QUESTIONS WANTED: Elite Dangerous 2.3 Q&A Livestreams

QUESTIONS WANTED: Elite Dangerous Q&A Livestreams

Important information:
- This thread is now a continuing repository for open questions that can be asked at livestreams.
- Categories are subject to change, I'm still working out the best way to format everything. I'm trying to break big sectiosn up and you'll see me periodically adjusting things and trying to group questions.
- You'll note there is a big section at the end of bits Sandro cannot answer as he isn't responsible for the Art and hardware support plus perhaps a few other bits. Things that end up in that section will be kept in the event that there is a Q&A with other members of Frontier who can give answers to these.
- Any questions/disputes fire me a PM or post or whatever, get in touch so I can sort the issue.

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Q&A Livestream 1 happened and 119 questions were answered!
Q&A Livestream 2 happened and 135 questions plus 3 statements were answered! <- Not even including the "not sure" answers in most of the Hardware Support questions
Answers and video timestamps in post #4 of this thread. Scroll and scroll again and you shall be rewarded :)

Current Open Questions Count: 189 plus 6 statements!

2.3 Questions - Multicrew & Holo-me:

Multicrew General:
Weps (Forums): Does multicrew invite/joining work from SRV/SLF or do we have to return to our ship to invite/join a multicrew?
Madbilly (Forums):
Will Steam's family-sharing feature be enabled for multicrew? (This could be a separate launch option like Arena is) Not sure.
Essential NPC (ForumsXbox thread): The dev update states that credits and bounties are held in limbo until the crew member leaves the crew- does that mean players lose all their credits they worked for if they get disconnected?
Essential NPC (ForumsXbox thread): Will NPC ships also gain multicrew benefits, and how will we identify Multi-Crew ships?
Peter Thompson (ForumsQ&A thread): Will we be able to pick up Commanders for Multicrew if we are docked on the same station without using Telepresence? If not, would it be a feature you'd consider, have more risk/reward if everyone is actually present in the ship?
Barking_Mad (Forums): Any comment on the following web article tweeteted by David Braben: "The team has mentioned that they are planning huge ship designs that allow large groups to share crewing duties in a way that has never been seen before in a game"

Multicrew Gunner:
K-Rose (ForumsQ&A thread): Can the Helm position please have more control over what the Gunner can access? Say a checkbox in the firegroup selection menu? It'd benefit both group mining and bounty hunting.
Bliss000 (Reddit): Any plans for a gunner to control gimballed weapons from a cockpit view with headlook? Perhaps faster tracking/increase angle to make it worthwhile?
atlas974 (ForumsQ&A thread): How much time would be needed to give player crew acces to navigation panel and subsystem management (AFMU) when they can't use gunner or fighter role?
X-Terminator (ForumsQ&A thread): Can Gunner have radar and use others targets same as select Wings Target and have Cabin Temps and Target Hull next to reticule in centre HUD?
atlas974 (ForumsQ&A thread): How much time would be needed to make gunner role work in supercruise and give it scanner job to do to have some kind of multicrew activities in exploring?

Multicrew Fighter:
Bliss000 (Reddit): Any plans for Ship launched Fighter mining lasers?
PostOfficeBuddy (Reddit): Any plans for other utility Ship launched Fighters?
BoxxMann (Forums): Will there be an option to select mothership's target when in a fighter or to select enemy attacking mothership when in multicrew?
V'larr (ForumsQ&A thread): Speaking hypothetically, what it would take to get a ship-launchable version of the Eagle? Would folded wings or a smaller-scale version of it suffice?

Multicrew Profit and loss:
Quester91 (ForumsQ&A thread): What is there to stop a new player hopping into a fully engineered Corvette/Anaconda/Cutter and making a few millions in less than an hour and completely skipping the starting ships? How will Frontier maintain the progression?
LazerusKI (ForumsQ&A thread): Do you have any plans to make mining more attractive like giving a bonus when you mine in a wing or with multicrew?
CMDR GTR2014 (ForumsQ&A thread): Any chance of a balance pass on piracy multicrew rewards, 5% profits is well, tiny? Especially on the margins pirates usually make.
WinterWalker (ForumsQ&A thread): Could we see extensions in commodity trader, non-mission profit sharing, in wings too maybe?
WinterWalker (ForumsQ&A thread): Multicrew mining could be fun .. but how can crewmates get paid?

Multicrew Accountability:
Edelgard Von Rhein (Forums): Will the 'declared activity' be shown to other ships on scan? (Would allow for the declaration of piracy and also give players an indication that player-controlled ship has crew and if they are a potential threat)
timbero (Forums): What protection options does the helm have from trolls in the gunner position firing cell banks without heat sinks without having to resort to kicking the crewmember after the damage has been done? Is there any way of locking out gunner mode and just allowing fighter role to be accessed?

Multicrew Bridge Avatars/Holo-Mes Visual/Audio:
Arubeto (Forums) Does multicrew have directional voicechat audio based on pilot seat position? Not sure, will try to find out.

Hypergrip (Reddit): Are or will there be body-type options to allow the body to match the face better? Not at the moment, no promises but Sandro will try to find out.
The_Molen (Reddit): You did Ed and other Devs on the character creator, did anyone model David Braben?
SafteyBot (Reddit): Will tattoo/warpaint be free or only store items?

2.3 Questions - Other Additions:

Janichsan (Forums): Will the new camera suite also be available for Mac users (and others stuck at 1.x)? We think no, will try to find out for sure
Akarana (Forums): Will there be a default camera keybindings, any recommendations for effective use of the camera suite? Thought there were going to be, not sure, will check
Alexbrentnall (Forums): With the camera views in the new suite will there be previously unseen areas added to certain ships such as passenger lounges in Orca/Beluga/Dolphin, observation deck on the Anaconda etc? (Lot of work but would be amazing)

playfuldreamer (Forums): Can you please revisit the exterior lights? They clip awkwardly into the cockpit, shining on the window struts.

Bugs and Balance:

Bugs & Balance
HaTeMe (ForumsQ&A thread): Any love for Python jump range?
cold-n-sour (Reddit): The 2.3 beta changes wing mining fragments per asteroid from ~60-80 to ~38-50. Any reason for this change, can increased fragments when wing mining be brought back?
LazerusKI (ForumsQ&A thread): Is there a way that markets can react better to overflooding them with materials? If no one ever mines the low-value ores and only goes for painite, platinum and whatnot, shouldnt the price drop into oblivion?
Mister Tang (Forums): Would it be feesable to ask if you could change, (shorten) the duration allocated for completing missions to make it a little more challenging? It used to be somewhat of a challenge to meet the deadlines.
Tenshi (ForumsQ&A thread): Are there any considerations to buff the shields on the Imperial Clipper to make it a more viable combat ship or reduce its cost and size to a medium hull?

Future of Elite Questions:

Horizons Season Future
sensai25 (ForumsQ&A thread): Steve Kirby said everything wasn't ready on time, any plans for a patch between 2.3 and 2.4?
Barking_Mad (Forums): Are there any new planets being made land-able in 2.4?
CMDR IONUTCR (ForumsQ&A thread): What is the status regarding our beautiful moon? Will we get to land on it during season 2?

Barking mad (Forums): Are there any plans to move CQC into the main game?
Phoenix_Dfire (Forums):
Are there plans to improve CQC (i.e. Solo Games with bots or top up games with bots, Taipan etc?)
Eent Tredison (ForumsQ&A thread):
Could we ever see the ability to queue for CQC matches from the multicrew menu?

Scott Manley (Livestream Chat): Any chance of engineers being able to mod ship hulls, right now we can mod armour, but would love to strip down the base hull mass and make even faster ships.
Alex Brentnall (Forums): Can you confirm or describe what engineering NPCs have (weapons and modules) as there's a lot of disagreement on the Forums whether top rated NPCs do or don't have them and to what extent?

