QOL improving planet landings and SRVs

A, Ships still land too far away when recalled
B, Ships cant land even in flat spots (improvement needed to compensate)
C, SRVs in both high G worlds and non High G worlds drive far to skittishly almost impossible to drive at speeds.
D, Not enough cargo on the ground (as well as space pre mentioned in another thread)
E, Stations on planets need weathering to increase immersion.
F, When boarding ship a discovered screen would be nice to show what was found on planet with amounts i.e Cargo, materials, cargo racks, scans etc.
G, More mist fog elements need to be added.
H, SRV scanner improvements to suggest material finds, stations, ship wrecks to identify what your likely to find is way forward, (unless planet scanners make it in game soon)
I, Large haul finds sue to extreme lack of cargo being found on planets (and space)
J, Planets should consist of more finds dependant on the population of the system itself the higher the population the more chances of finding ship wrecks i.e several not just one! and the likely hood of finding more cargo loots.
K, Other random ships found on the surface???? can we see some interaction with these, at present they don't seem to serve any purpose maybe a NPC SRV driving about or possible quick trade with them, or a partial damaged ship in need of repair or mission based.

I understand some of these have been brought up before, and rightly so, but fresh new suggestions are always good. Feel free to add what you Would like as QOL and improvements, more immersion etc.
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