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I know this forum is about the game and all, but who's to say we can't talk about the movies for a second, eh? Surely that's ok too. After all, we're all fans, right? Of course I have my own personal ranking but I'd be curious to see how other people rank the movies. So what's your ranking and why? Mine is:


JP is by far my number 1. I still think it holds up by today's standards and it has so many memorable scenes. It was THE movie of my childhood. Still one of my all time favorites. The only thing I don't like are the two annoying kids. TLW is great too, but in my opinion not as good as the first one. Also again: annoying kid...

I enjoyed JW, though it's not great and doesn't come close to the first 2. It was amazing to finally see the park be open and everything. That scene at the beginning where they drive through the gate and then you hear JW's score was just amazing! Also I'm kinda happy that the kids weren't THAT annoying this time around.

JP3 is my least favorite because it's just way too rushed and doesn't add anything that we didn't see before. Basically a copy cat of the second movie. I loved the Spinosaurus and Raptor design, but hated the Spino/T. Rex fight. Other than that the only good thing was Grant!

Ranking aside though I like all of them and watch them regularly. I don't think any of them is particularly bad.

How about you guys?
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JP: is also my number 1, I think it had everything you could hope for in a dinosaur movie and the cgi was well ahead for it's time.

TLW: comes very close but it has the problem that it was a sequel and the magic moment of seeing the dinosaurs for the first time wasn't there.

JW: I didn't like the idea of the indominus rex but it was a much better movie than JP3 and I hope they will build on that with JW:FK

JP3 I wouldn't say that it nearly killed the franchise but this movie just didn't have the magic all the others have for me.
From mots favorite to least.




Honestly I don't care much at all for Jurassic World. It's not very good, it's like they took someone's bad Jurassic Park fan fiction turned it into a bad script for a movie and then made a mediocre movie out of it. The only positive thing I can say about it is that it could have been much worse. It was still pretty bad though. The part where Chris Pratt just before he goes into the Raptor enclosure and he tells that kid he is the alpha and then the raptors nearly kill him is so dumb. It's so cringe. The whole trained Raptors thing is totally stupid and absolute cringe inducing.

Then you have the ending with the Rex and the Raptor ganging up on the Indo Rex. Where the Raptor and Rex seem to communicate with each other and the Rex lets the raptor run off. Another stupid cringe moment. This is the worst of the bad fan fiction offenses in the movie.

It's just bad. I know people like to dump all over JP3 but I can tolerate JP3 much better than I can JW. I even like JP3 a little more than TLW. JP3 is a classic example of a JP story. The worst part of the TLW IMO was the Rex running through the streets of I believe it was San Diego. Though being 13 at the time the movie came out I thought it was great. Now as an adult I think the Rex scene at the end of the movie was pretty lame. But no where near as bad as JW was.
The part where Chris Pratt just before he goes into the Raptor enclosure and he tells that kid he is the alpha and then the raptors nearly kill him is so dumb. It's so cringe. The whole trained Raptors thing is totally stupid and absolute cringe inducing.
Don't forget the part at the end where they suddenly turn on him and the Indominus becomes their new alpha because it was created using raptor genes...
[*]1. Jurassic Park (1993):
The one movie that started it all... Funny, entertaining and great to watch. I think adding a plus of half an hour would have been awesome, tho, because for me, the movie was too short.

[*]2. Jurassic World (2015):
This movie was not perfect, but it is for sure better than JP2 and JP3. I think it has many good aspects that the first movies didn't. I like everything about this movie, except for that stupid teenager that was checking its mobile phone the entire time, unlike his PASSIONATE brother.

[*]3. Jurassic Park III (2001):
This movie was good, and better than KP3, but not better than Jurassic World. It lacks better dialogues, and overall "entertaining" features.

[*]4. The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997):
The worst movie for me. It had more dino appearances, and the Tyrannosaurus scenes were great, but that scene with the SS Venture where it shows dead men (apparently eaten), was never explained in the movie. I also felt the movie was too short.

I prefer when dinosaurs are allowed to roam free on some sort of island, which is later discovered by humans.
JP3 comes out top for me because the plane had to land on a foreign island, which is later revealed to be contaminated with dinosaurs.
It kind of brings the explorer feel, jungle/forest theme.

TLW comes second because while there's armed enforcement that arrive at an island, it kind of feels weird to bring the T-Rex into the city.
But the time when the whole group is hunted by raptors and T-Rex in the middle of movie, is awesome.