General Plans
SushiCW (ForumsQ&A thread): What kind of changes can we expect next regarding SRV / surface combat? Any plans to expand the base attack to be more challenging/dynamic? With lots of room for expansion, what do you think you'll get around to first?
SushiCW (ForumsQ&A thread): Can we expect to see any expansion of NPC crew usage and capabilities? What we got is one of my favorite bits of Season 2 and I want more!
Flimley (ForumsQ&A thread): In Solo mode, when an NPC crew member is aboard and operating the ship launched fighters via telepresence. Will we in the future see them occupying the co-pilot seat ?
LazerusKI (ForumsQ&A thread): Any chance that the Mineral distribution in asteroid belts gets a change someday so that it resembles planetary surface droptables?
GoTo (ForumsQ&A thread): Timelines. Could you give an estimate of the remaining time for the beta and also for the remaining season?
DelayedReality (ForumsQ&A thread): What are your (FD) current plans and (very) rough for future exploration updates and content, i.e. improved Mechanics for scouting surfaces and interesting stellar POI's as well as any additional exploration bulletin board missions?
Yamiks (ForumsQ&A thread): Any plans on adding or better yet changing the navy rank system? (Dave G: Any plans to flesh out a naval role beyond ships/permits?)
Yamiks (ForumsQ&A thread): Any powerplay reward change plans or any changes?
mastershotgun (Forums): What is next? What we can look for to the future? Like codnames for updates and so?
mastershotgun (Forums): When is Season 3 planned? Is it like Q2 or Q3 this year or later?
Bliss000 (Reddit): Are there any new mission types in the works or a deepening of the mission system, for example objective based ones, defend X against waves of attackers etc?
Barking_Mad (Forums): David hinted at caves in the game during a recent stream when he said "Wouldn't that be nice.." Any comment?
Phoenix_Dfire (Forums): Is there going to be a way to track wanted players via the Galaxy Map?
Phoenix_Dfire (Forums):
Is there going to be someway to issue a piracy challange to NPCs (trying to intimidate them to surrender and drop cargo).
CMDR GTR2014 (ForumsQ&A thread): Any Piracy balances/love on the way? More cargo in convoy signal ships to make them worthwhile, Piracy missions to intercept traders? More NPCs in uninhabited systems travelling through? (lateralus: Especially with the new PAX trailer holo-me and ship kits)
Jim-San (Reddit): Any chance of seeing the moons of Mars as giant asteroid bases? though Phobos is large enough to have military installations with capital ship docks carved into it.
Jim-San (Reddit): Could see smaller planetary bodies soon such as Ceres? Maybe even the shepherd moons of Saturn?
Jim-San (Reddit): Any plans to consider a "Science" style element which could have turret mounts for multicrew etc?
PugnaciousIV (Reddit): Now we have female holo-me characters would it be possible to have female naval ranks (Duchess, Countess etc)? Could we have the option to replace the cmdr title with earned titles such as L.T. or Prince for example?
HaTeMe (ForumsQ&A thread): Any plans for a global chatroom(s) now we have avatars so that we don't have to use 3rd party like Discord/Teamspeak/Skype?Jim-San (Reddit): Any plans to bring back the large domed cities like in some of the older Elite series?
Rosavira Hawk (Reddit): Any plans to upgrade mining? Profits, reason/rewards to mine in wings, deployable mining rig, srv mining or generally changing or adding to the the mining premise? (Cagman - Smart limpets to ignore specified materials, smart refinery to throw specified materials away instead of processing/using a bay?)
cryptek66 (Reddit): Any plans for ship launched fighters that don't require telepresence crew - AI controlled attack drone?
TSgt Paladin (ForumsQ&A thread): Will the alliance get some type of love as well regarding at least a ranking system if not ships as well. Also will Jasmina Halsey become a alliance power play faction?
Ghural (ForumsQ&A thread): Any plans for volcanoes and lava flows on planets this season?
DeltaMG (Forums): Any plans to develop the galmap to show which minor factions are present in the system without us having to swap in and out of the system map?
DeltaMG (Forums): Galnet has been quiet for a while compared with earlier, any plans on this or are a lot of the storylines ended/on hold?
chrizhanna (ForumsQ&A thread): Could we have an option to make the info and comms graphics at the top of the screen fade to dissappear please (all of it), when not in use?
amadeus1171 (Forums): When are we going to have more gameplay elements to keep us more interested long term?
NetSlayer (Forums): Barnacle locations are fairly inconsistently recorded, is there a way to have the Verbose Netlog record co-ordinates when scanning a barnacle to make it consistent for everyone?
Arkadi (Forums): Any plans for a star-to-star jumping auto pilot?
Angus (Forums): With Multicrew trending more towards the Arcade style instant combat fun rather than the "simulator with caveats" style as release can Frontier give an indication of their future direction?
azor1985 (ForumsQ&A thread): With multicrewed fighters are there plans for 2 active NPC fighters at once?
azor1985 (ForumsQ&A thread): Horizons requires a Planetary Approach Suite module to land, will future planet types require other module types?
Levianova (ForumsQ&A thread): Any plans for Powerplay or minor faction private CGs and/or buildings/structures in the Headquarters systems so that the sub-communities can work together to further the Powerplay faction/minor faction goals?
Sensai25 (Forums): Is there a plan to offer large scale volcanism?
Sensai25 (Forums): There is not enough UI input to find things above surface without flying around during 8-10 hours, any news?
Sensai25 (Forums): Do you consider a change for combat zones?
Cosmo (Forums): Can we get more ambient music? There's currently only a few songs during supercruise which gets repetitive. A lot of unused ambient music is on the ED OST.
JohnPotato001 (Forums): Will we get anymore insight on the Meta-Drive in 2.3?

General content update requests:
Tenshi (Forums): Asteroid bases for players? Are they still in the pipeline? (STARFIRE REVMEUP: Any plans for player built/placed structures at all?)
Furinkazan (Forums): Will Tionisla Orbital Graveyard ever be added to the game?
Timbero (Forums): Any plans to add the ability to launch 2 NPC controlled fighters in the future?
DukeIronHand (Forums): Any ETA on the T9 buffs announced after the T7 buffs?
DukeIronHand (Forums): Any plans to make the T7 medium pad capable?
CMDR Redcrest (Forums): Are there more ships coming to fill the new 35 max ship slots in stations? A medium Imperial ship with SLF bay perhaps?
Selen (Forums): Will 2.3 add any of the missing weapons or weapon sizes that are missing, plasma accelerator turrets, railgun turrets, class 4 turrets, Class 3 multicannon turrets?
Furinkazan (Forums): Thargoid combat when?
Earth Ultimatum IV. (Forums): Are ammo racks as modules in 2.3? If no are these planned, is there an ETA?
Iori (Forums): Are there any plans for Imperial ship kits?
Jaiotu (Forums): Now we have powerplay decals will Fed/Emp/Alliance Decals be made available?
Alexbrentnall (Forums): Any truth to the rumour that other star types will get the same treatment that NS/WD got in 2.2? (OuterGTR: Accretion discs for black holes?)
Alexbrentnall (Forums): Any truth to the rumour that the remaining station types (and/or outposts) will get the same treatment that others got in 2.2?
Verminstar (Forums): Are there any new exploration gameplay mechanics/features/tools in 2.3? (Librapoet): If not when can we expect these?
cf853 (Reddit): Are we going to get any game-content pass which isn't asset related to add more things to do and completely overhaul or significantly add to different mechanics such as Trading/Bounty hunting/missions/USS/POI?
fourty6to3 (ForumsQ&A thread): When will persistent POIs show up on our scanners?
Tenshi (Forums): Will explorers ever see the talked about dark systems from the kickstarter? Solar systems without stars that will allow short cuts to other places in the galaxy?
Sensai25 (Forums): Is the surface scanner revamp in 2.3 going ahead? Is it still planned?
Marc_Hicks (Forums): When will explorers get better tools for finding persistent and non-persistent PoI's within the game?
Ghural (Forums): Are volcanoes still going to be introduced?
Tenshi (Forums): Is there an ETA on when we can actually walk around our ships and hangar?
Tenshi (Forums): Any word on atmospheric flight and landing on planets with atmosphere? Would like to see Nodnol on Earth. I mean London. (If you get the reference you are awesome.)
Mad Mike (Forums): Whilst npc crew like in DDF are seemingly not in 2.3 are they still on the cards ?
IndigoWyrd (Forums): Mechanical crew and crew remuneration from 2014 early designs document (see link for Image). Is this still planned or is it cancelled?
CMDR Arguendo (Forums): How far has Frontier managed to get Crime, punishment and/or Karma system, will this be part of 2.3 or will it be later?
Eent Tredison (Forums) Will we ever see in-game matchmaking functionality for CQC so people can queue for a match whilst going about their business?
BluWolve (ForumsQ&A thread): Will Xbox get more achievements with 2.3 as it has with previous major updates?
MelBrennan (ForumsQ&A thread): When Sandro says things like space legs and station walking are "far off," does he mean "multiple season" far off, or "tail end of season 3" far off? What does "far off" mean?
6xes (ForumsQ&A thread): Will we see Landable earth type planets before we get space legs?
MelBrennan (ForumsQ&A thread): How many ships does Sandro see being playable by the time Elite Dangerous is five years old? Ten years old?
cryptek66 (Reddit): Any plans for new SRV types soon? (HaTeMe: Skimmer tech hover bike would be awesome?)
cryptek66 (Reddit): Any plans for base construction or ownership (mining base for example)?
cryptek66 (Reddit): Any plans for enhanced stealth gameplay with armour or weapons or modules specific for that?
Alexbrentnall (Forums): Any plans for making NPC's react to silent running in a more believable fashion? Sometimes they have 30/20 Mk II eyeballs :)
Jon_Ice(Reddit): Any plans for more station/base types?
HaTeMe (ForumsQ&A thread): Are the powerplay changes still planned for the end of horizons start of season 3?
BigBANGtheory (Forums): I would like to ask how Frontier are getting along with the Quality of Life improvements suggested by the community a while back?

Misc Questions
KG_Jedit (ForumsQ&A thread): 2.4 in one word? Noun please, not adjective (so no no to "awesome", "exciting" and so on, no way to escape. (Tataboj: Do you know what 2.4 will contain?)
Xondk (Forums): Has frontier considered changing the power scale to GW, just changing the numbers to make them more in line with expectations for fusion plants and the Elite lore?
C00ky1970 (Forums): Will any future player flyable ship additions be non animal named based, ie. not seen before in previous iterations of game?
X-Terminator (Forums): Will FD work more towards getting on with releasing Content and not just popcorn add-ons?
X-Terminator (Forums): Do you feel your customers are getting on average £40 worth of updates for each Season's DLC?
Stinja (Forums): How has accommodating consoles effected design decisions? rootsrat (ForumsQ&A thread): What was most difficult obstacle to overcome when developing the game for Playstation platform?
Stinja (Forums): Do you have data console users are indeed more casual than PC Elite players, or are they the same demographic, just different platforms?
Adurnis (Forums): What is Frontiers general policy on lore/content reveals? Do you hold lots back for the mystery/excitement? Is it to not reveal incomplete things? Or a mixture?
CMDR-Maxrhen (Reddit): Are engineers working on a countermeasure to the aliens ship disabling tech?
CMDR-Maxrhen (Reddit):[/I]Any updates on MetaDrives?
Mad Mike (ForumsQ&A thread): Would someone be interested in making a "story so far" of the game. Where you have come, where you still plan to go... (Not specific timelines) and what you have learned?
WindWpn (ForumsQ&A thread): Outside of scheduling Community Goals, are any deeper capabilities planned to drive story lines/content within the ED Galaxy outside of client code base updates?
c00ky1970 (ForumsQ&A thread): If I'm in a T9 and there is a nearby CG involving bounty hunting, if during this CG a Brain Tree falls over In a forest of Brain Trees will I still hear it over the sounds of my lasers?
SpaceMonkeyBoom (ForumsQ&A thread):
lore question: I was wondering how stations communicate with one another. There seems to be instantaneous communication between star systems. Is there faster than light communication in the Elite Dangerous universe and if so how does it work? Is data physically carried by ships or is there some way information is transmitted through hyperspace?
spatula (ForumsQ&A thread): Can you talk at all about the challenges in getting multicrew to work (like, from a tech perspective, what needs to happen to sync two commanders in a ship)? Did anything go horribly wrong in development that forced you to go back and re-think how to do things? Were there any eureka moments?
jefranklin18 (ForumsQ&A thread): What are the chances of Dev Updates making a comeback, or the newsletters including sneak-peaks and concept art as during the Kickstarter days?

