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Hello Community!

I decided to make a general thread in the one place for the things I am working on in PZ. I have a tendancy to jump around and just build what I enjoy more often than not, so usually I do not end up with a fully cohesive zoo. Here are some shots of one of my current projects.

This is my ancient egyptian inspired zoo. It does not yet have a name, but the working save file is called "Temple Complex to Ptah" which is a nod to the Pharoah and Cleopatra games of old. I don't really look at references or anything, hence it is inspired by, rather than a bulding style recreation. It is a sandbox zoo, I have not included photos of everything, and I have only been wokring on it for the last four days or so, on and off.

First is the Cheetah Temple, which has three viewing areas, a restaurant, and a market. There is a little oasis in the habitat, and the temple has an underground sleeping area for the cheetahs. I haven't yet built the staff or backstage areas, because frankly; I dont feel like it. I am aiming to breed a spotless cheetah in this habitat.
In the first photo you can see two of the three viewing areas - the one to the right is an outdoor shade cloth viewing area that is on eye-level with the cheetahs in the temple - and they do use it. The second one is in the back, and is an indoor limestone viewing area with airconditioning as desert environments are generally hot during the day. Second pic is just nice, and the third pic is my market baazar and restroom. I used the shop benches so they function as a real store and decorated with a bunch of the Indidan set items.

General atmospheric shot, clearly I haven't completed this, but I addded three sandstone stepped pyramids, after the lesser pyramids. I am debating on whether I want to build a larger limestone great pyramid or not. There are also three ponds here in three shades of blue to represent birth, life, and death. I want to build something in homage of the Egyptian "field of reeds" concept, but i am still thinking on what I want to do, and how to do it.


View point into the Maned Wolf habitat which i am using in stand in for a jackal. I really wanted to frame that view of the pyramid in the distance.


The Maned Wolf.

The back of the maned wolf enclosure, there is a river boat ride that goes through part of the zoo, as the nile river is iconic. Themed guest viewing area for both the maned wolf and the water buffalo. In the very very back you can see the Cheetah Temple
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Continuing with the Egyptian Zoo; I have a Snapshot of some Red Crowned Cranes, this is the only photo I have of their habitat, it is situated between the Water Buffalo and the Maned Wolf.

My current build in progress is the Crocodile Habitat. The boatride goes through that too, which we will pretend is not super dangerous and unrealistic for a zoo. Below is an overview. The crocs use the temple pictured as a shelter and they do go down the slide, guests can see crocs from eye-level, underwater, and river boat views, plus you can just see on the right hand side the overwater viewing.

An aesthetic shot of the breeding male Sobek.
View from the underwater viewing:
I am still learning how to build things that look like they are semi realistic in PZ, architechture really isnt my strong suit.

One of my Salty ladies using the temple:

I typically don't build entrances as I get super stuck on them, so I will keep on going with habitats until later on. I feel like I spent a year playing planet Entrance lol.
I have decided to challenge myself somewhat and work on a cold climate zoo. It is something I am not overly familiar with, so for me it is a bit out there. I used the random terrain map generator, and again I am working in sandbox. I am really just going with the flow on this one, and I am sharing projects that are in the works and not complete. Sometimes it helps me to see others have things in progress when it comes to tackling builds. The first animal I added was the polar bear, because I am super uncomfortable with building for them;
So far I have the bare bones of their indoor area done, and have completed their pool area. I will be working on decorating the guest areas to have more realism, I will be adding in a restaurant that looks into their habitat, and I need to do the terrain and foilage on their outdoor area, which are not pictured.I also want to make their indoor area look less brutalist, but I am just not sure on how to acheive that. The underwater viewing will be indoor for guests, eventually.

Next up we have the Dall sheep:

I added these guys on a whim, and the idea I have is to turn that grassy area that the highlighted sheep is running on into more of a rocky but traversible terrain. I would like guests to see the sheep from eye-level, and from above. You can see the polar bear house in the background too. I am also considering building rock bridges over the pathways in a somewhat realistic manner for the sheep to walk on, to distract guests from the fact that they are walking up a mountain and to encourage them to stop, rest, and explore. The snowy mountain in the first shot acts as a weenie to draw guests up to this area.

Finally I am also working on penguins! I need to build guest viewing areas properly (gee, I am detecting a theme), and also I will be adding in foilage. They do use the snowy rock slide in the centre too, i just dont have a photo. I am trying to figure out if I want to maybe reshape this a little to add an indoor section, because I cannot think of any outdoor only king penguin habitats.

