’re going to have to cut this trip short.”

“But sir the hold is barely at 25% capacity,” she questioned.

“That was an order. I signed you on to fly support, not question orders.” Barked Xeres.

“Aye sir.” She said meekly.

Commander Xeres killed the mining lasers, and allow the drones time to finish their task. The Type 9 class mining vessel was a beauty. She could sit in a ring for hours before being at capacity. The amount of ore she could carry was nearly unmatched, even with a full complement of mining equipment.

“Set course back to Jameson, and notify Galactic Logistics. I need the Dauntless shipped to Shinrarta. Need to move fast on this. I’ll fill you in once we’re on our way.”

“Right away.” Leana was still a low ranking fighter pilot, but she needed the experience and running support on a quiet mining mission seemed like the right choice.

The Dauntless was a highly modified Imperial Clipper. Xeres had spent many week begging favors from the hermit-like engineers to maximize her range and speed. With a cruising speed of 470, she could still turn on a dime. The Dauntless sported a cool 33 light year range as well. I’d love to see a more capable Clipper with that range.

Back at Jameson Memorial, Xeres carefully maneuvered the Type 9 toward the mail slot.

“Gotta be careful at these busy ports. Speed restrictions are in place for a reason.” Xeres said looking over at Leana. As he was looking away, Xeres was promptly cutoff by a Federal Corvette cutting in the queue to get into the station. A quick reverse thrust saved them from any real danger. “Pfft, Feds think they run the place….”

The Dauntless was due to be delivered soon, so Xeres had time to offload what little minerals they had recovered. He also turned in the nearly two hundred mining drones they still had on board.

“Your painite is always welcome here!” the shifty looking clerk said through the holo-communicator.

“ off, the load should have been much bigger. Just get the hold cleared.” Xeres grumbled and killed the comms link.

“Leana, you are free to tag along for this little ride, but we might be out in the black for a few weeks. There’s no fighter support in the Dauntless, but you’ll see some of the best sights in our galaxy. We’ll be headed straight toward the Witchhead nebula. The Col 70 sector is huge. Recon missions can be tedious but necessary for proper intel.”

“Honestly, I’m looking forward to the trip. I’ve wanted to see the sights of the galaxy. Being limited to short range fighters has never given me the opportunity to explore deep space.”

“Then, you are in for a treat. The Dauntless will get us there in no time.” Xeres said as a message scrolled in. “and there she is. Logistics just delivered her. Let’s move. Looks like they got her on pad 39.” He ran a couple commands to have the station move the mining vessel into long term storage. The two of them left the Type 9 and made toward the proper pad.

Coming up to the ship, Leana’s jaw slipped. The Dauntless was a jet black Imperial Clipper. The exquisite blue highlights just pop when you first see it.

“There’s really nothing like Imperial luxury.” Xeres said grinning at her. “But it’s what’s on the inside that makes her special.”

They got onto the ship and started making preparations to leave at once. Xeres plotted a route directly toward witchhead. He requested launch permissions and heard the resounding cha-clunk of the dock releasing the ship. Xeres took a moment to orientate himself to the Clipper’s highly sensitive controls.

“Mmmm, how I love this ship. Always feels so good to be back in her.” Xeres cooed. “So different from that beastly Lakon.”

Leana raised a curious eyebrow. She never understood why Commanders get that look in their eye when they get back in the seat of a ship they love. She’s seen it numerous times over the years.

Xeres was far more fluid with the controls in the Dauntless. After aligning to the mail slot, he dropped the hammer on the throttle. The G force absorbing seats really felt the push on this one. They were clear of the station and ready to engage the frameshift drive after only a few seconds. Xeres nodded to himself quietly and muttered, “Palin might be a crazy old hermit, but damn does he know his thrusters.”

“No time to waste.” Xeres engaged the frameshift spool up. “We are looking for something, Leana. Something or someone, could be wreckage, could be escape pods, who knows. The job is long range recon regardless. My sources say there’s something going on in Col 70. And we’re being asked to assist.”