Fun Questions:
Rustle (ForumsQ&A thread):
Will you and the elite dangerous team always be awesome?
Rob At Work (ForumsQ&A thread): When can we expect to see the Penguin and the Sardine?
C00ky1970 (Forums): How many days off are you going to take once 2.3 goes live?
C00ky1970 (Forums): Tell me how you feel about this? (Ie. Do you miss Destiny's Child?)
spatula (ForumsQ&A thread): What's your favourite animal?
CMDR ColD_ZA (ForumsQ&A thread): Sandro: "No guarantees, No ETAs'"....Can we start getting some Guarantees and ETAs' ?
Levianova (ForumsQ&A thread): What's Sandy's favourite type of poptart?
Levianova (ForumsQ&A thread): Are there things you know that's coming that are awesome and you carnt say. Tap nose for yes. Hang head in shame for no.
WinterWalker (ForumsQ&A thread): Do you like spicy food, what's your favourite curry and Chapati .. or Naan?#

DJ_Arghlex (Forums): Wings should be able to mark each other as wing-friendly or some other way to have larger groups formable (perhaps by way of having wing leaders?) Wings should be able to mark each other as wing-friendly or some other way to have larger groups formable (perhaps by way of having wing leaders?)
DJ_Arghlex (Forums): General instancing tweaking needs to occur so we can actually fight other wings full of people without horsing around with anchoring in people, or some ganker would get instanced with ships like it rather than with an instance chock full of newbie sidewinders.
DJ_Arghlex (Forums): Solo/Private Group should NOT allow players to influence system faction percentages and states AT ALL. If you want a part of the universe for yourself, or to hurt someone else's slice of home, you should have to play with the rest of the universe to do it!
Voyak (ForumsQ&A thread): You're my favourite deputy!
Adurnis (Forums): Keep up the amazing work on 2.3 guys and thanks for the stunningly responsive beta period, can't wait for it to go live!
Levianova (ForumsQ&A thread): David Braben should be elected head of the Alliance at the end of the year. That is all.

Stuff that Sandro can't answer as he isn't the right dev:

Hardware/Software support
Tenshi (Forums): Will VR motion controller technology be put into the game in any way for example system/galaxy maps?
Tenshi (Forums): Would a virtual keyboard be out of the question when using the galaxy map for VR headsets?
Sntxrr (Forums): Is there any chance ED will support NVidia Ansel?
B1rdy (ForumsQ&A thread): When will we see performance improvements for HTC Vive?
wstephenson (Forums): Will Elite support the new High Dynamic Range standards arriving this year?
Flak (ForumsQ&A thread): Can we expect any VR updates/fixes soon? Specifically, the Commodities screen and Galaxy Map left-hand panel are not curved as all other VR panels are? Follow up - Any way to make them smoother rather than the current jagged/wonky view?
voyager25 (ForumsQ&A thread): Have you thought of using GPU-tesselation and displacement to further enhance planetary graphics?
facina_oris (Reddit): Any chance mouse-users can get some control options love? Specifically being able to toggle relative mouse with flight assist would be nice to make using FA-off not crippling in super-cruise.
6xes (ForumsQ&A thread): Are minimum spec's likely to increase during the releases of 3.0 - 4.0?
A_Fhaol_Bhig (Reddit): How well do the new camera suite controls work with the Xbox controller or PS4 controller?
equex (ForumsMac thread): Any plans for a Linux release?
TheRandomGuy (ForumsQ&A thread): Similar to the PC's CTRL+ALT+G key binding for turning off the HUD, can there be an option under the "Miscellaneous" tab for the Xbox One/upcoming PS4 for there to be mapping of controller buttons and analogs to perform the same action?

Janichsan (Forums):What are the plans regarding the Mac version in future? Specifically: are you still looking into ways to port Horizons (and subsequent seasons) to the Mac? (Cookeecut: Any chances of selective compatible parts of Horizons being made available?)
Stinja (Forums):
What is happening with the OSX version of the game? If Horizons gets wrapped up as the base game for season 3, will OSX be on pre-Horizons still, or get the non-planetary / shader content?
Viking_in_Oz (ForumsMac thread):
Will some Engineers be placed on asteroid bases opening up the potential for Mac players to access this content if they buy horizons?
Cookeecut (ForumsMac thread): How do Frontier plan to balance the growing gap between Mac and PC if the Mac version is never going to get any new features such as Engineers?
Asp Explorer (ForumsMac thread):
Any plans to reduce the size of the launcher window so it actually fits on a Mac Air?
Alexbrentnall (Forums):
Will season 3 use Open GL restricting Mac users or is season 3 based on different architecture?
Cookeecut (ForumsMac thread): Will FD maintain long-term support for Mac ED? (John Rhys: Where is Elite heading in terms of Graphics API? Vulkan or DX12?)
Cookeecut (ForumsMac thread):Would FD consider a kickstarter to fund specific Mac development?
Delilah (ForumsMac Thread): Having taken money from Mac players with the promise of extending Elite to MacOS, does Frontier believe it has any obligation to deliver on that promise?
Delilah (ForumsMac Thread): Frontier routinely communicates with Windows, xBox, and PS2 platform communities about issues and future directions for Elite. Why is it stonewalling its Mac community with silence? Dstud208 (ForumsMac thread): If Mac users have bought Horizons will multicrew be enabled in any form?

Art/Design & Visuals:

CMDR -NADE- (ForumsQ&A thread): Now you have moved the holo-me images to the 'Front-End' shader, could the same be done for general portraits in the UI and ship skins, allowing us to adjust our RGB for the HUD without distorting these images?
Aussiedroid (ForumsQ&A thread): Will there be any further upwards scaling of graphical settings beyond 'Ultra' introduced at any point in the future?

Ship Visuals & Livery
Alexbrentnall (Forums): Any chance of more or bigger decal positions for the larger ships? some of us now have way too many to display and there's plenty of real-estate on the larger ones.
DJ_Arghlex (Forums): Any plans to make livery options on SRV/SLF persistent for when these are put in module storage? Any plans to allow these livery choices to show when looking at module details?
StefanOS (Forums): Is there a schedule or plan to implement visible damage on every ship model as the Anaconda has? Will this ever happen?
Slone (Forums): Any chance of a try before you buy option for cosmetic items inside the livery menu so you can see how things look before purchasing?
Diagbar (ForumsQ&A thread): Any plans to allow cosmetics to be purchased with in game credits? GoTO: Or other in-game unlocks/achievement rewards?
AnthorNet (ForumsQ&A thread): When will the EDSM decals coming in game?
Infidel Deity (ForumsQ&A thread): Any plans to improve the Anaconda cockpit to be less bare, new seats make it look empty.
Starwolfe (ForumsQ&A thread): Will ship kits ever be integrated into the game to change the wireframe display of the ships?
Stinja (Forums): Can we please have the option to toggle a decal's palette swap manually? Sometimes the alt-colour looks glitchy.
Stinja (Forums): Can we please have the option to repair decals separately from the Paint Job wear?
Crimson Kaim (ForumsQ&A thread): Any improvements to the explosions visuals coming soon? They now stick out a bit as lacking compared some of the other visual improvements.
DCLXVI your God (ForumsQ&A thread): Will we ever get to adjust the cockpit lighting colours and/or turn it off? (Alexbrentnall: Silent running mode turning off ship lights?)
DCLXVI your God (ForumsQ&A thread): Are there any plans for a decal generator that players can submit designs into?
Cosmo (Forums): Any plans to introduce in game HUD colour changer? If so, will it be extended for customisation such as transparency and allow players to customise the hud arrangements?
Brunswicker (ForumsQ&A thread): Any chance of more customization to HUD UI? Customizeable measurements (Au/Km/Ls, F/C/Kelvin) for system map?
Alpha087 (ForumsQ&A thread): You're not going to forget to add Winter's Powerplay logo with 2.3, are you?
Scorpion (ForumsQ&A thread): Would you ever consider the possibility of CMDRs uploading their own logo for using next to nameplate?
Alec Turner (Forums): The engine trail colours that I believe are due to be added as cosmetic store items, any chance of getting Reaver like dirty billowing plumes of smoke, preferably so mucky that 2 or 3 such ships could fill a coriolis with smoke?
DeltaMG (Forums): Will it be possible to see in the future a display of the Empire/Federation ranks of the players that we scan?
Martin Successor (ForumsQ&A thread): After 2.2 the cockpit assets of the FAS & FDS were changed to look very similar to the FGS to the point they lack their individual personality. Was this change intended, a bug, will it be fixed?
BluWolve (Forums): With the Vanity Camera allowing much better interior views will there be new premium (or non-premium) cosmetic options and slots for ship interiors?
Martin Schou (Forums): Will there be Fed/Emp/Alliance themed paintpacks?
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Can the Gunner do subsystem targeting?
Can the Gunner use the detailed surface scanner to scan planet in 360 in supercruise?
Can you switch stations inside a ship? (e.g. only one extra crew present, can it switch from left seat to right seat)
What happens to multicrew members when you land and switch to an SRV?

Just a few that came to mind during the stream last night :)
In the Multicrew demonstration the Gunner's turrets were perfectly accurate, ignoring chaff while also having zero sway and jitter despite AI controlled turrets having all of these aspects. Is this the intended behavior?

Will 2.3 be adding in any of the weapons or weapon sizes that are currently missing Turret variants, such as Plasma Accelerators, Railguns, C4 Turrets in general, etc?
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Answered questions (All those that were asked here yet we have answers for with a source):​
Answered before PAX:
Ziggy Stardust (Forums): What happens to my ship when I enter multicrew? If it's vulnerable then what happens if it gets destroyed. <- Answered in post #17
Ziggy Stardust (Forums): Are ships with 2 seats multicrew capable? <- Answered in post #36
JimBadger (Forums): Do or will NPC crew fill seats on the bridge even if this is cosmetic only? <- No, see here
Robert Maynard (Forums): As mining is already a role for matchmaking purposes, can we expect Mining Turrets to be made available? <- Mining turrets confirmed on 16/02/17 livestream
Bitstorm (Forums): What will happen when a multicrewed ship goes down to a planet with a non-Horizons player aboard? <- Answered in post #110
-> Bomba Luigi - Keelback only has 1 seat but has fighters <- No new seats livestream 02/03/17
Many people (prev livestream chat): Can you quickly confirm if this is correct: helm is still able to go in a fighter and leave the NPC crew in charge of the helm but players cannot replace the helm. If yes will this be npc crew as it is currently with a crew member or the basic autopilot? <- Link is here

Holo-Me (Commander Creator):
Jimbadger (ForumsQ&A thread) Hairgate for female hair <- Link here

