Rapture 1959 - A Bioshock Story


It’s the last night of the year 1958 in the city of Rapture. The upper class is celebrating a New Years Eve grand party in the 'Kashmir Restaurant', when it is hit by upcoming events which will forever change the fate of the underwater-town and its citizens. Follow us beyond the sea to discover Raptures most dazzling beauty and its darkest secrets.

'Rapture 1959 - A Bioshock Story' is a FM-Rides project by RCTD!, Kevin and MaxMagnus.

Source: https://youtu.be/pvkZ9Q4SIWg

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Frank Hirshman, the star architect of rapture and close friend of Andrew Ryan, rose and walked slowly and elegantly out of his bedroom alongside the gallery of the unsparing, some would say luxurious appartement. Its highlight marked the big panorama-window which gave a perfect view to the throning city at the bottom of the sea. He descended the stairs and quickly left the acoomodation. He disliked coming late and nevertheless had to find Louise who already was up on her way to the midnight-ball in the Kashmir-Restaurant.​






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Jens Erik

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Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow...?

I'm amazed at how well you've managed to recreate Rapture. This is fantastic work!

An early christmas gift from FM-Rides arrived: The post production of our project will be finished soon. After one year of work you will be able to experience a 15 minutes journey through the depths of Rapture.

The release of the final video will be on the 01/01/2022!




@colray: Thanks!
@Jens Erik: Thank you so much man!

Rapture 1959 - A BioShock Story' ist ein Projekt von FM-Rides (Daniel Dikay, Myarite und MaxMagnus)

After 1 year of hard work, countless hours of building, video-editing and solving of unforseen problems, we are proud to announce that the final video is here! Join Frank Hirshman at his journey into the depths of the famous underwater-city.

Source: https://youtu.be/dhO8yelumVk

Thank you for all of your support which motivated us to complete this huge and complex challenge.

Download on the Workshop: Rapture 1959 - A BioShock Story Workshop
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That gave me shivers. An incredible piece to pull together; kudos to all for the hard work. Wonderful, on-point visuals; perfect soundtrack; details galore. I love how Planet Coaster has transformed into an art medium for many creators to tell stories and build worlds, likely far beyond the expectations of the early days of development at Frontier. Way to continue to give life to this amazing piece of software, and to give us something so engaging! Bravo!
Thank you for your feedback and kind words. But it is not over yet. Today we announce that there is more to come. In the next update there will be a flood of unreleased images. Since we already got some questions, the second update will be a Behind the Scenes special. If you have any questions or want to know more, please ask us.




@NewSyberia Thanks a lot for your feedback! We are flattered by your praises and hope you are interested in some of the BTS stuff. We already tried a story-driven project in RCT3 with our Periculum collaboration. It's a nice way to think out of the box.
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