Discussion questions about the system DB that ED Discovery uses

I'm very happy to have come across EDD, but I'm a bit confused about the large amount of data that is put on my HD when EDD first runs. I understand this is information on the known systems in the galaxy (those known to commanders to date). Is it being taken from Frontier or EDSM?

1) Within EDD I can select sections of the galaxy in order to avoid getting all the data, the great majority of it that I would not need. When I open the selection window, I take it red is what I do not want and by clearing the red in blocks, I am selecting those as the ones for which I want data.

When I first installed EDD, my HD ran for hours before I discovered I could select only the part of the galaxy I want. I made the selection and hit the SET button.

2) When I did this, did I lose all the data that had taken the hours to download or was it preserved? By selecting only a portion of the galaxy, I take it that updates will only come for that portion. Is that right?

3) When I open a 3D map, is it limited to the sections of the galaxy I've set? What happens if I attempt to display on the 3D map parts of the galaxy I did not include in my dataset selection?
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