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Prototype Wing Cable Lift Section Angle Degrees


All of the time (100% reproducible)

Area of Game Affected

When spawning a Prototype Wing, utilize the mid section cable lift (and possibly the starting and ending ones). Attempt to increase/decrease the incline. The angle shown will change, but the track will not.I don't know if the physical object, the actual track is supposed to adjust or not, or if the degrees are just wrong (which seems to be the most likely case).
A gyazo gif can be seen https://gyazo.com/4f43c57dc0d806589de6cf9ed02d2f91

Steps to Reproduce
Spawn Prototype Wing and initiate a cable lift using a mid section. Attempt to increase/decrease the incline by clicking and dragging.
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Frontier QA Team
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Thanks for the report. I have logged the issue and passed it on for further investigation.