Questions needed - Beta Discussion Livestream with Sandy Sammarco

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Hello all!

We're running a livestream tomorrow night over here:

Sandy will be answering as many questions as feasible within the hour. It's much more efficient if we take questions from the forum in advance, to make sure we can reply with useful information.
So please put your questions in the forum thread below! Thanks.

The topic should focus on Beyond Chapter One.

See you tomorrow night (08/02/18) at 7PM GMT.


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  • are you happy with the drop rate for Boron & Lead - for v.common mat seems low when mining?
  • volcanic sites (some with tourist beacons) went missing in the beta - will they be back in 3.0?
  • will Rhenium be available from planets (SRV rock pew-pew) ?
  • any plans to encourage people to fix more thargoid-attacked stations?
(sorry, boring ;) )
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Hello o7 Edward , Sandro.

I'm sure that all the questions will not be answered.. but i will try my luck c:

Q1: Shield Generator & Booster stacking , any changes?
Q2: Buff for federal corvette fsd , small hardpoints to medium , armor or anything?
Q3: Module storage upgrade for Credits ?
Q4: Outfitting for SLF , maybe its time to give SLF some love ? we already have outfitting for SLF in CQC , any chance for changing weapons or utility ?
Q5: Optimall mass experemtal effect for shields?
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Anything in the works for an in-game way of changing HUD colors without fiddling with XML files or making the NPC portraits look weird?
Can we have mining laser turrets behave like experimental weapon turrets?
Acting as fixed by default for the helm and only turreted for the crew.

"Why don't my mining lasers fire?" is the most frequently asked question I see since their turreted version was introduced.
Are you going to change NPC behaviour at megaships?

- Even in silent running they almost immediately fly up to you and scan you, knowing where you are through cosmic mind melding. This ruins the silent running megaship hacking mechanic and gets you fined.

Why are boron and lead missing from the material broker?

Are you going to make the material broker rates less punishing?
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With some ships getting minor buffs for 3.0, would it be possible for the Asp Explorer to get review? Namely, as a ship with “Explorer” in it’s title it’s still not as good as the multirole Anaconda. Having lesser internals and no SLF capability is fine as the Asp X is a cheaper ship, but it’s jump range should be more comparable and competitive with the Anaconda and even the DBX too.

I think upsizing the FSD to C6 would be too much, so maybe just a hull mass reduction to give it a bit more jump range?
With all the Lakon changes recently, could the Asp Explorer get a jump range buff? :)
Yes please, the Asp Explorer should definitely have a better jump range than the Type-7 for example.

If no buff to the Asp then how about an Asp Explorer Mk II with a crazy jump drive and a fighter hanger? ;)

Will the discovery scanners and surface scanners get a rework in the Beyond update?
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Are persistent ATR units planned? By persistent I mean ones that will follow a criminal to Super Cruise or will hunt them down consistently even if they escape the crime scene before ATR arrives?
Now that there are so many more things that can be loaded into Optional Internal Compartments. isn't it finally time to consider making all scanners optional purchase upgrades to the basic discovery scanner as a standard built-in component, perhaps moved to a Core Internal on every ship?

Early on it may have been a reasonable part of balancing, but that seems to have long passed.
Are there plans to use the megaship interactions in other areas, such as capital ships in combat zones, planatary outposts etc.

And a cheeky question, will combat zones and res sites be looked at, as they haven't changed anytime soon and are a bit bland. Having combat zones around installations would be much better with megaship type interactions which you get with missions and also maybe have large mining installations at res sites (a reason for why pirates go to those places) again with some kind of megaship type interactions there too.

Hi Sandy and Ed - so I'd like to hear a bit more about how 3.0 is going to affect the Kill Warrant Scanner. I have a separate thread about this but the bottom line is that currently there's some (imho) terrific and very logical gameplay around the KWS and how it exposes all the other bounties which your target has accumulated in various other systems and factions. I'm not really interested in the total amount of money this equates to but in the fact that (currently) you get all these other bounties which you can then go and cash in with the various factions involved. Even if you simply go to Interstellar Factors, there's still this sense of cashing in a whole pile of bounties. As I understand it the proposal in 3.0 is to replace this with a single value which is simply the highest of those other bounties. For me this will completely ruin the KWS. Thoughts?
Hi Gents,

Increase Mat drops rates from 3 to 5.

Colour coded Bookmarks.

Cone in the Nav Panel to indicate visited system, so as to not have to keep clicking every system to check for unknown, or add show only unknown system in the set navigation filters.

Sub target filter to switch off the modules anyone wants to avoid targeting.

Increase the size of the engineer's progress wheels.
What does major, normal and minor volcanism means as this is not shown in game, only in the journal (and now as part of Beyond will be reflected by colour of the surface) Does it actually mean more/less geysers??
What happens when a clean Sidewinder suicide rams a clean Corvette at a RES? Does the Corvette get a murder bounty? Does the ATR respond?
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