Q&A with Sandro Sammarco - Charity Stream Transcript

This is a transcript of the Q&A with Sandro Sammarco for the Charity Stream 2017. You can watch it on Twitch (starts at 8:24:00).

People asked questions and Sandro responded with truth (answered the question) or donate (means he donated to the charity, because he didn't answer).

Question: Where’s Raxxla?
Sandro Sammarco: Donate

How many new ships are in the Beyond series of updates?

What’s my greatest achievement in Elite Dangerous
My greatest achievement, I think personally is making sure that we focused at the start on the one conceit which is put the player in the world at the cost of everything else in the world almost. This sounds quite manic, it’s not about making a game, it’s about making an experience. It’s about making the player really feel like being in the future and piloting a ship. That sounds big headed and hubristic. It wasn’t just me, as a team, but for me I’m very proud to be a part of that. Because it’s what makes the game what it is at the core of it. That was a truth.

How is David Braben as a Boss?
David is a great boss and very challenging because he knows what he wants. What’s good is he listens to reason basically and loves an argument. That’s great right, it’s good because you can get really into it with debates with someone who’s really clever and a luminary in the industry.

Will the Type-10 be out before Christmas?
Donate. I do know the answer. I want to tell the truth, but.

What feature of Elite Dangerous do you like least?
In my opinion, I’m going to donate, because I love all the features in Elite.

What is the nerdiest thing you’ve done or bought to date?
Once, when I was a lot younger, I did some live roleplaying. Which I have to say, I love roleplaying. You kind of dress up and use rubber swords. If you like that, that’s great, for me it really didn’t work.

How is Squadrons coming along?
Truth, it’s coming along, it’s in early days. Hopefully I imagine sometime soon after Christmas there will be a Beyond Focused Forum Discussion. That will be coming after Christmas. I’m sure people have got a lot of questions. It’s very exciting and scary, but we’re going for it.

What is coming in the Planet Coaster Adventure Pack?
That’s a rubbish question. Truth, I don’t know. I tell you what, some stuff. There will be some items, there might even be a ride, but considering I don’t know.

How many hours of Elite Dangerous have you played?
Donate, quite a lot but in different stages. If you only count the live game, maybe not as many as I should have, but I’m still donating.

Will you have to do 1 to 5 role (that is a reroll)?
Truth, at the moment, what we’re looking at is if it’s a brand new item, you’ll need to do roles from 1 to 5 on that item. If it’s an item you already got you can grandfather it, if it’s not a maximum then it’ll be put back a role and you can roll next. You won’t need to reroll if you already got it, unless you want to switch over to the new system. When your item is grandfathered u can still use it but can’t upgrade it, when u switch over u lose a level of engineering. If you use the new system u can get slightly better results, maybe not god-rolls, but it should be better because we increased the numbers up.

Is there ever an engineer in Colonia?
Truth, I’m not sure, there might be.

Engineer bobblehead?
Zac (Antonaci) says no.

Do the Guardians still exist do they still live?
Donate. You can’t keep asking me questions that you know I can’t answer.

Have you ever done the mug run?
I have done it a number of times with our in-house tools. I don’t know what the fuss is about.

What’s the stupidest mistake you’ve made in Elite?
Going in open on live streams, doesn’t work out for me unless I want people to kill me.

What features do you want in Elite if you could have any?
Atmospheric-space-legs probably, I think that’s great.

Who do you like more Ed or Bo?
I’m donating. How could I possible say. You never know.

Is the Krait a small or medium ship?
It is a medium ship.

When will there be an update for CQC?
I can’t believe you went there. Truth, I genuinely don’t know.

How do I donate?
Go to www.justgiving.com and select the link of Frontier.

Are we going to see more of 2.4 before Christmas?
Truth, yes.

Can you show Jurassic World Evolution content?
Truth, no. I like these questions.

What’s the biggest bug you’ve introduced to Elite Dangerous?
Truth, I’ve broken the game at least once, by getting a text string messed up which occasionally was really important.

We know about the Beyond series of updates, but what about after that?

What’s your in-game commander name?

Will we be able to fly into cities soon?
Truth, no. In fairness you didn’t specify the timeline definition of what soon is. Anyone who listens to Michael Brookes, it’s a surprisingly long range of time.

Which player group would u join if u could join one?
I’d join Truckers cause they’re the earliest ones I can remember.

Have you played Star Citizen?
Truth, I played Wing Commander.

What’s the Panther Clipper status?

How big is the mothership?
Truth, I don’t know which mothership you’re talking about.

Do you want to befriend or attack the Thargoids?
I want to attack the alien menace, because they’ve been killing everyone.

Are u responsible for the Star Wars Kinect dance (game)?
Truth, no I wasn’t.

What other ships other than the Krait and Chieftain, name another ship that’s coming in the game?
Donate, can’t answer lol.

Aisling Duval, snog, marry or avoid?
That’s the bubblegum princess. Can’t say.

Have you read any Elite Dangerous books?
Donate, can’t answer.

Is your voice in Elite Dangerous?
Truth, no it’s not.

Have you written any Elite Dangerous fanfiction?
Not fanfiction, no I haven’t.

Would Squadrons unbalance the game more than Engineers?
Truth, no. Engineers have added to the game and we’re gonna make them even better.

Favorite ship in the game?
Probably still the Cobra, although they’re all awesome.

How much for the space loach?
Three grand.
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I still can't believe, after all this time, we don't have a black-and-white banded "Spach Loach" paintjob for the Anaconda.

These would sell faster than Win-a-Date-With-Aisling Duval raffle tickets.
I still can't believe, after all this time, we don't have a black-and-white banded "Spach Loach" paintjob for the Anaconda.

These would sell faster than Win-a-Date-With-Aisling Duval raffle tickets.
Screw the paintjob, I want a space loach plushie in the co-pilot chair and as a bobblehead!
Thanks, it's sad that the focused feedback forum wasn't mentionned, i would have want to know when all the questions there will be answered (detail request thread)
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