(ps4) Looking to join a squadron

I'm looking to join a squadron on the ps4, the activities i enjoy doing the most is mining and exploring, i don't have a mic but i'm a fast typer!
I'm not a fan of combat activities, but i don't mind helping others doing what ever.

What i plan on doing soon is going to Colonia to finish engineering my explorer, i'm just collecting raw materials for the trip
Hi there CMDR Badman76
Before I introduce you to the Alliance Rapid-reaction Corps. (ARRC for short) Take a look at this tutorial for raw materials gathering. https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/how-to-fill-all-of-your-raw-materials-bins-using-crystalline-shards.481235/
As for our little faction. We are a possibly one of the biggest, small Player Minjor Factions. We are a well established group with a presence in over 30 of the "Old Worlds"
Our base of operations is in our home system of Zaonce, Ridley Scott station.
The home of the Zaonce Fleet and the Bank of Zaonce.
Our systems include Arque, the new home of Professor Palin and Tionisla, where the famous Ships Graveyard is reputed to bear permanent monument to many a brave pilot.

We are a friendly bunch and we love helping out Noobs.
Although we are mostly based around Europe (predominantly the UK) we do have a few US players..
Now that we have Professor Palin, in our jurisdiction we are having what the ancient Chinese called interesting times. Especially with the PvP groups that enjoy making life difficult around Engineers, Community Goals and other popular venues.

A lot of us were here in '84 and as far as game play goes we moslty bimble about engaging in pretty much whatever come to mind.

Our activities include PVE exploration
PvP in a training group called "Fighter Club" (See my signature. No membership required) and with an anti ganker group caled The SPEAR Network.
Thagoid hunting in the Pleiades
Racing SLFs, SRVs and other vehicles in odd and remote locations
Driving SRVs into space stations...

Well you get the idea. Pretty much anything that's fun.
Join our forum thread and lend us your ideas.

Or join us on Discord and lend us your support.

Background Simulation or Powerplay?
Yes we also involve ourselves in the Background Simulation and Powerplay aspects of the game. Flipping systems for the Alliance, fighting to keep or control systems etc.

You pretty much couldn't find a more friendly bunch of commanders with an eye for fun and a taste for adventure always on the lookout for new and exciting things to try.

Come along and give us a go. Links to our Discord channel and the Fighter Club thread are in my signature, or you could apply on INARA where you will find our Faction page.

Time zone is GMT UK but we are to be found online pretty much any time.
Even if you don't join us you're welcome to drop in and seek advice or wing missions or even just to chew the fat etc.
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