Pure combat ship

When I need mats from ships I do it hard - corvette, SLF, collector limpets, (kws optional), anarchy system, nav beacons, res and kill everything on sight.
During bounty hunting in medium ships I usually scoop g4, g5 mats only - not a problem to trade g1-g2-g3 later.
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I use a krait mk2 with 2xc3 beams with efficient mod, 1 xc3 multi with rapid fire and corrosive and 2x c2 multis with over charge. Also has fighter bay with taipan rouge f 2x pa.
Its a combat beast. Strips shields in seconds and hull just decintergrates.
Failing that my vulture with twin 3c ad pas with short range blaster tends to mow its way thro pretty much anything it comes across. Any small or medium ships are gone in one or two hits
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