I am very much a person who needs to swing through different projects, I always have something on the go. I am open to critiques and suggestions, but my main goal is to just have fun and be creative.
These are all pretty cool. I build kinda bad😅, but one day I'll reach this level of detail
Thank you, It's all practice I swear. I can share some of my very first builds if I haven't deleted them. I find looking at other peoples videos and photos helpful, and I have also been to a large amount of Australias zoos and wildlife parks. It took me about 180 hours of playing before I got comfortable enough to share what I'm up to.
Thank you, It's all practice I swear. I can share some of my very first builds if I haven't deleted them. I find looking at other peoples videos and photos helpful, and I have also been to a large amount of Australias zoos and wildlife parks, I pay attention to how their enclosures are built. It took me about 180 hours of playing and learning before I got comfortable enough to share what I'm up to.
uploaded pics, editing to add context in a bit on todays work.


Here is what I worked on today. I started building the indoor section for the King Penguins. I want guests to be able to see them underwater and at eye level at the same time. I've decided to add a restaurant in the penguin area too called "the iceberg lounge". I enjoy batman, what can I say. It will have a cheesey/themed feel too it. I'm still looking at doing a more fine dining type restaurant viewing the polar bears too. Of course, I will be extending my cold climate area with a few more species.


I added a lot to the polar bear house. I hate letters normally but I don't hate these. In the foreground you can see the rock work I have done for the dall sheep, and it is all traversable.


The polar bear underwater viewing got some decoration.


Gardening leading up to the indoor polar bear viewing section, I had the idea that kids can use the area with the logs for climbing and doing a "polar exploration" - just in my head tho since obviously guests can't play on equipment.


Landscaping up to the polar bear indoor viewing. I went with circular items to compliment the roof. Also because I was thinking about the Arctic circle.


My very dodgy concrete stairs haha. I added a green roof because i did not like how bare and ugly this building looked, and I could not think of anything else. You can just glimpse the penguins from up here, which was intentional - I was thinking about how places use visual attractions to draw you to them. The little garden with the conservation board used some of the bee and lady bug pieces, in my head it would be a game for kids to count the insect stickers in the zoo, kind of like a scavenger hunt deal.


Scenic shot of the polar bear indoor viewing areas.


My silly little green roof


Another shot of the dall sheep area. I was very proud of my rock work okay. I also tried to keep the path at a sort of gradual climb, I will be filling underneath the path with rocks, gras and plants to lend to the mountain feel.


Finally an overview of my build so far. You can see how bare the polar bear habitat is, oops. I will be adding a keeper facility for them just behind the mountain peak, and to the left on that flat platea is where I'll be putting a Gondola ride station and a restaurant that peers into the bears habitat. I'll be adding more snow and ice terrain for them.
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Today I worked on the Penguin Habitat interior, and also started work on a tropical dome out of excitement for the tropical pack. I am thinking about how I can implement all of the animals.

First up the Penguins:

As mentioned I worked on the interior, which is a big struggle point for me. The exterior, the gardening, and the habitat final flourishes are next on my to do list. This is the entrance - I will be adding some snow and ice elements in the garden and landscaping so that the support pillars do not stand out so much. You can see to the right that there is a large space between the lower wall and the roof, and the building itself needs a proper roof added, so there is plenty to do. I am thinking I do want a nice big row of windows for the penguin habitat, I love the lighting effects of the game through windows.


Here is the second entrance. This section is mostly done, just need to add a "penguins" sign, and add some theming elements to the restaurant " the iceberg lounge" I'll be replacind the windows and decor on the ice bricks too as I'm not happy, and then of course, gardening.

Final shot of the interior. I really struggle with them so I'm happy enough with how it turned out. The only thing I plan to add is some custom workshop signs to make the place look a bit more informational. It is very themed of course. The staff can actually get to the habitat section too, I saw one filling the food bowl earlier. If you look closely you can see a penguin in the habitat. To the left is the underwater viewing. You can see penguins at eyelevel on the snow and also swimming at the same time in this zoo!


Interior from the other entrance too. You can see the dining area for the iceberg lounge too.


Of course here is the underwater viewing. I need to do the pool landscaping - it will be snow and ice, and I'm adding a custom sign when I find one to hide the clipping around the snowy rocks. Since taking this screenshot I added a barrier to keep the guests off the glass.


Here I have the bare bones of my tropical house! I have animals in to test right now, and will move them around once the pack is here.

