Quality of life improvement to shipyards

Here's the issue: all newly bought ships start with E grade equipment. This was a design mistake to me. It immediately communicates to players that they bought a ship with cheap, cutrate hand-me-down garbage gear and want it all replaced ASAP. Do you go looking for cars with horrendous interiors, broken parts, barely functioning brakes and near-empty fluids? Do you want to buy a house that's falling apart at the seams with a roof that leaks and frayed wiring? Maybe if you've got the skills, money and time to replace it all, sure. Most of us just want something that works out of the box. E grade equipment is equivalent to run down, used, beat up, refurbished and outdated parts that everyone is in a hurry to toss out. Nobody purposely flies E grade unless they're trying to embarass someone...or themselves. D grade is considered the bare minimum "economy" equipment for any real gameplay, even if it only means a weight reduction. So...why are ALL ships sold with E-grade as standard? For weapons and optionals I could understand but the core internals? It doesn't make sense that our only stock option is garbage.

Proposal: ships could be purchasable with different grades of core internals already bolted on. Example: say I've got 300 mil in the bank and I've decided to buy....a Python, because why not. Why would I want to buy the ship and immediately need to replace all the core internals? Some would say you're building a completely different ship. Why wouldn't I just put in the order for a Python with a better class of equipment to begin with? If money's not really an object at this point, then I'd much rather just pay a bigger overhead and get as much equipment as I can in one go. At the very least it would be a reduction in clicks needed to get through the menus--something EVERYONE can appreciate--even if, say, we can only get equipment ratings that are available at that station to begin with. If a station doesn't have the right size/class for all the core internals, then that rating of ship isn't purchasable. All it would take is a little rearranging of the shipyard screen and buying options. Even if it's only to offer a ship with D grade cores as stock, I'm 99% certain many players would gladly pay a little more. Programmed well, it could be an elegant solution that drastically reduces the busywork and menu hopping of getting a new ship ready to fly.

ALTERNATIVELY: What if upon requesting, say, an A-grade ship that the station can't fully outfit, it simply checks for the nearest available parts in friendly systems and adds a little "finder's fee" to compensate for their trouble? I'd find that fair if it saves button presses and loading screens; anything to get people out of the menus and back out into the black...

PRE-EMPTIVE RESPONSE TO INCOMING COUNTER-ARGUMENT: I know some modules never care about grading, such as life support never really mattering above D grade to 99% of folks, for example. I know that creates situations where you don't want to buy D grade because you still have to upgrade or you don't want to A grade because then you want to downgrade. I KNOW. The meaningless grades of certain modules would need to be addressed in a separate but related change that re-evaluates the mess that is the module grading system.

(Not that a life support timer should be a component of your ship that's instantly lost atmosphere in a vacuum instead of your SPACE SUIT anyway, but I digress...)
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