Radio Sidewinder Crew & Radio Sidewinder Galactic

The Radio Sidewinder Crew are an international group of commanders, who are dedicated to supporting RSC factions and spreading "The Signal" across the stars. The signal is our radio broadcast (listen now) spreading far and wide across the galaxy. The signal contains entertainment, news and information. Information is knowledge, knowledge is power! Radio Sidewinder is an actual internet radio station dedicated to increasing the immersion of all commanders.

We have two PC squadrons:

  • Radio Sidewinder (RSCS) - Commanders who are mainly bubble based
  • Radio Sidewinder Galactic (RSGS) - Commanders who support our initiative in the Colonia region

We also have dedicated RSCS squadrons for Cmdrs on PS4 and Xbox.

We welcome applications from new and experienced commanders alike. RSC is an independent, democratic faction based around the system of Tago. RSG is an independent, theocracy faction based in the system Signalis. We aren't aligned with any particular power-play faction so our members are free to choose their affiliation or allegiance as long as it does not conflict with RSC. Music unites the Universe and information is power, join us!


  • You must not combat log, grief or gank CMDRs [woah]
  • You must be willing to help other pilots
  • You must be willing to communicate via Discord

Our radio station is aimed at the same age rating as ED (Teen, Pegi 7) and we try and keep the Discord at the same level. If you swear like a sailor then our group probably isn't for you. :)

We do not approve of the use of hacks. Anyone caught cheating and using hacks will be dismissed from the group and ejected out the nearest airlock.

Our group does have a hierarchy with members organised into Flights.... Coffee, Taco, Nova and Galaxy.

Members play mostly in Open Play and are involved with all areas of the game. Communication is key to a successful group so all new recruits are expected to become an active part of our community. Recruits are required to have a short informal interview via voice comms on Discord. We use our radio station to spread our message and our Discord server to communicate with each other, issuing orders and calls to action.

How to join RSC?

If you'd like to join the Radio Sidewinder Crew or Radio Sidewinder Galactic then please visit our Discord and get involved. We like to get know our applicants first and if we feel you will be a suitable recruit you will be encouraged to sign up at Inara, and then apply to join our wing -

Everyone is also welcome to join in our discussions in our "Pilots Lounge" Discord, whether you need help, advice or friendship. Visit the RS pilots lounge here:

Radio Sidewinder broadcasts a 24/7 mix of ambient, electro, techno and space themed music to complement your adventures. We include Elite Dangerous related news, jingles, adverts and in-game information.

- Radio Sidewinder is your immersion boosting radio station -
- Guiding and entertaining pilots across the Universe since 3301 -
A long long time ago, in a system far far away, I started playing with VR for Elite ... and discovered that I couldn't fill in long intra-system flights with distractions from my phone or read my books! So instead I found Radio Sidewinder's audio stream, and it kept me entertained just fine!

Eventually I joined the Discord server and always found a friendly set of helpful people, even though my timezone kept me away from the majority of other commanders. Then came the big push to settle Colonia, and the Radio Sidewinder Crew put in a big effort to haul cargo out there - and commanders were doing long shifts, and I got to enjoy wing operations for the first time, filling up cargo ships with rare goods in rotation and chatting all the while. Eventually the Crew filled up my AspX for my own couple of trips, and we won our place in the first migration.

Since then I haven't left the Crew, we've had commanders come and go, but the place remains the same - helpful, respectful and fun. You can just hang out and chat, ask questions, provide answers, wing up and share missions, or commit to join in a more formal way and get involved in maintaining our faction's influence in the BGS. You can help maintain the radio station as well, because that's our backbone - 24/7 streaming music, news and entertainment across the whole Galaxy for everyone. There are always people around - we have a wide range of commanders running in different timezones - so come over and say hello!
I have been with Radio Sidewinder for some time now. I have flown with several groups in Elite since the beginning back in 2014. I have so far enjoyed a lot of my time with Radio Sidewinder as they are a helpful, respectful group of players.

I go out and do Combat Zones and work the BGS which is a lot of fun. There is an excellent hierarchy system of leadership that will lead you if you aren't sure what to do. We have little missions and orders here and there that will help give you something to do if you aren't sure what to do when you get on. We stay on top of the BGS to keep things in order and make sure we are maintaining our presence. All while listening to our great radio station!

There is a pretty wide range of players from explorers to combat enthusiasts to tradesmen and all. We all have a lot of fun and are active in the voice channels. I would recommend hoping in and chatting with us and see if it's a place you would like to be. We can show you a good time and help you with any questions you may have. I have been around since ED beta, so I myself can help with a lot too!


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Hey all, doing my part to try and spread the signal a bit. I'll just start with a small tidbit about myself, I've been playing on and off (More off to be fair) since 2015, around whenever the game was launched and learned not far after that about Radio Sidewinder. Usually when I play Elite I'm focused on going from one point to another, going credit to credit. Sure, I like the adventure but I'm also after trying to move on and on to bigger payouts, right? Like most pilots, I'd wager. So I'm mostly alone, aside from a few commanders I get a rare chance to see and talk with. Radio Sidewinder always kinda gave me that feeling that I'm part of a wider galaxy, from the AI narrated Galnet reports (Before that was a thing, mind you) and hearing real people advertise in-game locations or ships really helped bring it together for me and make me feel like a part of Elite Dangerous.

Space is vast and lonely but when listening to Radio Sidewinder it never had to be, so with that not but a few months ago I found myself in it's Discord channel and multitudes of other Commanders for what I would assume are similar reasons. I never really had a huge interest to join the actual crew itself until I realized how much of my realization of this world, of Elite, was owed to Radio Sidewinder and all those who helped me along the way. You don't need to join to find companionship here, it's pretty much given on your first log in to the discord server but man, it's a wild ride.

Oh, and the music is swell too. [up]
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