JW was okay, while being more closely related to JPOG and likely JW:E games. Being contained for entertainment purposes and visitors attraction. Dinosaur genetic modification was interesting, and it brings cliffhanger on what humans might do next with that kind of technology in unethical hands.

JP comes last for me, because while it was old and not as advanced as JW, I kind of dislike the dinosaurs being kept being enclosures and fences.
The only real threats were T-Rex and Raptors.

I get the feeling that JW:FK might be a good one, because the cast characters from JW would be returning to the JW theme park with everything broken down. However, it would have dinosaurs roaming free without any closures containing them. Visitors and entertainment kind of thing didn't interest me, the wilderness was better and we can see what next step could happen if they're treated as normal "animal", deserving to live to maybe co-exist with humans. Or even become war machines.
An interesting discussion!

My ranking of the movies is actually the same as the order of which they came out lol.

Jurassic Park sits at the top. It's the reason we're all here today. Its CGI and practical effects were absolutely ground breaking. While they're obviously not up to par with the visual quality of movies such as Avatar, Jurassic Park still manages to hold its own. Jurassic Park's main theme was that nature is not something to be controlled or contained.

The Lost World is second on my list. While its not as good as the original, TLW continues the trend of ground breaking visuals, some of which are not too distant from today's (most notably, the Tyrannosaurs of TLW which, in my opinion, are the best examples of dinosaur CGI across media). Most importantly, it showed a more animalistic side to the dinosaurs, as seen through the parental instincts of the Tyrannosaurs and to a degree, the Velociraptors. The Lost World reinforces its predecessor's theme of controlling nature, while also stressing the importance of how we perceive something we create. A strong lesson that it put out to audiences is that though Ingen may have created and own the dinosaurs, they are animals just like any other.

Jurassic Park 3 is where things start to turn a bit more southward. It ranks as the 3rd on my list as it has a plot that I can only describe as very out there. Certain aspects to its plot seem to be pretty far-fetched. There is a greater reliance on CGI in this film than the previous, and because of this it is more clear that CGI is used, particularly in daytime scenes with bright lighting. That being said, it is still an acceptable addition to the franchise. Each actor played their part rather well, including the young Trevor Morgan. The best thing JP3 offered that really separated it from its predecessors was its depiction of the Velociraptors. In JP3 we really got a good view of their intelligence, something we hadn't truly seen since the first Jurassic Park. JP3 went a step further though, depicting them as being very communicative and calculative animals. Most notably, it touched on the social aspects of the pack, revealing that at least this raptor pack is a matriarchy with very strong parental bonds. I would also argue that the visuals of the Velociraptors, both CGI and practical effects, are the best in the franchise as a whole. JP3's themes were more tuned to TLW's than the original. JP3 didn't stress the folly in controlling nature, focusing on the nature of the dinosaurs themselves. At the very start of the film, Alan Grant described Ingen's dinosaurs as "theme park monsters", but through the course of his time on Isla Sorna, he finds an appreciation for them as animals through his new experiences with them, and Eric and Billy's marveling of them.

Jurassic World is the weakest of the films in my opinion. It has a slight return to the theme of the original, in that it focuses more about not trying to control nature with Owen's Pack of Velociraptors and the antagonists interest on militarizing them. Where it takes a major step back is the films depiction of the dinosaurs themselves. The management of Jurassic World, most notably Bryce Howard's character, views the dinosaurs more like "theme park monsters" to quote Grant from the previous film. The problem is in Jurassic World, that's accurate. The carnivores of Jurassic World feel more like monsters. In the case of Indominus rex, I would let this slide, because it was genetically engineered to be just that: a theme park monster. However the Mosasaurus , pterosaurs, the Velociraptors, and even our dear Rexy, all feel like theme park monsters. The final battle between Rexy and Indominus felt like a really bad Godzilla movie in which the two squared off for some godforsaken reason, and Blue also decided to chime in, with the Mosasaurus finishing Indominus off. Rexy and Blue have their little exchange, strangely humanizing the two of them, and that's the climactic battle.

Jurassic World also shares a big criticism JP3 had: too much CGI. Jurassic World had much more CGI, and from my perspective, it looked even worse. The Velociraptors CGI was not up to the bar JP3's had set. Though JP3's CGI was very clear, Jurassic World's managed to look more obvious somehow. The worst aspect, visually speaking, was the change in Rexy's design. Let's be frank, folks, she looks absolutely ugly in Jurassic World. Fallen Kingdom seems to be a step in the right direction, bulking up her design a bit, and the CGI also seems to have improved, thankfully.

