Quality of Life & Convenience Improvements

Quality of Life & Convenience Improvements

Here's my list of additions to the game that would make it more fun to play.

1. Add a checkbox to shops that would synchronize prices and menu options for all shops of a given type.

2a. Add the ability to train all staff members of a given type at the same time (each employee would gain one level).
2b. Add the ability to change salary for all staff members of a certain type to the same amount (without having to set them all one by one).

3. Add the ability to choose a terrain texture before modifying terrain, instead of it always being green grass.

4. Add "generic" versions of themed rides. For example, a Whirly Rig with plain gondolas instead of the barrels and sea creatures. This would help to make all of the flat rides fit in any park with any theme.

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5. Make park boundaries easier to see.
+1 to 1, 2a and 2b. I'd also like to be able to pick up staff members without zooming to their location, to find that pile of sick I want them to sweep up. Also an improvement to the Work Roster 'thing' that is currently implemented. :)
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6. Allow us to add or remove items from shops. For instance, I'd like to be able to only sell Pirate Hats at the Hat Shop if I'm building a pirate themed park.
Practically all of them have been mentioned before. But I support every each of them, from1 to 6. [up]
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7a. Add the option to sort the rides and shops lists based on highest profit to lowest profit.
7b. Add additional sortable categories like in RCT3: reliability, satisfaction, guests favorite, etc.