Other 2.3 additions
Alexbrentnall (Forums): Hud is gone but are all controls accessible (FSD, cargo hatch etc) available in camera mode? Can I scoop/land/travel etc in 3rd person? Yes - In game testing
Alec Turner (Forums): Can you expand/clarify on the camera connection limits with range/clipping? <- Range 3000km, camera cannot go through objects
Lunchmoney (Forums): What is a megaship? See here
Jaiotu (Forums): What kind of FSD jump range will the Dolphin have? <- See here
Alexbrentnall (Forums): How are ship names visible to other (contacts screen, target information/Visible on ship exterior/name-plate on interior etc)? Answered here
Bryan K (Forums): Are ship names unique and locked once taken like cmdr names or can there be duplicates of the same ship name? <- No - In game testing
Alexbrentnall (Forums): Will ship names be visible on the Shipyard? <- Yes - In game testing
Alexbrentnall (Forums): Where can we rename our ships, can it be done remotely, is it a once-only thing on purchase etc? <- Only through outfitting. No limit to renaming - In game testing

General 2.3 Questions & Bugs + balance:
DJ_Arghlex (Forums): Any re-balance due for healing beams (both concordance and regenerative)? <- Answered here
DJ_Arghlex (Forums): Any re-balance due for cannons with thermal cascade following the 2.2.03 cannon buff? <- Answered here
DJ_Arghlex (Forums): Will the premium ammo bug be fixed in 2.3? <- Answered here
Earth Ultimatum IV. (Forums): Is there premium ammo fix or shield re-balance in 2.3? If not is there a date/release we can expect this? <- Answered here. Livestream confirmed FDev are going to look at shield balance again in 2.3 beta.
Alexbrentnall (Forums): Will 2.3 beta access be purchasable when the beta goes live as some (but not all) of the other betas had?Yes, Tue 01/03/17 on the store
Lucius-Darcia (Forums): Will there be more strange ships in the Pleiades, will the guardians/aliens storylines continue in 2.3? <- Yes (Spoilers)
Verminstar (Forums): HMC/MR have been beiged, intentional or bug? If intentional is it possible that this decision can be reversed or made optional for those that prefer the originals. <- See here
Edelgard Von Rhein (Forums): Are there any new engineers in 2.3 and can you tell us anything about them, their specialities &/or their lore? <- Yes, information here
PanPiper. (Forums): Is the galaxy map fix still in 2.3 (System population/information, Colonia systems etc)? <- Answered here (Fixed!)

Non-2.3 & content questions:
Alec Turner (Forums): Devs please join the Buckyball racing clubs "Tunnel Vision" event on Sat 25th so we can watch you explode at high speed as you try to keep up with CMDR Cookiehole <- Date has passed
The Universe: Ed Lewis holo-me preset please!! <- In with a bunch of other developers. Space Loach still MIA
EdzUp (ForumsQ&A thread): Will ps4 and Xbox be able to play together? <- Answered here

Answered in PAX 1st Livestream 10/03/17:
Pax livestream people: Will there be playstation VR support? <- Nothing to announce. Timestamp here
Many people (prev livestream chat): Any new SRV types coming soon? <- Nothing to announce, timestamp here
Synergized (Forums): How varied are the flight suit types on the store? <- Some different ones shown here. Looks to be lots of colours and some with logos etc.

Answered in PAX 2017 2nd Livestream 10/03/17: Reddit summary here:
Multicrew General:
Kaybe (Forums): Can we have a list of all ships that support multicrew and how many crew player each supports? Adder = 2, Cobra III = 2, Cobra IV = 2, Asp S = 2, Asp E = 2, Vulture = 2, Clipper = 2, Dropship = 2, Gunship = 2, Assault = 2, Orca = 2, T9 = 3, Python = 2, Beluga = 3, FDL = 2, Anaconda = 3, Corvette = 3, Cutter = 3
Bomba Luigi (Forums): How will multicrew affect the Panther Clipper? It won't as the Panther Clipper isn't in game yet :)
Lkx (Forums): What was the reasoning behind the Keelback design with regards to multicrew (single-seat)? Keelback was in the game before multicrew, not impossible for an extra seat to be added but not planned.
Morwo (Reddit): Can 'bobbleheads' be attached on multicrew stations and if yes is it the helm or the crew that gets the livery option for them? No, only Helm as they own the ship.
Main Sequence (Forums): What is purpose of the crew member seeing the hologram of the ship on the UI? Situational awareness of ships movement as some seats don't always have great visibility. Also it looks cool.
Bobbydylan (Forums): Why was multi-crew toned down from the deep engaging experience described at EGX 2015 to the "Dreadnought" style gunner mode we now have? Development process changed over time with priorities and unforseen stuff. Could be adjusted depending on how multicrew is received. Concepts for more do exist.
sensai25 (ForumsQ&A thread): With the new assets from CQC and megaships what kind of gameplay could we expect? New settings for standard gameplay, megaships & new things are a gateway and a starting point for more to come. Datalinks on ships etc. Nothing to announce at the moment.

Multicrew Mechanics:
Many people (prev livestream chat): How will multi-crew, the camera and 3rd person turret guns work with VR? Can our avatars/holo-mes turn their heads 360 degrees? What if we get up and look at them, what will we see? Works the same as the current game, no special changes for VR with multicrew. Avatars won't twist their heads around, time and resources, possible in future but flexibility of movement with VR and seated player isn't compatible.
Alec Turner (Forums): Can we really not combine wings and multi-crew? It would be really awesome to run a multi-crew fuel rat operation with crew in the rescuer or stranded ship handling comms. (Vasious):Will a combination of the two be possible in future locked to 4 cmdrs total?) Nothing to announce, complex technical reasons to keep multicrew and wings separate. May be implemented depending on how multicrew is received and other factors.
Main Sequence (Forums): Has any consideration been given to allow solo players to switch to the gunner role with either basic auto-pilot or NPC crew helm? No, this would take away the direction to share gameplay and it would undermine the multicrew experience. No plans at current.
CMDR_Cosmicspacehead (Forums): Can crew join a ship mid-combat? Yes
Robert Maynard (Forums): Will multicrewed ships be identifiable to other players as having multicrew? No, was considered but not planned, is a possiblity for the future. Needs to be seen in action and tested before decision is made.
C00ky1970 (Forums): Can all crew access station menu when docked? If cut-down what options do they each have? Can crew take on missions like this? No crew docked options or missions. Would get incredibly complex very quickly if this was allowed. Possibly to some extent in future but nothing to announce.
Raww (Forums): How will System Permits work in MC? Will only the ship owner be checked or will the whole crew be checked? Only the helm is checked for permits.
Winterwalker (Forums): Do you see "helm authorisation" as a possible direction for example allowing crew to use synthesis, with helm having power to yes/no the action? (Or allowing ship owner power to grant 'security clearance' on ship, giving crew more access to roles, in expansion of that) Would be difficult UI-wise and would make it less easy to access but not impossible. Possibly in the future but nothing to announce.
Duckfather (Forums): How will Multicrew work with private groups, especially with the "find a friend" and groups people have been deliberately blocked from e.g. Mobius ? Only works in the current group you are in so no breaking walls between modes.
Madbilly (Forums): Can players use the same computer for multicrew? Using split-screen or multi-screen? This would be good for playing on a console in front of the TV with friends? No, could be possible on PC with to run 2 versions with 2 accounts but not recommended.
CarperDN104 (Livestream chat): With PS4 joystick support has there been any announcements for Xbox? No
Madbilly (Forums):
If a ship has 2 crewmember seats and an NPC crew is active does this mean only 1 player crew can join? No, NPC crew don't use seats.

Multicrew & SRV:
Muetdhiver (Forums): Will it be possible to do an SRV style re-call whilst in multicrew to bring your ship to you and change to a wing? No, that would be a bit cheating
Many people (prev livestream chat): How is the SRV integrated, if it is not, will it be in the future? If it is what happens to crew-members, does it lock you out from using the SRV entirely? Will it be possible to launch multiple SRV's in the future from 1 multi-crew ship? No SRV's arn't in Multicrew at the moment. SRV isn't holo-me so technically difficult to work together. Many edge cases. Possible for the future but no plans.

Multicrew - Gunner Capabilities
Hunvagy (Forums): Can the gunner target subsystems? Not at current, possibly in the future, definitely considering depending on feedback
Hunvagy (Forums): Can the gunner use the detailed surface scanner in 360 view in supercruise? No, Gunner 3rd person isn't available in supercruise
Alec Turner (Forums): Can the gunner operate both the discovery scanner and the detailed surface scanner? If not why not? No, Gunner 3rd person isn't available in supercruise
C'tri (Forums) Can prospector limpets be fired from gunner position to anywhere around the ship (360deg arc)? Yes
Hunvagy (Forums): Can you switch stations and/or seat positions inside a ship with other crewmembers or is it fixed after entering crew? Yes if the station is free except for the helm.

Lordxenu (Forums): Gunner has a nav panel with Galmap access, will gunners or other crew members be able to plot routes? No, only Helm can plot routes but others can view.
Main Sequence (Forums): Is there a gameplay reason why the bounty value of a wanted target does not show in the gunner's view? Could this be added? Good spot, something that would be nice to put in there. Will be passed on and hopefully put in.
Madbilly (Forums): Who decides which weapons/scanners are mapped to the gunners fire buttons? The pilot or the gunner? Or are all turreted weapons automatically assigned to the gunner? What's to stop the pilot mapping turreted weapons to their 1 and 2 fire buttons? Gunner has control and access to fire groups panel so takes control of all weapons they can.
Madbilly (Forums): Who controls defensive utility mounts like ECM, heat sinks and chaff? Do these remain in control of the pilot? Can both the pilot and gunner operate them? As above Gunner has utility mount control.
Madbilly (Forums): Can NPC crew be the gunner? And use the quick-slot fire buttons? No

Multicrew - Gunner Balance
Selen (Forums): Is it intended that player controlled gunner turrets are perfectly accurate ignoring chaff/sway/jitter? Can you clarify how the aiming works on snap to target etc (Weps)? Yes thats intended to be a bonus of multicrew as guns are being aimed manually.

Multicrew - Gunner Lore and immersion
Tataboj (Forums): Could you please explain how exactly the 3rd person camera gunners use works in Elite universe? Does it have some in-lore explanation or is it "just" necessary handwavium? Little handwavium, lore is that there is a mini drone type camera too small to be hit or targetted
BL1P (Forums): Why are the MC gunner and the Camera suite systems not a purchasable module that consumes power, has weight and that can then be damaged via sub systems? Good question, could be another barrier to multicrew so downsides are thought to be more than would be gained by adding it.
A D (Forums): Does destroying the ship's weapons module also disable the gunner camera? No camera will be fine but weapon will be disabled as normal.