As the witchspace tunnel opened up, Xeres grinned knowingly. He lived for the void. And he loved the adventure of the unknown. He only hoped he would be in the right place at the right time.
I would put my money on Federal or maybe a python not much to go by there. Wreckage is pretty toasted to tell[alien]
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Synuefe SO-V b20-0, close to the borders of both Col 70 Sector and Witch Head Sector
Amongst the different signal sources I investigated today, only the one in this system contained wreckage from a Cobra Mk III. It was accompanied by wreckage from an Imperial Clipper with both ships showing signs of having been destroyed by heavy weapons, possibly missiles. No escape pods were present but a large data survey cache was recovered and this will be delivered to the Canonn upon my return.
I do not believe that this is the Cobra in the message, as this is clearly where both ships met their demise. The drive section of the Cobra was particularly widely scattered, which leads me to suspect a seeker missile hit on the aft quarter leading to a power plant overload and there were bits and pieces of Clipper everywhere. It would be speculating to say that the Cobra fled Col 70 Sector after making the distress call and before being destroyed but given the scale of the damage and the involvement of the Clipper, this seems unlikely. A more plausible scenario is that the Clipper was patrolling the region (this is not the only signal source containing the wreckage of a Clipper that I have found) and was attacked by a group of ships, which happened to include a Cobra that it destroyed in the engagement before succumbing to the heavy weapons of another ship in the Cobra's group.
My plan is to continue exploring for one more day and then review the situation before returning. Two other signal sources have yielded small data survey caches, one of which contained the wreck of a Federal Corvette. There might be pirates out here packing some serious firepower. Fly safe everyone o7.
Those aren't your typical research vessels, if you're finding corvettes, that's some serious firepower to be taking all the way out there. They've likely they've got security patrolling the col 70 sector and just beyond, so be careful out there. An exploration vessel would be nothing to a corvette.
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Way out where the Synuefe sector boarders Col 70 spaceship Warspite while investigating a signal source encountered the wreck of recently destroyed ship, the ship had been destroyed by what appeared to have been a catastrophic internal explosion making identification difficult though the wreckage suggested a Gutamaya Clipper class vessel. While no life pods were among the debris there were a number encrypted data files which we proceeded to gather. While scooping the data packets four 'rescue' ships jumped in and began collecting the wreckage themselves, starting with the data. The rescue ships ignored our attempts to hail them and did not register as belonging to any faction when scanned, the questions though must be where did these mysterious ships come from to be on the scene so quickly? The suspicion must be from some unknown base beyond the permit wall. Four encrypted data storage pods have been retrieved and are being securely transferred back to the bubble where we hope they can be decrypted.
Col 70 Sector search report:
I have now returned to Varati and turned in just over 2.5MCr of exploration data, 4 small data survey caches, 1 large data survey cache and 1 black box. No escape pods were found during the course of my search.
Two other wrecks are worth a mention.
One of these wrecks was in Synuefe KD-V b21-0. This appeared to contain the wreckage of multiple vessels, of which the largest seemed to be a Python, but I did not have time to examine the wreckage fully: a 'Rescue One' Asp Explorer jumped in almost right after me and, in the absence of survivors, declared that it was going to recover the cargo at the site, which included five canisters of superconductors amongst several low-value items and a single black box. Having heard of these suspicuous 'rescue' operations close to the Col 70 Sector border, I decided to salvage the black box myself in case it contained anything useful.
The other wreck of note is probably not related to this search: it was a well-worn but almost completely intact Sidewinder that was the centre of a source of encoded emissions, just 1.33 ls from HIP 25171 B, a black hole. It had sustained several hits from what looked like a small cannon, with one strike compromising the canopy: no chair was present in the cockpit. It was probably an explorer passing by viewing the black hole from the same distance as Earth is from its Moon, caught unawares. No escape pods, data survey caches or black boxes were present. A small quantity of advanced engineering materials surrounded the wreck.
Side notes:
  • The closest I got to the Col 70 Sector was 2.17 LY. Witch Head Sector PS-U c2-0 is 2.17LY away from Col 70 Sector EJ-N c21-1.
  • The closest neutron star I found near to the Col 70 Sector border was HIP 23295 B. Neither a neutron star boost nor a regular attempt to lock on to Col 70 Sector stars allowed me to get in.
  • The closest Ammonia World I encountered near to the Col 70 Sector border was Synuefe ZX-M c9-1 A 1.
I hope someone else had more success in finding escape pods! Good luck searching everyone o7.
The Volition Project

Preliminary Report

Perimeter of sector Collinder 70 was surveyed between 20th March and 23rd March, 3303 by agents of the Volition Project. Col 70 proved inaccessible via FSD Arsenic Injection System or Neutron Supercharge techniques. Two itineraries along the edges were laid. Search patterns were spacebound and planetside.

