Rare Commodity suggestion.

I would like rare goods that are blocked by factions to be available to buy on the black market. It would be nice if we could use the black market as a black market. The market would have to be a permanent fixture, no matter the Power or faction. The weakness would be possibilities of T-sensor bombing or whatever smuggling does to the BGS.

Fair exchange, right?

On the topic of rares, I'd love high paying, low-ish quantity (maybe 500 ton) wing missions for delivering those rares long distances. The catch is every pirate and pirate wing comes after you, so you need real security. No more running with a pack of Type 9s.

I think it would be intense as hell.
I'm really annoyed when rare goods are unavailable.
Being able to buy any prohibited goods (if in stock) at inflated cost would be a great way to add a little dimension to the black market.

I also like your convoy idea and think it's a good opportunity for some teamwork.
Maybe your player icon would change to a gold star or some such while running those missions so other players come after you as well....provided we could get people to run these in open.. Maybe triple the pirates in private group and solo.
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