Multicrew - Gunner Future
Winterwalker (Forums): How would you like to see the gunner UI develop in terms of tactical and alternative 1st person displays? 1st person was decided against early on as it would be too restricitve and wouldn't work well with other players at the helm.
X-Terminator (Forums): Was it ever considered (or will it happen in the future) to have an individual turret gunner view moving between turrets on the ship rather than a ship-wide view as it has been implemented? See question above. No plans at the moment, could be fun but less effective so unlikely many would use it.
Phoenix_Dfire (Forums): In the future, would it be possible to have 2 gunners? .i.e. The pilot assigning 1 gunner all the port guns and the other all the starboard guns? Possible but nothing planned. Unlikely unless there are many people want it as there is significant dev cost to implement.

Multicrew - Fighter
Weps (Forums): Can 2 fighter pilots pick the same fighter loadout? No, only if there are 2 fighters with the same loadout.
Weps (Forums): What happens if the fighter pilot leaves the ship or swaps to gunner and no NPC crew are available to man the fighter? Same as solo it would go to unmanned.
Main Sequence (Forums): Is there anything the Fighter pilot can do when not in the fighter? No, fighter is the primary part of it. Has access to panels and camera suite.
Flimley (Forums): Will we be able to set our crewmembers from inactive to active via the multiplayer menu for the ship launched fighter? No this remains station only.

Multicrew Roles, activities & Future
Main Sequence (Forums): Is it possible to switch activity type (bounty-hunting, piracy etc.) mid-session? What if the crew participate in multiple-activities at once, will the multi-crew session report reflect that or is it only based on the chosen activity type? No, session is set at start.
Robert Maynard (Forums): Is there or will there be a camera crew role for those wanting to fly together and make videos? No but all crew can use camera, no plans at present.
Slone (Forums): Could we have a "spectator/embedded reporter" mode dedicated to using the camera suite, that wouldn't necessarily use a chair, allowing for more players to join and watch? No plans at present but depends on how people respond to the current set. Possibly in the future depending on technical capabilities.
Jaiotu (Forums): Will multicrew ever be extended to other roles beyond combat (science and discovery)? Hopefully, no announcements at the moment. Lets see how it goes.
Chaz (Forums): Will there be a trade playstyle/role? See below
Alexbrentnall (Forums): What is the process to get a role/playstyle added/suggested to the list? Suggest it on forums, PM Sandro or community.
Deggial (Forums): Did you test the roles of a "board engineer" and a "tactics officer" and found them lackluster (not fun/not enough to do) or did you run into a coding roadblock, run out of development time? Are they ditched entirely or something we may see in the future? Development time, resources and priorities. Principal of multicrew is accessible and useable so possibly in the future but nothing to announce, will require a lot of thinking through. Would massively affect rewards etc and rest of multicrew.
CMDR Ofan (Forums): Will there be extended content, e.g. Turrets of capital ships/stations/bases/outposts to defend them or is this restricted to player ships? At the moment player controlled. Has been discussed for capital ships or base guns by FDev. No guarentees or ETA's, probably on a list somewhere :)
Xender (Forums): Do you have plans to expand multicrew in future? For example Wings works in the same way now as at the beginning however multicrew offers much more variety and options for future development. See how multicrew is received and take it from there.
Ozric (Livestream chat): Why can't you enter outfitting with crew members on board? Almost certainly a technical UI limitation

Multicrew Profit and loss:
Many people (prev livestream chat): Can you break down all activities and give a quick shared/duplicated/not-shared answer on wing/multicrew rewards (Trading/mining/combat/missions/exploration/powerplay merits/engineer materials & data?) Combat is duplicated on both, trading is both. Non credit based are for helm only, no engineer mats/data, no merits etc. Credits only. Exploration not counted.
Many people (prev livestream chat): Are we correct in saying no rep means minor and major faction rep? Does "it cannot be gained" also mean "it cannot be lost" (for example when committing crimes)? Yes, rep cannot be lost or gained.
Lee Ti (Forums): Do you earn rankings as a crew-member towards trade/combat/exploration? Yes but only trade/combat as exploration doesn't transfer.
Alexbrentnall (Forums): Is there any protection against people with 2nd accounts just using multi-crew for the extra power pips? Also is there anything stopping multi-accounts getting double profit by being idle? No, not really seen as a problem if people are willing to buy the game twice.
Crimson Kaim (Forums): How does multi-crew handle re-buy costs, are these shared or just for the owner? (Robert Maynard): What happens if the players are on different insurance levels? What happens if one or more cannot afford the re-buy? Only helm has rebuy but it's reduced based on number of crewmembers.
Robert Maynard (Forums): Can players use multicrew if they die without re-buy and want to top-up on credits (similar to CQC)? No, don't think thats possible
Ziggy Stardust (Forums): How does multicrew and exploration tags work? It doesn't, exploration and crew doesn't work together
Chubchubs (Forums): If players have missions when joining multi-crew, or if they are able to take on missions while onboard, will they be counted? For example massacre mission kills, do all/some/none of the crew get credit for the mission target kill? No, nothing is taken in or out of multicrew except credits/fines/bounties, crew can't get missions inside the crew. Great idea but complex to do, maybe in the future.
Schlack (Forums): Will combat bonds/bounties etc earned via multicrew activities effect the BGS in the normal manner or will they be a specific separate "voucher"? Crew won't but helm will as 3x power into BGS would be too powerful.
TragedyTrousers (Reddit): Is there a plan to make mission rewards or other rewards capable of being split between crew similar to how NPC crew operate? If so will it be possible for the helm to manually set the split % rate (80/10/10 etc)? Nothing at the moment. Currently full duplication of rewards so this would be a negative change. Did not comment on mission rewards splitting.

Multicrew Accountability:
Ziggy Stardust (Forums): How does multicrew affect combat logging and ungraceful exits? No change to current. Still working on the general issue of combat logging, no ETA, no promises but really interested in karma system.
Jaiotu (Forums): In regards to "shadow banning" or other disciplinary actions against player who combat log: Will members of multi-crew be held accountable if the ship's helmsman combat logs during a combat session? No crew won't be held accountable, it will be the helm that is affected.
Edelgard Von Rhein (Forums): Can you go into more detail about the differences in the 'declared activities' of multicrewed ships, in particular is it essentially a 'legal only' or 'anything goes' restriction on the activities of the crew? Yes its legal/illegal. Auto-kick on illegal activities if style set to lawful. 2x mistakes is the believed system. Various playstyles are there to allow people to find others for like-minded activities.
C00ky1970 (Forums): What if the helm breaks the playstyle selected and commits crimes etc, how does this affect the crew? Session will end if helm goes against planned activities.
Dibble (Livestream chat): Where can I buy a spaceloach like that? You can't although others have been made since :)
Someone (Livestream chat): How does multicrew affect powerplay? It won't except the helm activites. Multicrew will just be a force multiplyer.
Lervinova (Livestream chat): Space loach confirmed! I wish but no.

Multicrew Bridge Avatars/Holo-Mes Visual/Audio:
Dzanm (Reddit): How will voice-comms work with multicrew, will it be identical to wings or auto-join? Will there still be static? Same as wings, does have static even though it maybe shouldn't. May be changed, may not.
D8veh (Forums): How will you communicate with your crew? It won't work with voice when many male weirdos choose female avatars that are going to be talking in male voices! Can always use text, no judgements but if it's an issue use text.
Dzanm (Reddit): Do the commander players in the crew seats/helm seats move their mouths/face as if speaking when voice input is detected? No but that would be awesome, finesse detail which may or may not come later.
Alexbrentnall (Forums): Do the crew characters heads move relative to headlook/VR/Headtracking movements when sat in a crew-member seats, can I stare down my co-pilot when he does something silly? Answered further up, no.
Steph (Forums): Is the player (non-Holo-Me) shifted around in their seat when the ship is hit by weapons or collides? No, finesse detail. May come later <- Sandro was wrong, Link to video here
Steph (Forums): Are Holo-me avatars affected by ECM or the destruction of the powerplant or power distributor? Would be really cool idea, but not currently.

Holo-Me (Commander Creator) General
Bomba Luigi (Forums): Is there or will there be the option not to share your holo-me picture to other players in the comms panel? Not at present, effort to add won't be worth it. <- suggestion from chat, use helmet.
Jaiotu (Forums): Can I share/export my cmdr creations to share and/or save? Will creations be transferable from beta to live? No, solid suggestion though, look into it. No ETA, no promises.
Harmoniser (Forums): Will Mission-Givers get holo-me avatars to replace the portraits? Barking mad: Will they always be static? Not sure, believe using similar system already. Hopefully will be in the future as it would be cool. No ETA, no promises, would be cool.
Turjan (Forums): Will it be possible to store multiple holo-me settings at a time to allow people to swap between their creations (multi-save slot)? Will separate accounts on the same pc have separate holo-me save settings? Separate accounts will have different settings. Possibly will look at multi-holo-me accounts on 1 save. No ETA, no guarantees.
X-Terminator (Forums): Where is our pilot, any truth to the rumour that everyone is a hologram? No, helm is real even though theres a bug that sometimes gives them the hologram effect.
Someone (livestream chat): Is there any difference between the PS4 and PS4-Pro? Yes the PS4-Pro has been accounted for with it's extra power, will run slightly better. No exact details.
Ziggy Stardust (Forums):
Is there a plan or a way to set the Holo-me or avatars mood so we can roleplay better - happy/sad/angry/drunk/insane? Currently they all look straight-faced? Sandro loves the idea, no immediate plans. Would like reactions/animations etc. Lots of tech issues and priorities but great idea. No ETA, no guarentees.

Holo-Me (Commander Creator) Content
Many people (prev livestream chat): We've seen different suit meshes which will be on the store. Any word on coats/jackets etc for those that don't want to be a flight suit (Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly coat for example)? Has been discussed, not initially with 2.3 but is on the list.
Tataboj (Forums): Are you going to add some more content to the (absolutely wonderful!) holo-me creator in future updates (e.g. more types of beards etc.)? No promises but really hope this will continue to develop in the future.
Hypergrip (Reddit): Does Holo-me have glasses options? No but again possibly something in the future.
Hypergrip (Reddit): Will a reasonably broad selection of accessories come as standard or will most/all of them be store items/packs? Most/All will be paid extras as ways to support the game without affecting gameplay (cosmetics only).
Hypergrip (Reddit): When can we expect the "Conan Exiles"-style endowment slider? Probably not going to be added to Elite.
Synergized (Forums): Can we expect additional helmet variants such as visor colours in the future paid or otherwise? Really hope so, sounds cool. No promises or ETA but has been discussed.
Synergized (Forums): Will there be body modifications available in the future? As above hope so, sounds cool. Cybernetic arms etc
Kaltern (Forums): Will we be able to pick up other items (clothing, accessories etc) from within the game, such as mission rewards or special discoveries etc without having to spend real money in the Frontier Store? Something that would be nice but nothing to announce at the moment. Would like to say yes in a limited fashion. Could be done in a community goal etc. Non-trivial to do as systems arn't all in place yet.