Let's focus on the characters now. All of the characters of Jurassic World didn't grasp me. JP3 shared this problem with the characters it introduced, but in the end it managed to get my attention. The two brothers, Gray and Zach, were clearly an attempt to recreate Lex and Tim and reach out to the age group they fit into. Lex and Tim weren't particularly interesting characters, but what was interesting about them was their relationship with the other characters. This is also what eventually grasped me about the characters of JP3. You were concerned for Tim and Lex because everyone else who you cared about were concerned for them. Their presence invoked parental aspects that Grant didn't show previously. Their presence was very vital to the story and the characters. Paul and Amanda Kirby are a divorced couple made interesting by their development with each other as they attempt to search for their son, breaking the molds that made them uninteresting. Billy was very much an image of a young Grant before and during Jurassic Park, struck by the awe at the dinosaurs and the possibilities. His relationship with Grant and the contrast between the two interested me in Billy. Gray and Zach, they didn't have any of this. The only characters that had an on-screen attachment to them was Claire, who was difficult to care for, and their care-taker, who seemed to only care for them out of responsibility and had an unnecessarily long and brutal death sequence. Because the characters that associated with the brothers were uninteresting, so were they. The writer(s) clearly wanted the brothers to seem authentic in a manner, touching up on how their barely on screen parents were divorcing each other, except the instance where they brought this up felt rather forced and was never seemed to be referenced again. Owen seemed to be the only character that could really take hold of me. I also believe Jurassic World suffered because there were no returning protagonists that allowed us to have a character to attach to.

Jurassic World's biggest strong point was all of the throwbacks to the original Jurassic Park. They played the nostalgia card just right, and I felt all of the nods to the original JP were the best parts of the film. Another strong point was the film's main antagonist: Indominus rex. Indominus had the best CGI visuals out of any other creature in the movie. Her existence didn't feel forced because it revolved around the theme of consequences of creating a theme park monster, expecting to be in control of the situation. Indominus's biggest downside was the fact that it didn't really have an iconic, memorable roar like Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus had. Unfortunately, like much of the rest of the movie, there still isn't much to Indominus. She alone can't support the movie.

Despite all of this, Jurassic World still manages to be a decent film that at times is charming and very chuckle worthy, like many films these days, but even with a solidly performing cast and small laughter every now and then, it will not save Jurassic World from the bottom of my list. The crippling reason for this lies with a weakness in its links to the overarching theme of the entire franchise. The Jurassic Park franchise stresses that nature cannot be contained, and in the movies it shows us why it can't be (Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Jurassic World), and it shows us how dinosaurs are a part of that very nature (Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Jurassic Park 3). Jurassic World suffers because it lacks that second aspect more so than any of the films. One might say that Jurassic Park also mostly portrayed the dinosaurs like theme park monsters, and to an extent you are right. In Jurassic Park, however, we see other sides to the dinosaurs, particularly with the herbivores. Though the carnivores were more portrayed like monsters, it was stressed that they were a part of nature, and that bringing them into this world in attempt to control them violated that nature and showed disrespect to it. In Jurassic World, from start to finish, there was no sense of redemption for the portrayal of the dinosaurs on screen and in universe with their interactions with the characters. They didn't feel like incredible animals that were a part of nature, they felt like theme park monsters. It's because of that, Jurassic World doesn't have the same feel as the other movies. It doesn't really feel like a Jurassic Park movie, more so a movie in the Jurassic Park universe. While JP3 was certainly the weakest of the original trilogy, even it felt more like a Jurassic Park movie because it carried the message and spirit of the franchise, which Jurassic World really did not.

So to wrap things up, here is my ranking:
1. Jurassic Park
2. The Lost World
3. Jurassic Park 3
4. Jurassic World
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#1 Jurassic Park - easily the best movie in the Franchise. likeble and relateble Characters, great Special effects, best story out of the four movies. I personally prefer the Park setting with the animals breaking loose. I especially liked the sense of suspense in this movie. This movie is my all time favourite movie I love it since my childhood.

#2 The Lost World Jurassic Park - I'm a big fan of Ian Malcolms character and I really liked the Dinosaur designs in this movie with the males being more vibrant in coulour. I especially liked the dark and gritty feel of this movie ehich comes closer to the novels. LLike others said: I really don't like the San Diego part being grown up now.

