My Jurassic World: Biological preserve series is returning but is going to be taking a new form going forward with Jurassic world Evolution 2 a new era means change and in this change my channel is going through a radical change in order to keep up with the interests of many YouTubers in order to make sure that we are up to date with everything that includes giving my signature series on my channel a new name and it is now going to be called.

out dated logo

Yep my biological preserve series is going to be called this from now on going on to the next stage of evolution. 🙂👍
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@Jens Everyone with the beginning of Jurassic world Evolution 2 my channel will now update the main signature series on the channel JURASSIC WORLD: BIOLOGICAL PRESERVE has a new Title and it is called..... with its New official Series logo.
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THE LIFE OF..... Series is Returning to my YouTube Channel and the first three episodes will include the life of a legendary dragon from the East called....
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Coming Soon.... After the launch of Jurassic world Evolution 2 🙂
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