"Telepresence" and "Holo" lore/immersion/mechanics questions
Bobbydylan (Forums): Will wings be allowed to teleport to each others location now as well? No
Bobbydylan (Forums): Why can't I just telepresence to any of my ships scattered around the galaxy? Because it would be rubbish
Bobbydylan (Forums): Will Data courier and passenger missions be removed from the game now that everything is just telepresence? No because there are contextual lore reasons why you wouldn't stream your data across space where it may be intercepted
Darkfyre99 (Forums) Can we cash in exploration data and combat bonds remotely, and get up to the minute trade data remotely, now that Telepresence has been established to exist in the Elite Universe? If the answer is no, why not? No as above. Would change game in an inapproprate way.
Xender (Forums): How telepresence-multicrew will work in future with Space Legs and EVA gameplay? Not sure. Legs is a long way in the future. Goal in core vision but would be like dove-tailing a whole second game into Elite so will take a long time, end vision.
Aidan Brooder (Forums):Are we humans or are we dancers? eh... holograms...Was it a hard decision to break the 4th wall like a bulldozer running down a dixie toilet? No, tried to back up the decision to make cool gameplay and what is best for the game and try to then make that work with lore and context. Game is the core.

Updated Comms Panel:
Alec Turner (Forums): Is there an option to turn the Portraits off for visibility of more message? Not at present, there has been a lot of feedback on this. Will be discussed. Could be optional but unlikely to be turned off entirely.
Alec Turner (Forums): On the subject of NPC ship portraits, is the generation of these tied to the NPCs name or are we going to see "Pirate Lord Doohickey" with a different image each time we encounter him? Currently flexible and random. Could change if more persistent NPCs become a thing.
Alec Turner (Forums): Yellow and orange text were unclear/jarring on stream, will/can this be tweaked for release? UI question, is being investigated. No ETA, no promises.
Alec Turner (Forums): It appeared that all the NPC ships have names. Is this true? If so where do these names come from? Names come from Frontier. Most have names but perhaps not all. There is a name system at Frontier :)
Invidentus (ForumsQ&A thread): Will there be an option to select a portrait backdrop for the cmdr picture like some of the faction contacts? Really brilliant idea. Not sure on if sure. Sounds cool. No ETA, no promises.

sensai25 (ForumsQ&A thread): Will there ever be filters or other tools within the camera mode? No plans at the moment but if it takes off and is popular and well used then possibly.
sensai25 (ForumsQ&A thread): Will there be a FOV setting for the camera mode? As above.
Livestream chat: ETA for 2.3 release? No ETA, still lots to fix and test, update in a few weeks possibly in another Q&A.

Ship Naming
Alec Turner (Forums): Have Frontier considered incorporating a ship name generator such as the one Iain M Norman created? No, use the one that Iain has because it's awesome
Alec Turner (Forums): Can you explain the original design intent behind Ship ID in addition to Ship Name? Just a cool to have a registration plate type thing. More variety for players.

JimBadger (Forums): If the Dolphin specs are improved will the Beluga/Orca be adjusted? (Muetdhiver): Specifically jump range and outfitting freedom? <- Orca confirmed. Nothing to announce on the Beluga, may be looked at in the future.
Playfuldreamer (Forums) Will the Dolphin/Orca/Beluga get a transparency pass on their viewscreens so CMDRs in those may be seen from the outside as well? Good question, will be passed on to Art. Unsure on answer.

Bryan K (Forums): Are megaships mobile, or like Jaques, or like capital ships? Do they move, appear, USS or fly like any other? MassBStruction: What is their jump range? Most like Jaques, static once placed but can be moved. Jump range will be as the Devs need it to be.
C00ky1970 (Forums): Can players hitch rides with megaships, can we store ships on them? <- No shipyard. Unclear on hitching ride. Mysterious no comment answer in stream.

PanPiper. (Forums) Are the newly locked systems around the Pleiades just a beta temporary measure or are they going to stay? (Maia, Merope, Hip 22460 etc) Believed to be a Beta temp measure
Ziggy Stardust (Forums): Will you please shower Alex Brentnall with loads of accolades for this initiative when you use this list during a Q&A livestream? Yes! :D
Jynessa Loraeyn (Livestream chat): Space Whales? I'd love space Whales, not sure if they are real.
Lily from anim.o.v.e (Forums): Are hull repair limpets planned or just something Sandro would like to have in game? On a list along with bounty tracker limpets. No ETA, no promises.

119 questions answered in this livestream alone!!

Answered between live-stream 1 and 2:
Madbilly (Forums): Does the extra pip increase available power from the power plant? Can NPC crew use the extra pip? Stream mishap, question answered but not heard due to cut-out. Answered Main Sequence here
Barking_Mad (Forums): Will megaships be used for missions? <- Yes, in beta most dockable ones have mission boards. Currently have a higher % chance of spawning chained missions, not sure if for test or for live.
h347h (ForumsQ&A thread): Are the weak Condor directional thrusters a bug, oversight, or intended? Any plans to re-balance it? <- Yes, patch notes 3: Balance pass on the Federal Condor, increasing it's transverse acceleration from 10 to 20
Lordxenu (Forums): What was the reason for not giving npc crew? Was it technical limitations, gameplay reasons, never in the plan or something else? <- Answered in post #299
Thanks to Stormyuk for answering the following PS4 questions:
C00ky1970 (Forums):
Will PS4 version have trophies? <- Answered here
C00ky1970 (Forums): Will you need to be a PS Plus member to play Elite Dangerous? <- Answered here
C00ky1970 (Forums): Will CMDR name in PS4 version be your gamertag? <- Answered here
C00ky1970 (Forums): PS4 vanity purchase items, are these via Playstation store, or via Frontier web Store?
C00ky1970 (Forums): Will PS4 version of game have a download only option? <- Answered here
Tenshi (Forums): Data Link Scanner? What is it and what does it do? <- Hinted at in PAX livestream that data beacons may now be on megaships or otherwise in space
Horizone (Forums):
Will custom hud colours mess with the holo-me, cmdr avatars, comms panel portraits. Has this (bug?) for station portraits been fixed? <- Yes, see question from -NADE-, holo-me is now 'Front-End' shader. -NADE- asks about other changes
C00ky1970 (Forums): What happens to player ships when they join multicrew? <- From my testing it's as if you are logged out so your ship is gone.

Answered in Q&A live-stream 2:
So sorry I'm not going to add exact answers for everything. Lave Radio did a good summary, look there please :)

Ship Naming:
Gwaihir (ForumsQ&A thread): Any chance for name plates without any additional decorations, only text?
Olaf Olafson (ForumsQ&A thread): Will ship nameplates be store only items or will one/some come as standard?
afreeflyingsoul (Forums): Given that we will now have ship IDs, will our call-signs change according to the ship ID instead of CMDR name? Could this option be added?
Kaocraft (Forums): Is it true that the only way for your ship's name to show up in another person's scan is if you have purchased a name plate from the cash shop? If yes does this mean the DDF discussions around ship specific bounties, ship reputation etc are no longer valid?

Updated Comms Panel:
Robert Maynard (Forums): Given the comments about the "block player" feature in the 16/02/2017 stream, has the actual blocking method changed or simply the method by which players block other players?
Stinja (Forums): Will this block feature be available on the main menu search function so we don't have to instance with them to block them? Not 100% sure <- Sandro I believe this is a specific question asking if we could block someone based on their in game name like finding friends but the opposite.
Arimus (ForumsQ&A thread): Have there been discussions around the comms panel colours, for example direct messages are easy to miss between the frequent and almost identical looking fighter pilot messages?

Cmdr Elvintree (Forums): Will there be an option to have the HUD start as hidden on the camera mode instead of visible so we can go straight into filming with no HUD to make a smoother transition for videos?
C00ky1970 (Forums): Will planet based camera limit be extended to 2500m rather 250m?
tresch (ForumsQ&A thread): Can we please have that big nasty bounding cube removed (in favor of the normal ship collision mesh) so we can get the camera close to the ships?
CMDR Elvintree (ForumsQ&A thread): Has any thought been given to a "store view" function so we can quickly swap between a specific camera and normal flying instead of re-setting the camera up each time we activate/deactivate?
CMDR Elvintree (ForumsQ&A thread): Recently the ability to use the external camera during hyperspace has been removed (both debug and suite), is there a reason for this? Can we expect the return of this functionality because hyperspace from the cockpit looks awesome?

Schlack (Forums): What relevance will the new (dockable?) Megaships have for the BGS? New markets, mission locations, faction specific tasks etc?
Vasious (Forums): With Mega-ships being dockable will capital ships become dockable too at some stage?
cptdavep (ForumsQ&A thread): Can megaships be attacked or are they invulnerable like stations?
rumpy_doppelganger(Reddit): How important do Frontier see megaships in the future gameplay of Elite?

Asteroid Bases
Voyak (ForumsQ&A thread): Are there/will there be Ice Asteroid bases?
Lateralus (ForumsQ&A thread): Will there be any pirate/outlaw-focused asteroid bases with the pirate holograms etc? Or are they always going to be extraction/mining-themed?

General 2.3 related
Many people (prev livestream chat): What features of 2.3 are passed to non-horizons owners?
Olivia Vespera (ForumsQ&A thread) & Dr Kaii (Discord): Will there be the possibility of helm control in multicrew, this is huge for explorers who want to share some of the journey? With no control, rewards, tags etc all there is for crew-members to do is share the sights which won't feel as involved. There will be little difference between joining a ship in say the Veil Nebula to watching a video of someone in the Veil nebula. Even if this requires a special sign-off by the ship owner to take full responsibility for any mishaps. Tengri (Forums): Is there a possibility that at some point multicrew will be extended to full functionality with 2+ players having full access to helm, co-op missions etc?

