Queuing Guests Do Not Board Ride


Most of the time

Area of Game Affected
Track Rides

I built a Luna Autos track... when guests line up in the queue, for a time they board the ride as normal, but eventually the cars begin leaving without anyone aboard. The guests just stand at the entrance as the line builds up behind them.

Steps to Reproduce
Close the ride; open the ride.
This is happening to me too. Then the queue fills up, guests get mad because of the wait time, and guest happiness decreases along with my park rating.
my min wait time set to 30s and max set to 45 s.
Train wont leave even I speed up. The guest all stuck in the queue .
Have you set the Don't Block Station option? If so the Min. Departure Interval has to be set high enough for the entire time that the car is in the station plus the time you want it to wait at the front of the queue, otherwise cars will end up leaving before any guests can board.