PS4 version's performance is unacceptably poor

I was very excited to get my hands on the new update and get stuck into capture mode until my PS4 overheated and crashed trying to process and render everything in capture mode. There weren't even any guest or dinosaurs on the island, just buildings and scenery assets.

I feel incredibly ripped off by this game which I can hardly even play now and I don't know if it's even worth trying. Not a happy customer. I'm so annoyed.
I'd start out by cleaning your PS4 take an air duster to it & really blow out all the vents & fans that you can...

Given the life that a console leads it could be well clogged up with dust, dog/cat hair any number of things. Plus, if it's kept in a cabinet or tight space (many consoles seem to live on top of sky boxes/dvd players etc you may wish to consider moving it to somewhere better ventilated & away from direct sunlight to help with keeping it cool.

JPW does tax the processor quite hard, especially on lower end systems (which the original PS4 & XB1 definitely are) but you really should be giving your system the best chance of keeping cool & getting air flow, especially given that it is summer now.
Yeah its a ps4 problem. I have slow internet.. I recently got an ethernet cable and plugged my xbox directly into the router to speed it up... My xbox has been running non stop since monday afternoon... Its still pretty cool to the touch. After 3 and a half days i only had 30 gbs of gta5 downloaded before i plugged in the ethernet cable... My internet picked up speed on friday so i got over 20gbs downloaded fri-sat. Then i started downloading long needed updates for other games. So going on 7 days non stop and no over heating. My ps2 used to over heat too. I had to take it apart and clean dust and hair off the fan. Idk if ps4 is a really poor product or yours is just old and dusty. I keep my xbox on a hardwood floor not on any type of shelf or stand.
Not the games fault. This is a hardware issue. I run the game fine on my PC and have no issues. I haven't played it in a few weeks but last time I did I had no problems. Console hardware is really weak and it's basically obsolete when they release them.

Like someone else has already said, you could try cleaning you system out. Try cleaning the vents on it first. If that doesn't work then you may need to open it up and clean it out. You can always look around on YouTube for videos on how to do this.

The other option is to buy a new PS4 or some other platform you can play the game on.
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