Mid section timestamp:

Morwo (Reddit): Will there be improvements to prevent multicrew server disconnects or can these issues even be addressed?
Dakron Nova (Forums): Will there be further graphical downgrades as part of 2.3?
Schlack (Forums): What, if any, Background Sim tweaks/changes are coming to 2.3?
Schlack (Forums): Will the BGS "pass" over the missions mooted in the December Dev Livestream be conducted for 2.3? (mission destinations, passenger mission effects, inf/rep etc)
sensai25 (ForumsQ&A thread): Will the surface economy types be represented within the galaxy map, is there a plan to enhance that?

Mid section timestamp:

Cmdr Ofan (Forums): How will mining turrets work without a gunner as asteroids can not be targeted? Any way of linking these so they can target prospector tagged rocks?
Ozric (Forums): Any response to the allocation of engineer grades throughout the unlock tree discussed here? <- Grade 5 is behind a tier 2 engineer there is a tier 3 engineer with only access to grade 3. Discovery scanners are with engineers that have nothing to do with exploration.
CMDR MadRaptor (Forums): Was the spoiled distress call USS planned to be in beta or an accidental slip intended for live release? Is there more to the spoilered stuff thats bigger & better coming in 2.3 for us to look forwards to?
wstephenson (Forums): Why are new cqc asset-derived locations being added in 2.3, without adding related gameplay?

Mid section timestamp:

eem5 (Reddit): Will 2.3 bring better outfitting and a bigger shipyard to Colonia? How about as a payoff for the palladium CG a few months back?
DYNA (ForumsQ&A thread): Why will the increase in exploration data value not be applied retroactively to players currently holding unsold data?

Bugs, balance and Issues
aardappelianen (Forums) Has the fighter launch with random hull/fuel % been resolved? (DJ_Arghlex (Forums):Will the SLF being launched with damage be fixed in 2.3?)
Milwaki (ForumsQ&A thread): Would it be possible to get a slight buff to the fighter hulls? Glass cannon is ok but they are dying too quickly in multicrew.
Tenshi (Forums):NPC's seem to pick up cargo canisters as soon as I drop into the USS leaving me with nothing to salvage. Can this be turned down a bit to give players a chance to approach the cargo canisters?
UltrablackguyIV (Forums): Are any NPC re-balances due or planned to make PvE more challenging? Particularly combating common player tactics such as reversing and shield/scb tanking? (Alexbrentnall: Any plans to give certain NPC's engineered weapons and stuffs?)
Metatheurgist (Forums): What do you think the effect of full bounty shares for wings will be on bounty hunting CGs? And how will that effect the competitiveness of lone wolves in a BH CG?
MagicPuncher (ForumsQ&A thread): When I join another ship, I can't see Orbit lines. Option to turn them on/off isn't there. Bug or Feature?

Mid section timestamp:

JumpOnYourDump (ForumsQ&A thread): Why does the Python with a hull mass of 350t have a mass-lock factor of 17 and the Type-9 a mass-lock factor of 16 with a hull mass of 1000t and much bigger dimensions? Will this be re-balanced?
henry1491 (ForumsQ&A thread): Can/is anything being done to fix the texture popping on stars at the end of witchspace (entry into system)?
Adurnis (Forums): Any reduction in hull repair costs now shields on big ships are reduced so hull is more of a factor?
Frenotx (ForumsQ&A thread): With balancing being done to make hull more of a factor will there be a balance pass to the price of ship armour being (in some cases) incredibly expensive compared to the benefit of a hull package or two that give more integrity?
Horsmic (ForumsQ&A thread): Base assault core data package has lost value by a factor of 100, any chance of a re-balance so they are somewhere in the middle and still somewhat valuable?

Mid section timestamp:

CodeMonkeys (Reddit): Any planned fix for the issue with having too much cargo on your ship prevents you from swapping until you've dumped enough? For example when trying to purchase a new ship that doesn't have the capacity could we outfit it and buy it in one go to meet the cargo requirements?
quantumpion (Reddit): Have the Anaconda's bugged large deck hard points and doors been fixed?
Sphinx2k (Forums): With the shield booster re-balance of diminishing returns have you considered instead removing or re-designing the engineer modifications for shield boosters? (DNYI: Why was the starting level for the diminishing returns set so it affects non-horizons & non-engineered ship users when the intent was to counter stacked modifications?)
6eJIKa_u_CTpeJIKa (ForumsQ&A thread): Will the Colonia bubble have its own ship crash sites in 2.3? Tip offs in Colonia region lead pilots to the old bubble's systems now.
X-Terminator (ForumsQ&A thread): Any fix for: Keyb and Mouse flight not moving pilot's right hand?

Exploration & Visual
Jaiotu (Forums): Since you are adding Trappist-1 to the galaxy is great how about adding Cassiopeia A?
Jaiotu (Forums): Will Ram Tah's scanner tech used to locate Guardian structures be extended to allow for faster location of other surface features (i.e. abandoned settlements)?
Edelgard von Rhein (Forums): Will star colours in 2.3 continue to be based solely on spectral type or are there plans to vary it by temperature to make systems/planets more varied?
Redfox (Forums): Can we get an update on the (rough) number of systems explored/visited by CMDRs?
Akarana (Forums): Could we have the text from scanned visitor beacons written into the journal?
CMDR MadRaptor (Forums): Can you provide a summary or any information around the number of organic structure types and if possible any hints to help us track down ones that haven't been seen before?
CMDR MadRaptor (Forums): Fungal Trees have been found, are these tied to the guardians? Are there other tree-variants on different planet types to be found?

Mid section timestamp:

Alex Brentnall (Forums): Can Frontier give a statement as to the FSD distance and their feelings on it's state as many are arguing the current (up to) 4.6x increase to base FSD jump is too little and some that it is too much?
BoxxMann (Forums): Will there be options added to plot more complex routes, for example via waypoints (systems/stations) or set up a loop route etc?
Ramalf (Forums): Will there be an option in the future to automatically adjust a route plotted after getting a FSD boost with a neutron star?
Diagbar (ForumsQ&A thread): Any plans to allow faster supercruise travel within systems?
Diagbar (ForumsQ&A thread): Any plans for future galaxies such as Andromeda etc?
Vacendak (ForumsQ&A thread): Any comments on the tons of ideas and concepts that ToCoSo put together?
C00ky1970 (Forums): Have you considered offering a combined Advanced and Detailed surface scanner unit, for a slightly greater cost of both units?

Mid section timestamp:

Barking_Mad (Forums): Any timescale on when comets and accretion disks might appear in the game? (Dave G: and other phenomena such as meteors etc)
Barking_Mad (Forums): Any news on the Orrery Map?
Brunswicker (ForumsQ&A thread): Will Telescopes ever come for explorers for basic discovery scanning at very long range?
Brunswicker (ForumsQ&A thread): Any news on micro jumps between stars in a system, are these rejected/planned/in-development?
Brunswicker (ForumsQ&A thread): Any chance of astronomical information for a selected planet under the info tab without having to system map each time?
HaTeMe (ForumsQ&A thread): Any update on the multiple light sources for higher quality graphics settings?
DeltaMG (Forums): Any plans to let players store tourist beacon/obelisk data in game or in the journal so we can refer back to them?

Mid section timestamp:

Alexbrentnall (Forums): With the increase to exploration payouts (thank you!) will exploration ranks also be rebalanced as this is the second time that exploration credits have got an increase yet the rank requirements appear unchanged? Is this possibly due to "downranking" people if the requirements are upped?

General Visual
Who? (ForumsQ&A thread): Will there be a Trailer competition, given how successful the last one was, and how good the 2.3 videos already are?

Hardware/Software support
Robert Maynard (Forums): Can/will COBRA take advantage of multi-core CPU capability in terms of number of threads?
dynamicbob (ForumsQ&A thread): Any update on console-PC crossplay?

TheSynopticVision (Forums): Can we know when you are planning to announce a release date for the PS4 version of the game? Or any new info about it? Stormyuk: Will it be linked to the 2.3 PC release? C00ky1970 (Forums): Will PS4 version have shareplay option?
DoxViper (ForumsQ&A thread): Are there any planned add-ons for the PS4 version, IE: Profile avatars of powerplay logos/ships, wallpapers, ShareFactory themes?
Stormyuk (Forums message): Can you go into more detail on the differences between PS4 and PS4pro? You said performance, is this purely framerates or are there graphical differences?
Stormyuk (Forums message): Will the Cobra IV be available to PS4 players? If so how?

DJ_Arghlex (Forums): Will bookmarks (for planets/stations) ever be shown on the radar in supercruise or navigation panel?
DJ_Arghlex (Forums): Any plans to allow players to bookmark persistent things like RES sites, Tourist Beacons etc?
Akarana (Forums): Could we have droppable beacons to bookmark specific coordinates/locations on planets (visible to the player only), to allow for an easy return?
Stinja (Forums): Can we please get enhancements to bookmark organisation? eg: folders; grouping; tagging etc. (Colours?)

Marc_Hicks (Forums): Will we ever see explicit links between Powers and Factions/Powers & the BGS? E.g. system states impacting powerplay faction support, faction missions etc?
Rogue 1474 (Forums):Any plans to develop player minor factions into something more involved?
Cobra1984 (Forums): Is persistence of NPCs between instances as good as it is ever likely to get?
Kzak (ForumsQ&A thread): Any plans to voice the NPC text messages such as "I'm going to boil you up?"

Mid section timestamp:

voyager25 (ForumsQ&A thread): If there is life on a part of a planet, wouldn't that life spread out to other parts and adapt to different environmental conditions, even if this planet has no atmosphere?
duckofdeath (Forums): Will the BGS in Colonia and the player integration ever evolve to have their actions affect the cmdr positively and negatively from their work for a faction?
Barking_Mad (Forums): Any news on Tier 1 NPC's?
SafteyBot (Reddit): Will there be a way for player groups and others to attract megaships to systems for a certain time for example via community goals etc?
CMDR GTR2014 (ForumsQ&A thread): Any chance of getting NPCs in CG systems in trade ships to carry cargo for the CG?
DeltaMG (Forums): Learn BGS may be long in Elite, a PS4 player may not be aware of the tutorial about BGS make by community in forum, will the interface of the game evolve in the future to bring more precision about BGS in the game ?

Andovar (Forums): Edited here: Are the chained missions linear or branching (Decision trees)?
StefanOS (Forums): Can we get some juicy missions which require the Cmdr. to use specific small ships (f.e Cobra/Viper/Eagle)?
SafteyBot (Reddit):Does Colonia fight with the bubble for CG slots (non-expansion initiative)? If so, is there a chance Colonia could be given it's own CG slot?
6xes (ForumsQ&A thread): Are there plans to put full motion video/audio into the mission board process in the future?
STARFIRE REVMEUP (ForumsQ&A thread): Do unpaid fines/bounties, speeding tickets etc affect the quality/quantity of missions given in said location?
Cubed (ForumsQ&A thread): When favours get added will we be able to request mission rewards for specific materials/commodities?
6eJIKa_u_CTpeJIKa (ForumsQ&A thread): Will the Colonia faction give players passenger mission for exploring tourist beacon nearby, Saggitarius A for example? They give missions to the old bubble and Jaques only now.

