PS Plus issue with 2nd accounts - anybody else?

My PS4 has 2 accounts. The main one has PS Plus (it'll be active until september). The other (which I use to play ED) is linked to the first. Until last week, the game worked perfectly. But now I can't play using the 2nd account, since there's a windows asking me to pay for PS Plus... :-(

Notice: it´s NOT a PS Plus / PSN / PS4 issue, since online mode is working fine when I play other games, like Fortnite, using the 2nd account.
which firmware version on PS4 are you running and are you running on any of the optional installs of 6.70 or 6.71 that are not enforced as upgrade to go online with...
I have many secondary accounts... and there not blocked from Elite dangerous... Many used secondary account to try out the New player update...
SIE pushed out 2 optional security updates for users, so if your not on 6.71 your PSN account share function could be effected. If so the 6.71 update may be required for you...
I had this yesterday. Maybe it only affected a few accounts and you were just in the strange situation of one working and one not? I saw people complaining other games were affected and being prompted to purchase.

Fortnite doesn't require a PS plus subscription. Well Battle Royale.
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If I get chance I will try this week and see if I can confirm this. It used to work as you say.
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