[FEDERATION] [PRIVATE] Raider In Outer Space Recruiting

Greetings Commanders,

I am setting up a squadron with the aim of getting an in game faction. We are a Federation Squad and in a system that has both Empire and Federation so there is no problem in grinding out for both ranks and system permits.

We need basically anyone who plays Elite Dangerous as we need explorers, miners, traders and we will also be doing BGS work when we get our faction. Don't go it alone, join and we can form wings to do missions.

See you in deep space or in our station.

To Join, you can either message me here or better still join through INARA. We would be honoured to have you.
Do you use discord or Team Speak? I started a few weeks ago and just kind of getting into it. I am interested in exploration.
And what time zone are you primarily working out of?
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