question about how many guests in big parks.

Hey all,

Saturday i made a deal with myself to buy every single piece of PC that i didnt own yet (which means everything besides the base game)

I started building, and downloaded some other parks as well, and my current park is getting quite big as well too.
I have a building with 10k pieces, a building with 6k, and a building with 4k.
So even without guests i see the fps decrease a bit sometimes..

Now i read on internet and the steam forums, that you have to turn down the anti aliasing, the shadows, water quality and the fore and background atmospherics.

Also i read on the steam forums that having a limit of how many guests your park can have, can also work.

And here is where my question hails from, cause if possible i dont want to tweak the AA, shadows, water, and fore and background atmospherics, yet, here is the reason why.

My current system is amd ryzen 7 1800x, gigabyte windforce gtx 2070, 32gb ram, and pc installed on a kingston ssd now uv400 250gb ssd.

I know PC demands very much of your cpu, but there are not very much cpu's that are better then mine.
Even the i7 8700k is worse then mine, and the i7 9700k is just 1% better then mine, leaving only the core I9 cpus and amd's threadripper cpus better then mine and the ryzen 7 2700x which is itself 4% better then my 1800x. (btw, i take these comparisions from game-debate, before anyone accusing me that these cpu's are different in performance. I base it off the percentage from GD :) )

So, my cpu should be amazing with this game, especially in combo with my gpu.

So here it is... With my old system i could ran very big parks with a limit of 3000 guests, and tweaked down settings.

Should i go with this system for either maxed out settings, and set AA to 2 (or off) shadows, water, and fore and background atmospherics, 1 below the max..

Or should i do things completely different?

I mean its nice to build and such, but an empty park, feels not what i want.

But knowing that, especially for shadows, the shadows itself have to be rendered for every single person, alongside everyting else in your park, a guest limit would make things much easier for bigger parks.

So what should you all do, and suggest to me?

Thanks in advance!

Cheers, Mara
Hi Mara, you can limit the number of guests in scenario editor. You can edit existing parks in the editor. Nice name, btw.
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