#3 Jurassic World - Ones my number to spot I have to rank it down. Each time I watch the movie I like it less. I really liked it when I watched it in the cinema, but once you can overthink the movie you judge things differently. This movie has the worst written "characters" in the whole Franchise, the only guy I liked was lowery the rest was forgettable. I liked Rexy coming back but I'm not to sure about the tamed Raptors, they were to controllable. I'm also not the biggest fan of the hybrids because I think real dinosaurs are much more exciting.

#4 Jurassic Park ///: I don't know something about this movie is a little off. It is to short, it has unlikeble charecters (the Kirbys) but it isn't horrible. What I liked: Alan Grant (hell yeah), the Spinosaurus and JP/// Raptors (my favourite design in the franchise, especially the female), the hatchery, the jungle design. What I didn't like: the designs of Pteranodon and Brachiosaurus, the lacking story, annoying characters. I once didn't liked the fight of the apex predators but I got over it ^^

That rounds up my views :)


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Honestly I can't recall much of the other ones, which either says a lot about me or the relative quality of the sequels compared to the original. Not sure. :D
There are bits and pieces that I like and dislike from each of the movies; so in order I guess..

JP2 (don't like the TRex in the city bit),
JP3 (not keen on the cast; but I liked the Spinosaurus).
1. Jurassic Park (1993)

2. Jurassic World (2015)

3. Jurassic Park III (2001)

4. The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)
Absolutely the worst of them.
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For me I like
Jurassica park
Jurassic world(expect the two annoying brothers, I can not stand the younger one, I pretty much skip forward every time he opens his mouth)
The lost world (I loved the idea of a T rex loose in the city,)
JP3 is by far the weakest of them, even as a kid I knew a spino could not take down a t rex, as well the CGI was on par with a bad b list movie. The only good thing about the movie was Dr Grant.

1. Jurassic Park : Of course Jurassic Park is the best of the serie. It's my favourite film, and I'm sure I'm not the only one here. I won't discuss further this awesome movie, it's nearly perfection for me.


2. Jurassic World : It's quite difficult for me to place JW on the second place, because I love The Lost World nearly as much.

[up] I have to say that I was expecting the worse when I went to the cinema. But the fact that raptors are trained by an human wasn't finally a bad idea. Same for the Indominus. Many people dislike the camouflage scene, but the fact that it is due to cuttlefish genes (that are used for real in molecular biology) isn't SO BAD. My favourite scene of the film is the discussion between Henry Wu and Masrani, explaining that all the dinos of the park are just monsters, false recreation of the past and not accurate clones. This exactly sound like the speech of Crichton's novel (and the scene echoes to the discussion between Wu and Hammond in the book). All the first act is awesome. I felt myself like the kid discovering the park. Subtle references to the ancient films, etc. like the old visitor center weren't too much, neither the apparition of Dilophosaurus or Malcolm book.And I must say CGI was not a problem for me. It is not as good as raptors from The Lost World, but it's fine. I also really appreciate the "commando scene" where raptors turn against their alpha.

[down] The film had issues, like the final battle that is totaly ridiculous, with the jumping mosasaur and the alliance of Rexy & Blue. And the Indominus is a little too strong for me.

3. The Lost World : I like the film a lot, but they are two major issues for me.

[up] My favourite scene is the impressive hunt with jeeps. The discovery of Isla Sorna, the RAPTOR SCENE, the T-Rex, ... Ah heu and also Jeff Goldblum !

[down] the last act. I don't like it at all. The boat with the dead crew is stupid and unexplained. I also dislike the raptor killed by the power of gymnastic, but it's a minor detail :p

4. ... Jurassic Park 3 : I did like the film when I was a kid, because I only wanted dinosaurs in action, and the film provides a lot with the Spinosaur and the Pteranodons. But now, I find it so STUPID. OK, each JP has incoherences, but here it's above all by far.

[up] The Spinosaur is beautiful. I do like some scenes mostly the aviary and the boat attack. But wait, what ? They are scenes from the JP book that were absent from the first film !. That maybe explains why those parts are good. I also kinda enjoy the discovery of the cloning centre. And the return of Alan Grant.