Ships, weapons, modules & storage
DJ_Arghlex (Forums): Any plans to introduce a way of quickly swapping loadouts for a particular ship?
DJ_Arghlex (Forums): Any plans to increase the storage limits on modules/weapons? (Teeth_03: Data/material also?)
StefanOS (Forums): Any plans to remove the module requirement for the docking computer? (Alexbrentnall: Or extend it to an undocking computer as well?)
Dmstubbs (ForumsQ&A thread): Any plans for other types of locked modules in addition to combat/passenger such as exploration etc?
Infidel Deity (ForumsQ&A thread): Will we get heat sink, chaff or point defence synthesis?
Stinja (Forums): Can we please have multi-function limpet controllers? ie: a size 3A controller with the functions of 1A Fuel Transfer and 1A Repair controllers.

Mid section timestamp:

HaTeMe (ForumsQ&A thread): Any plans to make limpets ammo that don't require cargo space, any plans to make them re-stockable via synthesis?
MasterChiefX343 (Forums): During the beta for 2.2.03 it was mentioned that the big 3 would be getting an increase to their hull amount. Will they be receiving this in 2.3?
Allan251 (Forums): From what I've seen of the beta videos; plasma accelerators can wipe 50% of your shields with one shot and shield boosters are nerfed. How is this in any way "balanced"? More like open season for the NPCs on the big ships.
Andy_Pipkin (ForumsQ&A thread): Any reason why plasma accelerators don't exist in Class 1 to help out small ships vs the big ones?
Cagman (ForumsQ&A thread): Have there been any thoughts about allowing weaponless ships to have the ability to have stronger shields, compared to a fully kitted out combat ship?
Tallsword (ForumsQ&A thread): Will Capital ships' weapons have the same penetration value or will it be adjusted to the new changes to the big 3?

Amber Blacktip (ForumsQ&A thread): Can we have a spaceloach bobblehead please?

Horizons Season & Updates Questions
Spruxxx (Forums): Can the roles/playstyles search function of multicrew also be applied to Wings in future? Eg to find players in game to wing up with for multi-crew style gameplay goals eg legal Bounty Hunting, illegal Piracy etc.
roostrat (ForumsQ&A thread): Are we going to be able to land on atmosphere-less lava planets before Season 3?

Marc_Hicks (Forums): Will we ever be able to use favours to adjust Engineer Upgrade stats, & not just merely Weapon Special Effects?
C00ky1970 (Forums): Engineer Special effects, have you considered having these as dedicated engineer blueprints and eliminate random special effects?
CorumJhaelen_Irsei (Reddit): Are there any improvements in the works for enginering to reduce/remove RNG? For example "Duplicate mod" for other weapons and or increased material/data cost for better chances of better results?
Kenneth Mcgrew (ForumsQ&A thread): Will there be mining laser engineer blueprints?

2.4 Questions
Besensec (ForumsQ&A thread): What is the future of multicrew for the upcoming updates (2.4, 3.0 and beyond)?

Mixup, this was in the last section but got answered after Q1 from 2.4 section: BPOPR (Reddit): Why can't we just view available engineer schematics remotely? Pinning system is lame.

Soon(TM) (Forums): Can you please confirm that 2.4 will not be combat related?

General Plans
DJ_Arghlex (Forums): Is there interest in a planned re-run of the ship transfer time poll? (AlexBrentnall: Is there interest in a slider mechanic with more cash for faster transfer options?)
Diagbar (ForumsQ&A thread): Any plans to implement a radio function into Elite?
Barking_Mad (Forums): Does the current iteration of multi-crew rule out any future ability to crew a ship when we can physically walk aboard other players vessels?
Muetdhiver (ForumsQ&A thread): Any plans to create areas for heavily engineered ships above and beyond the difficulty of the current Assassination missions/Haz Res?
BL1P (ForumsQ&A thread): With credits being easier to come by for wings and multi-crewed ships will there ever be a "hard mode" introduced either for AI difficulty, credit earning difficulty or both?
Darkfyre99 (Forums): When is there going to be an iron-man mode?
AlexBrentnall (Forums): Could Frontier (maybe after the Q&A livestream) publish a list of the things that are considered placeholders or desired areas for development? This could be done without spoiling anything or promising anything but would give players an idea of what areas are planned to be improved down the line and presumably allow us to both speculate and suggest.(Chrizhanna: Could FDev do a mini-Kickstarter style aspirational goals type thing, no details no timelines?)

Mid section timestamp:

rootsrat (ForumsQ&A thread): Is there a chance of having more foreign characters implemented into the game? Specifically Polish characters, but of course other languages too.

Ship Visuals & Livery
Kolwrath (ForumsQ&A thread): Will the gold Anaconda ever come back for sale?
Kolwrath (ForumsQ&A thread): Will the other limited ship skins ever come backup for sale? (eg. Chrome / silver Viper MK3)

Mid section timestamp:

Harakan (ForumsQ&A thread): Will the Braben bobblehead ever make a return or has it been perma-banned?
artigan99 (ForumsQ&A thread): Can we get the windshield smudges removed from the external camera?
harakan (ForumsQ&A thread): Any chance of a holo-me to bobblehead convertor? E.g. Buy a "mannequin" bobblehead, and a one-time button to apply the current holo-me to it as a permanent design?
Yamiks (ForumsQ&A thread): Could we get some different interiours for Viper4, Cobra4, Keelback,DBX & other ships that are based off some "base ships"?
Martin Schou (Forums): Would it be possible to get packs of paint colours that apply to all ships/vehicles instead of a pack for 1 ship? Will there be Fed/Emp/Alliance themed paintpacks?

Bryan K (Forums):What is your favourite Colour?

Alexbrentnall (Forums): Thanks for the powerplay decals
Sensai25 (Forums): Explorers are desperate to have new tools/content!
DJ_Arghlex (Forums): Blocking a player should NOT cause them to de-instance with you, solely because a hostile player group intent on damaging background simulations can abuse the feature to avoid intervention.

Answered After Q&A 2:
azor1985 (ForumsQ&A thread): Are there any plans for a player to player market for commodities/materials? <- No plans

Removed these 2 as PAX is now over:
Rob At Work (ForumsQ&A thread): What's the weather at PAX like?
Rob At Work (ForumsQ&A thread): Are you going to rob the towels from the hotel at PAX?
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Added up to here, also split multicrew out into the roles as thats going to be a massive one otherwise.

Hunvagy, Your last question I linked with the other SRV question.

I feel like I may have started something bigger than anticipated but I guess I'm committed now, expecting 10 pages when I get back from work. :)

Well just brace yourself to expect a question avalanche, I saw a myriad of questions fly by in the stream last night, but not many have been singled out ;)
Updated to here.

Well just brace yourself to expect a question avalanche, I saw a myriad of questions fly by in the stream last night, but not many have been singled out ;)

Yeah I was there too although I saw some people block spamming their question as much as youtube would allow. The one about jackets in holo me was posted at least 50 times by the same chap.
It's also the same reason I'm not volunteering to do reddit as I don't think I can handle both at once :) Also the reason I posted this at the specific time I did so I could get a base before the flood comes later when the UK and USA get online over the weekend.
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Can I choose to not show a Picture of my CMDR to other players in comms panel?
How will Multicrew effect the Panther Clipper? :rolleyes:
What happened to the surface scanner revamp ?

Is it still planned for 2.3 ? As suggested during one past Livestream with Sandro ?

Explorers are desperated of having one day more tools/content.
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Excellent initiative Alex [up] Good luck when the floodgates open :)

What happens to the ship I leave behind when I'm multicrewing another vessel? Does it disappear or does it stay and is vulnerable to attacks? Follow up if it remains and is vulnerable, what will happen to my CMDR telepresence when it is destroyed? If it disappears, will this be a way to avoid combat by tele-presencing to another ship? Even one that is in the same instance.
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Question: Why was multi-crew toned down from the deep engaging experience described at EGX 2015 to the "Dreadnought" style gunner mode we now have?

Question: Will wings be allowed to teleport to each others location now as well?

Question: Why can't I just telepresance to any of my ships scattered around the galaxy?

Question: Will Data courier and passenger missions be removed from the game now that everything is just telepresance?
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Volunteer Moderator
Ship naming:
Will the ship names be visible on the outside of the ships? Or just in the HUD?

Non-2.3 related future plans questions and statements:
How far have you come with your plans to implement a C&P/Karma system?
Question 1 : Is the ability to use multiple-SRV's with MC considered for the future (as it would be great for MC exploration) ?

Question 2 : Will we be able to do a ship recall in MC like we do from the SRV, albeit with a longer "immersion timer (R)", giving the ability to go from MC => wings ?
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Excellent initiative Alex [up] Good luck when the floodgates open :)

What happens to the ship I leave behind when I'm multicrewing another vessel? Does it disappear or does it stay and is vulnerable to attacks? Follow up if it remains and is vulnerable, what will happen to my CMDR telepresence when it is destroyed? If it disappears, will this be a way to avoid combat by tele-presencing to another ship? Even one that is in the same instance.

In the stream they mentioned your ship is safe when you join a crew (I presume it is erased from the instance just as if you logged out - probably with no 15-second delay).
I'll just copy some of my questions (which have remained relevant after the last two streams) from an earlier post:

Multicrew general:

  • When a player initiates instant multicrew and his ship logs off, will this bypass the 15 second timer in case of danger, or will he have to wait it out before becoming a crewmember aboard another ship?
  • Can the player initiate multicrew (either as host or as crewmember) from aboard an SRV or SLF?
  • Can two fighter con crewmembers both select the same fighter loadout from the list?
  • What happens to an SLF when the figther con switches to the gunner role, and there's no NPC available to fly the SLF? Does it keep flying with basic software control?
  • Have you considered sharing Engineer materials between crewmembers, when picking them up (3 mats means each player gets 1, or a 2/1 distribution for for a crew of two)?

I'll post more later if I can think of them.
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Question : 1.

Can we use the 3rd char slot to have an actual player wing pilot join the group.

So pilot, 2 crew and 1 wing pilot.
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