It will have free range monkies or lemurs - I haven't decided yet, with the Lars gibbon able to swing across a particular section of the indoor area above guests heads , they will have two outdoor areas that they can transverse. It has exhibits with tropical species, the water monitor will have underwater and above ground viewing available from the sloth house. I am absolutely hoping we can keep the sloth and butterflies together. Fossa will have a window vieing inside, as will the river hog. Here you can see the entrance from one side - I am making sure all my exhibits and habitats function well enough, and fleshing out walls and viewing areas. The roof will be glass but I will be waiting for the new pack to complete walls and plants.


View to the water monitors from the sloth house, currently using butterflies and spectacled caimans as stand ins.


A nice shot of my capuchin tester, just making sure of transversibale areas and sightlines



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Finished off the penguins today - I think haha. I am also getting super hyped for the tropical pack!!

I visited the steam workshop today for the first time in over a year. So uh, I may have gotten a bit excited. Below you can see the final penguin house exterior. I know I said I was going to add some " snow and ice elements", but I went with a Polar playground instead!!! The playground items, animals, and igloo are from people much more talented than myself on the workshop. My idea is that the kids can climb the polar sea animals as well as have snow fights ect. The roof of the habitat came out okay, and I have a little backstage area tucked away in the far right corner there, I might add some wheelbarrows or something just to sell it, but I am happy now.


I also added some custom workshop signs just to add a little bit more pop to the interior, and did the rockwork in the pool.

I thought I was done with the penguins but I decided that I wasnt and added this section too:

I made the mistake of looking at irl penguin habitats and deciding I needed to add more, this is fully functional. Guests can view the penguins right up close, and they can slide down into their pool from here. It hides the ugliness of the roof of the habitat from the guests also. I might fiddle with the rock work to be a little more elaborate if I decide i am not wasting enough time in PZ. Next time I play I'll add some mesh or bars just peeking up through the rocks for some more realism, and I'll add no feeding signs. With this, the penguins are finished! Polar bear habitat foilage and landscaping is next in the cold climate area.

I did a tiny bit more in the tropical house also! First, I have to make sure the Lars gibbon will be able to swing over guests head, testing with the siamangs seems to work! It looks ugly but of course it is just in the beginning stages. This section will be worked on most when the new pack is out.

This will be the Fossa area, to the left is the monitors, the fossa in the middle, and a pair of tropical exhibits on the right. Monkies are free roaming in this area, and they climb the vines. Not too sure if I want to change it from monkies to lemurs or not. It is not much too look at right now but I am doing my blocking in prep of the pack.


This will be a lounge area with info and an educator talk on the monkies or lemurs over by the enrichment bridge. Also added in some of the current in game tropical plants to start fleshing out a garden pallet, and I am thinking about theming and interior colours. The window on the left will look into the red river hogs habitat. The roof will be glass and bamboo, with some vines and maybe hanging plants

A second angle of the same area -

To the right you can see the siamangs swinging over the guests into their hidden backstage area. In the far centre is the sloth house, looking over the monitors habitat. I will do a small glass dome/skylight here and a much larger dome up above the sloths. Guests at the left are looking into the red river hog area (currently warthogs)

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Today I fleshed out the Polar Bear Habitat. Welcome to "Polar Pools"
All thats left inside the habitat is adding a tad more foiliage
The bears have 5 separate pools to play in - all swimable too! They also have various types of terrain to explore and plenty of enrichment. Here is the overhead shot:

A closer look at some of the pools -
Guest view goes along this section and the restaurant will be a fine dining building with big glass walls that overlook the bears.

Guest POV:

(really, the view is for me)

Shot of the other side of the habitat:

I did start playing with the monorail track too, its a mountainous zoo and I am challenging myself adapting to that.

I really love how beautiful this game is. One day I will get Ansel and take some proper shots but, I am having fun for now.


One of the bears infront of what will be the guest restaurant - It will be what I work on next.

And finally, a nice scenic shot of one of the pools:
Today I played Planet Garden.

I built a little alpine style garden in between the monorail station and the restaurant from yesterday. I also worked hard on the tropical house which is not pictured - I will add a couple of cheeky snaps of it here and there but I will stop showing it as much - I want the final reveal to be when the actual animals are in the game. 6 days i think until the new pack!!

I dont have much experience in gardening but I noticed that alpine gardens tend to be rocky, have colourful shapes that are mostly round, and have plants that tend to be paler in green. I looked at a couple of references and did my best. Mike Sheets, please don't come after me.

I think its a nice little themed area to have near the polar pools. Also i swear my game graphics arent as clunky as the screenshots? I'll have to look at settings to figure that out.

Tomorrow I will be working more on the tropical house, and who know what else.
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