QoL Request: Please give us a keybind to toggle "relative mouse" on and off!

Dear Fdev Support!

This feature would be a huge QoL improvement for many CMDRs who fly with mouse and keyboard.

Many of Elite's KBAM users enjoy the great pricision from the relative mouse setting, especially while flying FA-OFF. But as soon as we are entering Supercruise, the relative mouse setting becomes a true burden because you have to endlessly push your mouse over the pad just to turn 180 degrees.

Please give us a way to simply toggle the relative mouse setting with a key. This would absolutely make our day!!!

There have been many attemps to get your attention to this in the past:








Thank you.

CMDR deZpe
Yes please. Super cruise is a chore with relative mouse on. I can't remember the last time I didn't submit to an interdiction. Was probably when my HOTAS still worked 2 years ago.

I'm currently using a macro utility to cycle through the various menu options to enable/disable relative mouse. But it takes several seconds, and that's time I usually don't have in combat, so I end up fighting in FA-On anyhow.

We shouldn't have to rely on out-of-game tools for a bodged attempt to operate a simple mode toggle!
Yes please! And as a person who prefers to toggle FA while flying it'd be great to be able to simultaneously enable relative mouse toggle while FA is toggled.

P.s. I've only ever lurked but registered here just to post this!
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