Neither patterns yielded any evidence of an older Cobra class vessel, its wreckage or escape pods in whatever condition.

However, several observations were made in the course of the survey:

- Seven degraded emission signals were identified and investigated, one of which yielded a small craft wreckage carrying yet to be identified prototype technology.
- Two combat aftermath emissions were identified and investigated, one of which yielded a heavily damaged T-9 hauler with remnants of a cargo of performance enhancers. The other yielded the wreckage of a small craft of Imperial design, presumably a Courier. gathered survey caches are currently decrypted.
- Planetside investigations yielded a downed Nav Beacon, a downed comms satellite and one other site of note:


The above site appeared to be the belly of a larger transport vessel. Within it, an active transmitter with an attached databank could be identified and accessed successfully. A data package could be retrieved linking events to the Galactic Federation in some yet to be analyzed way. Decryption is taking place as this report is generated.

Additionally, the site was littered with debris apparently resulting from combat. Three downed skimmers were found as well as two SRV wrecks. None bore any decals or identification marks. Also, the site yielded no escape pods or traces of survivors.

An extensive search in the vicinity was unfruitful.

A data package of this preliminary report will be generated shortly and delivered to a variety of reliable sources within the independent pilots' community.

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Scarlet continued flipping through a series of portraits and identities on the holographic display in front of her. These were the people who had been recovered from escape pods on the outskirts of the col 70 Sector. Meanwhile another light on the console flashed '37 missed calls'.

Calvin Perez
She swiped her hand across the display, leading to another image.

Richard Malcolm

Lucille Wall
And again.

Peter Hatton
"Bloody stars, they're not in here!" She placed her right hand in her mouth and bit down while rapidly clicking her nails together with her other hand. The stress was getting to her. Isabel chimed in, "Maybe you should take a break?" Scarlet let out a long sigh. "Maybe you're right. Did you find anything in the recovered data files? "No..." "Figures." The communications panel began chirping once again. "Isabel, you answer those, let me know if any of them are important, I'll be at the shooting range."

Scarlet didn't really like using kinetic small arms. They were loud, unwieldy, and you couldn't adjust their output like you can with a laser pistol. However this made them perfect for practice as you never know what you'll have to scavenge from the battlefield. Being a member of the Federal Navy and growing up in a military family had made her a decent shot over the years, but it was still an area of her life she struggled to maintain. Scarlet loaded the pistol, took her stance and aimed down range, firing five rounds in rapid succession. The target raced towards her and came to a halt for inspection, she frowned. "13.5% decay in accuracy since last practice. Try again?" Scarlet grumbled, she was disappointed with herself, "Yes, prep 200 more targets." Scarlet spent the next few hours burning through targets until there was a pile of empty magazines next to her feet and her hands were sore from the repetition and recoil. "1.2% increase in accuracy since last session, congratulations!" Scarlet sighed and placed the pistol on the table. Knife training was always so much easier than this... "Isabel, any important calls while i was busy?" "No, but you should probably check the news." "Play it on screen."

Galactic News: Perpetrators of Darnielle's Progress Heist Identified A smirk crossed her lips as she read through the latest galnet article.
"Ohh? A ship full of ghosts. We might have to pay them a visit in the near future." "Are you after the bounty?" "HA!, no, that would be a waste of my time. I wouldn't turn them over even if it was 500 million, I make more than that in a week. I'm more interested in what they know. They might be able to help us." "How will you find them though?" "Well, if all goes according to plan, depending on their true motivations, they will come to me. For now we will simply maintain our course. What's the status report on Wreaken?" "They are currently pulling their forces out of Jurati. It looks like they're regrouping in Ega." "Perfect, get ready to send out the appropriate documents, this is going to be a busy week."
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