[PVP] Gunship vs Krait MK II - Close Encounters of the Krait Kind

Source: https://youtu.be/QgN3WgO_hOE

Challenged CMDR MTPoket to a 1v1. The Krait MK II has a reputation of being one of the strongest 1v1 ships in the game right now. With it's excellent balance of firepower and defenses, the Krait is one mean beast. MT did not disappoint!

Is the Krait too much for the FGS? Watch and see!

An older video but a good one. Hope you guys enjoy. I am working on new videos at the moment and more will be uploaded over the weekend.

Link to Gunship Actual Build: https://s.orbis.zone/33iw (Feel free to use and play around with it)
That was the closest fight I've ever seen o_O
(no canopy.. 0% hull... saved by them thar seekers)
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