Random animals, DLC ideas, and more guest education options!

Ocelot, because they are cool and my husband was appalled that my "zoo game" didn't have any ocelots. :LOL:
Ducks, because they are a common "city zoo" addition to the small ponds and paths around exhibits.
FISH, because I really want to dress up aquatic exhibits and landscape features. It just feels weird having an underwater viewing station without the familiar underwater plants and wildlife that should definitely be there alongside the animals in the exhibit.

Speaking of fish, we need an Amazon rainforest DLC. I've been watching and using Singapore Zoo's Amazonian exhibits as inspiration for a river-based section of my franchise zoo, and I didn't realize how much I needed manatees until today. :LOL: Manatees, jaguars, alligator gar, sloths, coati, howler monkeys! So many possibilities!!! It would be perfect for the riverboat ride. ❤

I think an aquarium DLC pack would be extremely successful. Add sharks and everyone will throw money :LOL:

Also, an avian pack or update would be amazing. Birds of prey would be really cool!

While I'm here, I'll also insert another wish (although not an animal species) - amphitheaters that increase education. Education is a core part of the game, but I feel that signs and speakers are limiting. Please add educator staff, classrooms, and amphitheaters to increase guest education and make the game even more true-to-life!!!
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