Question about Add-On Content Packs

Questions about Add-On Content Packs and Sharing Parks

How will sharing/visiting other players parks work in multiplayer?

I know we can already share our saved parks, and that the full game will feature in-game menus to access other players parks. I'm hoping online features will include multiplayer and that visiting each others/friends parks will be an exciting way to explore these creations in first person! But I have a lot of questions about sharing UGC, and the possibility of future add-on packs or expansions.

In RCT3 I usually played the Soaked Expansion, but I did not often play the Wild pack because it ran a bit slow for me. I always liked to download/view other players parks, but I was never able to load parks containing anything from the Wild pack. This was also true for mods, which I never really got into with RCT3. Then I found videos on youtube which didn't require me to have the Expansion or mods to view parks, and I wish I had discovered that a long time ago. That's why multiplayer is the biggest factor for me in this games life span [cool]

I'm wondering if add-ons for PC will suffer from the same compatibility issues as RCT3 add-ons did? If somebody makes a park using specific add-ons I don't have, will I be able to view or visit their park? I'm hoping there will be a way for us to share parks containing UGC which could be included within the games save file? So that when others view the park, they can see the new objects? I can understand limiting access for certain add-ons, but at least UGC seems like a big deal if everybody has parks containing new content others don't have, you know?

I hope Frontier focuses on creating larger add-on packs and not many smaller ones, to help minimize this problem.
And please give us some details about how UGC might work soon, please? [praise]
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