Przewalski's horse

I would really like them in the Game. If the Zebra would get more realistic Sounds instead of the mostly Horse like Sounds, they would still have a Animal that could use the old Sound Files. They do also look beautiful and would be already extinct if Zoos wouldn't exist
Here you are! I was looking for that thread.
These are zebra sounds. Zebras and horses do the same sounds.
There is only one /-two differences:
Zebras bark. That is the iconic zebra-sound. It means: "I am here! Where are you?" (come to me) - and they answer: "I am over here. Where are YOU?!" (I am coming).
While you have to get your head around the zebra mind-set - animals greet themselves even if they can see each other.
Let me show you a video: Here you go...
Pay attention to sound. That is why they start moving.

And what zebras do as well is bray (like mules). But they do all the horse-sounds (except neigh and some whinny-wincker whatsoever that is called - that is the horse translation for the zebra bark - means the same thing).
Now - you can fool people - as you can not tell the horse-breed on sounds (I am not sure about this to 100% but horse-people told me that - I am on a mission there as I believe maybe there is a difference) - the whinny in game can come from a horse, but zebras can do this, too. I am not sure if that fighting sound they got in - is something they do in that situation... but... it serves the purpose. If you hear that sound - you know your zebras are fighting.^^

If you see that sounds in movies they are not the correct sounds, as the sounds are used to express what you see. Even in documentaries you see zebras - you need to have the iconic zebra bark, as otherwise everybody will say: Why do they sound like horses? Zebras are no horses!!!!(!!!!)^^
But look the video. See how many animals are there. Don't look at the screen and guess. You would never think that you are standing in front of a herd, based on the sounds they really do, as they are more like mules/horses - just more vocal - as zebras are no animals that flee - that is why their are less shy - what is the reason why nobody ever got onto the idea to use zebras for cavalry. They can not do what horses can do.
Off-topic. Sorry. Yeah... blah...blah... Thought that is interesting.

Love that (complicated name-)horses, too!
I would definitely hope these guys make the roster at some point. I think they will eventually since the only other horse- donkey species would most likely be Grevys zebra,Wild ___, or regular domestic donkey IMO.
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