[down] The film is not coherent at all. I have the impression that the scenarist was drunk. Or a 6 years old kid. Prepare for a long list :
- The scenario is stupid. A kid is smart enough to survive 4 weeks on an island full of dinosaurs, enough to collect T-Rex urine, BUT NOT ENOUGH TO SAVE HIS STEPFATHER that is just stuck in a tree ?
- The new raptor look... That 3 feathers on the head look ridiculous to me. If you really want to change their look to be scientifically accurate, it needs way more that 3 stupid feathers [haha]
- The Spinosaur is strong enough to explode a fence, but not the small gate of the aviary ?
- The phone inside the stomach of the Spino is also a stupid idea. OK in a Tom&Jerry cartoon, not in a Jurassic Park film ...
- The Pokeflute at the end. Raptors are stupid after all, it only need to blow in the flute like a jerk and they stop attacking [haha]
- The CGI for some dinos is quite bad, for example the Ceratosaurus or the Brachiosaurus head.
- Alan Grant has become such a looser. After JP1 he definitively should have ended with Sattler. A minor detail anyway.
The list isn't exhaustive, but it's enough to me to dislike the film. It's by far the only bad film of the serie.
1. Jurassic Park (1993)

2. Jurassic World (2015)

3. Jurassic Park III (2001)

4. The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)
Absolutely the worst of them.
100% Agree with this order. I don't know what it is about about the 2nd film, i just cant enjoy it.
1. Jurassic Park

2. The Lost World Jurassic Park

3. Jurassic World

4. jurassic Park III

Only reason I rate Jurassic Park III so low is because of Sam Neill's performance it lacked energy compared to his performance in the original movie.
Only reason I rate Jurassic Park III so low is because of Sam Neill's performance it lacked energy compared to his performance in the original movie.
He probably only did it for that nice paycheck...anyway, I think he was pretty much the only good thing about that movie. If it wasn't for Grant and the infamous Spino/T. Rex fight the movie would have been forgotten long ago.
Can't agree enough with you but it still would have being nice for him to put a good performance in and as you said the only part of acting he sold was when the Spino and Rex came face to face.
The whole trained Raptors thing is totally stupid and absolute cringe inducing.
Yuuuup. I enjoy all the films, but because of this JW is way down on my list as well. I'm hoping there's nothing similar with the new one.

Like, I know we're talking about a movie where dinosaurs have been brought back to life... but there are limits of realism... The only reason a Raptor would be working with you is to lull you into a false sense of security so that it's Raptor colleague can pull your lungs out through your bum
I'll jump in here as well with a simple rating on a 10 point scale for evaluation:

#1 - Jurassic Park - 9.5/10 - Like most people, I consider this the best film in the series. For what it offered, it did very well. I would someday like to see a reboot that sticks closer to the book, and is longer so that it can fit in scenes from the book such as the Jungle River Cruise, destruction of the raptor nest, etc.

#2 - The Lost World: Jurassic Park - 8.5/10 - There is something about the beauty of Isla Sorna and the unknown mystery of the island that I love, plus Spielberg directed it beautifully and the score was amazing. My biggest complaints were the San Diego scene, which was totally unnecessary and we now know was Spielberg wanting to make a mini-Godzilla movie, the hypocrisy of Sarah Harding (when she is an AWESOME character in the book), and that the movie differed so much from the book, which I thought was great source material. Again, I'd like to see a reboot that is a longer film and that follows the book closely, but you would have to reboot the OG Jurassic Park first for it to make sense.

#3 - Jurassic World - 7.5/10 - It was wonderful to see a fully imagined theme park finally existing and thriving. I'm not thrilled with the raptor "training" but I did enjoy Chris Pratt and I thought the kids were the best since the original Lex & Tim. I found the Indominus Rex entertaining but ultimately far less interesting than the shadowy dealings of InGen (I'm a sucker for the science-thriller aspect, so I'm looking forward to Jurassic World 3). Dr Wu was great, Claire was OK. T-Rex reclaimed his lost glory from JP3. Overall very entertaining, beautiful in 4K Dolby VIsion.

#4 - Jurassic Park 3 - 6.5/10 - Spinosaurus was badass, we saw many dinosaurs living naturally on Isla Sorna, which was cool, BUT, apart from Grant and brief cameo by Dr. Sattler, the characters were atrocious. The only decent one was the booking agent Udeski and they killed him quickly. I can't fully define why I don't LOVE this movie, I'll watch it when it's on, but it doesn't draw me in like the other movies in the series. The change in visualization for some of the dinosaurs (raptors especially) was also bizarre, because we literally saw these animals 4 years prior and they looked completely different. How Grant could have a dream on the plane and see a raptor entirely differently than the ones he encountered always stuck out at me.

As for JW: Fallen Kingdom, I will be seeing it on the 21st, but given what I know/suspect, I think it will end up slotting in above Jurassic World and below The Lost World in my opinion. Probably somewhere around a 7.75-8.25.
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