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I was on another thread which suggested that cut content from JPOG could possibly be included in JWE, posted by Mickey Megafauna:
One of the buildings on the list is called the "Hunting Platform" which gave me the idea for a different building.

The Ranger Platform is a tower that the player is able to attach to fences, or even able to place in the middle of an enclosure without the need for a path connection. In the event of a storm (or even a fence breach) the marksman stationed within the tower will, on the player's command, tranquilize high-risk dinosaurs within the enclosure, granted the dinosaurs are close enough to the tower.

Upon selecting the tower, the player is able to access a list showing all of the dinosaurs within that enclosure. If the tower is built on a fence that divides two enclosures, the list will include the dinosaurs from both enclosures. From here, the player is able to select which dinosaurs the marksman will tranquilize if given the command. This is because, in the event of a storm, not every dinosaur will attempt to break out. Thus, it makes sense to give the marksman the ability to prioritize high-risk dinosaurs, or even ignore low-risk dinosaurs all together.

One issue with this idea is that the player will still need to call the Offshore Transport Team to move the dinosaurs five feet to the right to wake them up. If we ever get the Ranger Platform, I hope this issue would be fixed beforehand, or coincided with the implementation of the Ranger Platform.

Another idea: larger dinosaurs will not panic when being targeted by the marksman. They don't have a giant metal bird chasing them, so why should they panic? Practically speaking, this ensures that the dinosaurs don't run away from the marksman's range before being tranquilzed. Additionally, rather than ragdoll-ing, they'll use the sleep animation. It just seems much more immersive this way, since the ragdoll physics in this game can be very comedic at times.
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