Questions (Piracy, disabling ships etc Solo play)

Hi All, I've got back into ED after a years' absence and like the changes / enhancements. However, there are some things bugging me. I've been trying piracy for a change and gone to LHS 1541 as it is agriculture with mineable objects and has a ringed planet which I gather seems to be the core ingredients for LTD piracy. I haven't found a single ship with LTD, and yes I've tried scanning at Nav Beacon's, mining sights, interdicting where ships which have mineable lasers etc. My questions are these:

1. Is there anything I'm missing in the process? Have I just been unlucky?
2. When I find something with semi decent cargo (narcotics) and just want to pirate them, I can't seem to disable the ship. I shoot its Power plant to zero but it keeps turning and fighting. And yes I know it can reboot but normally that takes about 5-10 secs and the ship is stationary for that time.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Power Plant “issue” has been around for almost as long as you’ve been away!
There are some Youtube videos on alternate methods (space pinball using your ship to bump stop the mark)
Up to you to decide if these are something you could be bothered trying.

Thanks although the pinball method doesn’t sound too practical. By the time I stop the ship, he’ll likely have rebooted again. Guess it’s just a case of multiple hatchbreakers and limpets repeat cycles. Pity, there was no need for ED to change this. It’s not as though piracy is super lucrative.
Bump stopping (pinball method) isn't too bad. You can check out CMDR WiggyB's YouTube videos for specific methods. NPC's don't reboot/repair drives so once you slow them down life is good.
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